Terrai Walnnut Grits & Coconut Skin Exfoliator Cleansing Bar

Terrai Walnnut Grits & Coconut Skin Exfoliator Cleansing Bar

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Soaps are a very integral part of our daily lives, especially with all the dust and pollution around us. Thus a cleansing bar can be a practical and economical addition to any good skin care regimen. Bust most soaps available today, are made using soap noodles and contain animal fat and other chemicals that can leave your skin feeling dry and stretched after use. This is because they rob the skin of its natural oils and moisture. Scientifically, it has been proven that the human skin changes over time, which is why something as simple as changing your soap can make a big difference in results from a skin-care routine. Terrai soaps are formulated using Coconut Oil and other natural ingredients that are not harmful for the skin. Each soap is specially formulated and blended with natural active ingredients that ensure satisfactory results It is believed that on average we generate a new layer of skin every few weeks. As we age there is a gradual decrease in the rate at which the old dead cells get replaced by new cells on the surface of our skin. These dead skin cells then tend to accumulate on the skin surface, making it appear dull and lifeless. Although most soap bars will remove dirt and excess oil, soap alone cannot remove all of the excess dead cells. And excess use of soapson the skin tends to strip the skin of natural oils, leaving it dry and chapped. Thus, using a good skin exfoliating soap becomes very important. Terrai skin exfoliating scrub soapis made using fine granules of walnut grits, that are gentle on the skin, removing debris while leaving the important emollient layer of the skin behind so the skin remains soft and supple.This very effective skin exfoliator is made by blending Walnut grits in a natural Coconut and Glycerin base that helps nourish and maintain skin elasticity. Our exfoliating soap bar, removes dead skin cells, deep cleans the skin, unclogs pores, thus also helps reduce acne breakouts, encourages new cell growth and stimulates blood flow to the skin?s surface for a fresh, healthy glow. Exfoliation will also helpother skin care products like moisturizers to penetrate deeper and improve the moisture level of your skin. Like all our other products, we ensure that our formulations never contain any bleach, harsh additives, dyes or hardening agents, as we care for your healthy skin. Glycerin helps retain the natural moisture content of the skin to ensure that the skin does not feel dry or stretched, thus leaving it feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Caution: The purpose of exfoliating is to remove excess dead skin cells. We do not want to scrub so hard that weend up removing healthy cells, which will leave our skin red and sore. The best time to exfoliate face is in the evening. Use:How often you need to exfoliate depends on your skin type, but two or three times a week is recommended.Since skin oils tend to hold on to dead skin cells, people with oily skin may need to exfoliate more oftenUse this product as a face and body wash by wetting the skin and applying it in circular motion to form lather. Perform scrubbing action on the applied skin, with hands for a minute before rinsing off with clean water. Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Stearic Acid, Purified Water, Tri-ethanolamine, Propylene Glycol, Glycerine, SLS Powder, Castor Oil, Walnut Grit, Titanium Di-Oxide, Essential Oil as Fragrance
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  • Terrai
Model Name
  • Walnnut Grits & Coconut Skin Exfoliator Cleansing Bar
  • 100 g
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  • Men
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  • NA
  • Bathing Soap
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Very bad smell

Flipkart Customer

Mar, 2017

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Terrai Has made a good product...But it is highly disappointing because of seller ...Packing was bad ... it wasnt even 100mg...

vivek kumar

Feb, 2014

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