The Building Of Gandhinagar

    The Building Of Gandhinagar  (English, Hardcover, Prakash Apte)

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    • Language: English
    • Binding: Hardcover
    • Publisher: Power Publishers
    • ISBN: 9789381205532, 9381205531
    • Edition: 2012
    • Pages: 102
      This book will inform the reader of the thought processes, concepts and technical aspects that went into the designing and planning of Gujarat's new capital city, Gandhinagar. The author was the Town Planner of the project and has therefore the knowledge to provide first hand, matter-of-fact, unbiased information on this sparsely written subject in this seminal work of erudition. The book attempts to serve as a benchmark against which other sincere, knowledgeable, professional and informative books; written on the subject of designing and planning of capital cities; can be compared with. A record has become essential in view of recent attempts by some Consultants, either by design or imbecility, to dismantle and distort the original concept of Gandhinagar.In contrast, readers seeking peripheral information-unrelated to the basic concepts of Gandhinagar planning, such as, the geographical, historical, political and social conditions in Gujarat and India at the time the city was being planned, can look up a myriad of other books. Opinions and accounts of the elaborate behind the scene machinations of, and eulogies to, contemporary industrialists, architects and pseudo town planners are also not in short supply in such books, owing to the ease with which they can be written from second hand information, by biased writers far removed, physically and professionally, from the field of town planning and architecture. This book attempts to correct the imbalance and present the subject in its proper perspective.
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      Book Details
      • Publication Year
        • 2012
      • Author
        • Prakash Apte
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