The Art Of War
    The Art Of War (English, Audiobook, Rashid Raza)

    The Art Of War  (English, Audiobook, Rashid Raza)

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    • Language: English
    • Binding: Audiobook
    • Publisher: Think Ink Media Inc
    • ISBN: 9788191073027, 8191073021
    • Edition: Unabridged, 2010
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    The Art of War is a book that provides the readers with key insights into military strategies that emerged from the Eastern civilization and how they can be applied to modern-day situations.

    Summary Of The Book

    The Art of War revolves around military strategy, being one of the oldest of its kind. It is regarded one among the most crucial books that have emerged from the Eastern civilization. Tzu emphasizes on positional strategy and the fact that position is influenced by objective conditions in the physical environment. He also tackles another factor, which is the subject view of actors in that particular setting.

    Through the course of this book, Tzu helps the readers gain insights into the things they need to understand about themselves as well as their enemies. He explains that if an individual understands their capacity and that of their enemies, they won’t need to fear the outcome of a hundred battles. However, if an individual doesn’t realize who they are and who their enemy is, it will cause them to succumb to failure.

    Tzu emphasized on planning and how it works in a controlled situation. However, he noted that competing plans clash in a changing environment, resulting in unprecedented events. Tzu realized that leaders set the tone, therefore, he has spoken about the ideal qualities of a leader in detail. He also explains that supreme excellence doesn’t entail fighting and winning over enemies, but breaking the resistance of an enemy sans fighting.

    This is an audio version of The Art of War, read by Rashid Raza and released by Think Ink Media Inc. in 2010.

    About The Authors

    Sun Tzu was a philosopher, strategist, and military general.

    Apart from this book, Szu has written The Ancient Bing-Fa: Martial Arts Strategy: The Science of Personal Power and The Lost Art of War: Recently Discovered Companion To The Bestselling The Art of War.

    Tzu was born in 544 BC, though many disagree on his birthplace. He served as a general and strategist. He was appointed by the king of Wu Helu at the end of the sixth century BC. Tzu wrote his book, The Art of War, after his triumphant battles. Tzu’s literary works began to grow in popularity and found practical implication in the Western society, with the advent of the twentieth century. His works continue to have a major impact on business, politics, sports, culture, and modern warfare in countries in the Americas, Asia, and Europe.

    Rashid Raza is a narrator.

    Raza has been a part of the recording industry for almost two decades.

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    Book Details
    • Publication Year
      • 2010
    • Authored By
      • Rashid Raza
    • Author Info
      • The legend goes that Sun Tzu was born into minor nobility in what is now Shandong, a part of China north of Shanghai that became famous for Confucius and the really tasty Shandong Chicken. He was named Sun Wu at the time of birth. He wrote a military treatise in order to get noticed and hired by royalty. It worked.
        Sun Wu expanded his 13 chapter Art of War into 82 chapters and trained the army. Eventually he broke the peace by invading the southern state of Yue. Other conflicts ensured but although his troops were once outnumbered 30,000 to 200,000 he was always victorious. Many successes followed and continued after his death. Some considered his death to be another of his deceptions.
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      • 150 GB
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    9 Ratings &
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    Good audio

    I usually go for a long drive to office every day. I thought of trying the audio book so I don't get bored. The audio is very clear and nicely explained.

    The content of the book is good, but not very interesting.

    Pranav Kumar Ojha

    Certified Buyer

    1 Feb, 2012

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    Crisp Narration

    The audio is divided into chapters, each with an approximate 5-8 minute run time. The content is crisp, to the point and narrated well, but for one chapter where a chapter is abruptly cut short. The content would perhaps appeal to those who savor combat strategy stories, for this is what it actually offers in some detail.

    I had hoped the money spent would buy more hours of playback, but it does not. That, coupled with some 3-4 day delivery period, the whole experience has thus been not enti...


    Certified Buyer

    15 Dec, 2014

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