Target Spectrum's Handbook for General Studies: UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Examination 2013 (Paper - 1) 23rd  Edition
    Target Spectrum's Handbook for General Studies: UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Examination 2013 (Paper - 1) 23rd Edition (English, Paperback, Spectrum)

    Target Spectrum's Handbook for General Studies: UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Examination 2013 (Paper - 1) 23rd Edition  (English, Paperback, Spectrum)

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    • Language: English
    • Binding: Paperback
    • Publisher: Spectrum Books
    • ISBN: 9788179304709, 8179304701
    • Edition: 23rd Edition, 2012
    • Pages: 1704
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    This is 23rd edition of Spectrum’s Handbook of General Studies. In 2011, the Union Public Service Commission came out with a new syllabus and plan of examination for the Civil Services Preliminary Examination. We have designed the contents of the book to suit the needs of the candidates of this examination. The given syllabus is quite sketchy; however, we feel we have done justice to each subject within the space limitations. The sections on Indian and World Geography, Indian Polity and Governance, Economic and Social Development, General Issues in Environmental Ecology, Biodiversity and Climate Change, and General Knowledge Review have been revised and updated after a thorough analysis of the syllabus and the trend of the questions in the 2011 and 2012 examinations. More questions have been added in the various sections based on the pattern in recent examinations in General Studies. Besides, the section on Current Events is entirely new and covers important issues and events. This section is useful for the other subjects as well especially polity, economy, ecological issues and scientific developments. Two Practice Tests have been designed for students to assess their level of knowledge.

    As per the new syllabus, the subjects for General Studies Paper I will cover:

    • Current events of national and international importance
    • History of India and Indian national movement
    • Indian and World Geography social, economic geography of India and the world
    • Indian Polity and governance political system, panchayati raj, public policy, rights issues, etc.
    • Economic and social development sustainable development, poverty, inclusion, demographics, social sector initiatives, etc.
    • General issues on environmental ecology, bio-diversity and climate change
    • General science
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    Book Details
    • Publication Year
      • 2012
    • Exam
      • CSAT
    • Table of Contents
      • SAMPLE Tests: solved general studies papers
        General Studies Paper I (2011)
        General Studies Paper I (2012)

        Current Events of National and international importance


        • World Political Review
        • Africa 
        • Asia 
        • Europe  
        • Oceania
        • The Americas

        International Organisations, Conferences and Reports

        • Organisations and Conferences
        • Reports 
        • Relations Between Countries
        • India and the World
        • India and International Organisations India and Neighbours
        • India and Other Asian Countries India and Africa
        • India and Europe
        • India and Americas

        India: Political, Economic and Social Issues

        • New President Elected
        • Vice-Presidential Election
        • Government Policies
        • Legislature and Legislation
        • Judiciary
        • Federal and Inter-State Issues
        • Public Finance
        • Agriculture
        • Patents
        • Infrastructure
        • Financial Market
        • Social Sector
        • Environmental Issues

        Science and Technology

        • Astronomy and  Space Sciences
        • Earth Sciences
        • Discovery of the Higgs Boson Particle
        • Health and Medicine
        • Defence Equipments
        • Information Technology
        • Environment
        • Biotechnology and Miscellaneous R&D
        • Persons in The News
        • Cultural Panorama
        • Sports Round-Up
        • Practice Questions

        History of India

        1.  Introduction
        2.  Pre-History
        3.  The Harappan Culture
        4.  The Vedic Age
        5.  The Age of the Buddha
        6.  The Mauryan Empire
        7.  Post-Mauryan Period (200 BC - AD 300)
        8.  The Gupta Age
        9.  North India and the Deccan after the Guptas
        10. History of South India
        11. Northern India—From the 8th Century to AD 1200
        12. The Sultanate of Delhi
        13. Provincial Kingdoms after the Sultanate
        14. The Mughal Empire
        15. The Marathas
        16. Advent of European Commerce
        17. British Expansion and Consolidation
        18. Governors-General and Viceroys During the British Period
        19. Administration Under British Rule
        20. Economic Impact of British Rule
        21. Socio-Religious Reform Movements
        22. Development of Education 151
        23. The Trade Union Movement 154
        24. Development of the Press 157
        Ready Reference Data
        Practice Questions

        Indian National Movement

        1.  Early uprisings Against British Rule
        2.  Growth of Nationalism
        3.  The Struggle for Independence Begins: Early Phase (1885-1918)
        4. The Gandhian Era (Till end of Second World War) 1919-1945
        5.  The Final Phase and Achievement of Independence
        6.  Personalities Associated with the National Movement
        Ready Reference Data
        Practice Questions

        Indian and world geography

        Part One: General and World Geography

        1. Nature and Scope of Geography
        2. A Geographer’s Tools
        3. Earth in Space
        4. Atmosphere
        5. Atmospheric Moisture
        6. Climate
        7. Hydrosphere
        8. The Lithosphere
        9. Landforms of the First Order: Continents and Oceans
        10. Landforms of the Second Order: Mountains,  Plateaus and Plains
        11. Internal Forces of Earth and Landforms
        12. External Processes and Landforms on Earth
        13. Soils
        14. Natural Vegetation and Wild Life
        15. Social Geography
        16. Economic Resources
        17. Agriculture
        18. Animal Husbandry and Fishery
        19. Industry
        20. Transport and Communication

        Part Two: Indian Geography

        1.  Introduction
        2.  Geological History
        3.  Landforms
        4.  Drainage
        5.  Climate
        6.  Natural Vegetation and Wildlife
        7.  Soils
        8.  Agriculture
        9.  Animal Husbandry and Fishery
        10. Mineral Resources
        11. Energy
        12. Industry
        13. Transport and Communication
        14. The People
        15. Settlements and Migration
        Ready Reference Data
        Practice Questions

        Indian Polity and governance

        1.  Historical Perspective
        2.  Features and Philosophy of the Constitution
        3.  Territory of the Union and Reorganisation  of the States
        4.  Citizenship
        5.  Fundamental Rights, Directive Principles  and Fundamental Duties
        6.  The Union Executive
        7.  The Union Legislature
        8.  Comptroller and Auditor-General
        9.  The State Executive
        10. The State Legislature
        11. The State of Jammu and Kashmir
        12. Local Government : Panchayati Raj and  Nagarpalika
        13. Union Territories and Special Areas
        14. The Judiciary
        15. Indian Federalism and Centre-State Relations
        16. Emergency Provisions
        17. Civil Services and Public Service Commissions
        18. Elections
        19. Official Language
        20. Provisions Relating to Special Classes
        21. Schedules of the Constitution
        22. Amendment of the Constitution
        23. Issue of Good Governance
        24. Issue of Rights
        25. Public Policy
        26. India’s Foreign Policy
        Ready Reference Data
        Practice Questions

        Economic and Social Development

        1.  Economics, Economies and Development
        2.  Nature of Indian Economy
        3.  Planning
        4.  National Income and Structural Change
        5.  Capital Formation
        6.  Agriculture
        7.  Food Security
        8.  The Cooperative Movement in India
        9.  Industry
        10. Service Sector
        11. Infrastructure
        12. Foreign Trade
        13. Balance of Payments
        14. Foreign Capital in Economic Development
        15. Prices
        16. Indian Currency, Exchange Rate and Convertibility
        17. Financial Market
        18. Public Finance
        19. Demographics
        20. Social Development Initiatives
        Practice Questions

        Issues in Environmental Ecology, Biodiversity and Climate Change

        1.  Introduction
        2.  Environmental Degradation
        3.  Biodiversity
        4.  Climate Concerns
        5.  Indian Response to Environmental Ecology: Policies, Programmes and Legislation
        6.  Selected National Parks and Sanctuaries  of India: A Survey
        Practice Questions

        General Science

        • The Basics
        • Physics and Chemistry
        • Life Science
        • Ready Reference Data
        • Practice Questions

        General Knowledge review

        • India: General Information
        • India: States and Union Territories
        • India: Population Totals 2011
        • India : Security Set Up
        • India : Science and Technology
        • World Organisations
        • World: Survey of Countries
        • Cultural Panorama
        • Sports and Games
        • Firsts in The World and India

        Practice Questions

        • Selected Questions from Previous Years Question Papers
        • Each set is accompanied with Answers and Explanatory Notes where required)
        • History of India
        • Indian National Movement
        • Indian and World Geography
        • Indian Polity and Governance
        • Economic and Social Development
        • Environmental Ecology
        • General Science
        • General Knowledge/Miscellaneous

        Practice Test Papers

        • Practice Test Paper One
        • Practice Test Paper Two
    • Author
      • Spectrum
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    Good book, but NOT the Best!! Reasons given below!!

    This book comprehensively covers all the subjects & topics required for Paper-I in UPSC's civil services prelim exams. Lot of MCQ's have been provided for practice at the end of each section. BUT!! there are a lot issues in book the which I REGRET. As compared to Tata McGraw Hills General Studies Manual-I, this book lacks in presentation much of the info is in paragraphs. Font size is small and printing is poor. Many facts and figures in the book are not updated in various sections. This book...

    Kedar Kulkarni

    Certified Buyer

    23 Nov, 2012

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    Good book with all topics well explained.

    The book is well written and all topics are presented with details. In a bid to cover all aspects in detail the volume has become very huge. If you want to learn all things properly rather than just mug up so called relevant facts then, this book is for you.

    Pritesh Jain

    Certified Buyer

    1 Dec, 2012

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    it is a good book to read covers everything from history to science to current affairs..
    and it's question bank is a good one to solve...

    Rahul verma

    Certified Buyer

    27 Jan, 2015

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    Totally satisfied

    This is the best manual for upsc exam,for all aspirants who are going to prepare for civil services.
    Best manual amongst all available in the market, i have also purchased other manuals , studied but later i purchased it and find it best...
    so buy it !
    best of luck !

    vijay k.

    Certified Buyer

    23 Jan, 2014

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