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      The Cranberries, Dolores ORiordan, Noel Hogan, Mike Hogan, and Fergal Lawler, began their career in their native Limerick, Ireland in 1989 and sold more than thirty million albums worldwide in the nineties. Roses was produced by the bands longtime friend and collaborator Stephen Street (The Smiths, Blur) and harkens back to the freshness and originality of the bands first two albums, 1993s Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Cant We? and the 1994 follow up, No Need To Argue. Prior to Roses, the bands most recent album was Wake Up And Smell The Coffee, which was released in 2001.

      In 2003, The Cranberries announced their break up, but they briefly reunited for an acoustic performance when Dolores ORiordan received an honoree degree at Trinity College in 2009. The minute we started playing, it felt like wed never stopped, Dolores recalls. Theres something about playing with The Cranberries. Its like putting on a perfect pair of shoes. It just fits. In 2010, they commenced a reunion tour of 107 concerts that took the band all over Europe as well as to North and South America and Asia, culminating in the bands first ever shows in China in 2011. Dolores stated, Having recorded two albums with various different musicians during our hiatus, I could clearly see that Noel and Mike have a unique way of creating chords and Ferg keeps it together in a subtle way. We had a blast in the studio, Stephen was in his zone and it came together rather quickly. There is a sense of rejuvenation in the group, a freshness. Guitarist Noel Hogan added, I always had the attitude that there would be another album. Over the last six years, Dolores and I were sending each other ideas on and off. During the reunion tour, the band began working on new music during sound-checks. The icing on the cake was to work with Stephen Street again who helped us re-discover our sound.

      The songs on Roses come from a band with a renewed hunger and in every corner youll find the extraordinary sound of Dolores ORiordans voice, the pivotal instrument which transformed the band from a group of young Irish hopefuls at the edge of the 80s into an MTV sensation and worldwide super group within just a few short years.

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      • Artist
        • The Cranberries
      • Title
        • The Cranberries Roses
      • Category
        • Music
      • Format
        • Audio CD
      • Language
        • English
      • Year
        • 2011
      • Label
        • Cooking Vinyl/EMI India
      • Track Listing
        • Disc 1
          1. Conduct
          2. Tomorrow
          3. Fire & Soul
          4. Raining In My Heart
          5. Losing My Mind
          6. Schizophrenic Playboys
          7. Waiting In Walthamstow
          8. Show Me
          9. Astral Projections
          10. So Good
          11. Roses
          Disc 2
          1. Analyse (4m 24s)
          2. Animal Instinct (3m 48s)
          3. How (3m 02s)
          4. Linger (4m 58s)
          5. Dreaming My Dreams (3m 57s)
          6. When Your Gone (4m 39s)
          7. Wanted (2m 08s)
          8. Salvation (2m 33s)
          9. Desperate Andy (3m 57s)
          10. I Cant Be With You (5m 00s)
          11. Ode To My Family (5m 10s)
          12. Free To Decide (3m 21s)
          13. Ridiculous Thoughts (5m 19s)
          14. Zombie (5m 10s)
          15. Shattered (5m 32s)
          16. Promises (4m 03s)
      • Number Of Discs
        • 2
      • Genre
        • Rock
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      3 Reviews
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      Awesome band from the Grunge era!

      Sweet as the name sounds, 'Cranberries' are an amazing 90's band fronted by an amazing female vocalist. The songs are endowed with powerful vocals and catchy tunes. Hits include Linger, Ode To My Family and the very 'grungy' Zombie.

      Buy it if you like powerful no-nonsense 90's rock music!

      Killer Dove

      Certified Buyer

      4 Mar, 2012

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      The Cranberries do it again!

      I lost out on buying this album on Flipkart twice and was a bit disheartened. Last week I ordered it , received it real quick, now it's out of stock again. I'm glad I bought it ...

      Easy listening music on this one. And the cranberries just get better and better. Put it n repeat on your system and leave it on.....:)

      A must buy album for fans of this band. Or even people who are willing to adapt to them. This music grows on you real quick....

      Leena Rubin

      Certified Buyer

      22 Apr, 2012

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      Roses A Comeback For The Cranberries

      It's been ten years that the Celtic Indie rockers came out with the new album, though the album name is quite contrary to the previous album titles.

      The Album's first track Conduct is an awesome start to the album, followed by the top song of the album "Tomorrow" and the list go on, Fire & Soul, Losing my mind, and Raining in my heart, It's hard to comment bad about this album being a die hard fan of them, I Simply Love Dolores and the Boys, It's a great album.Worth a buy

      Keith Clement

      Certified Buyer

      18 Mar, 2012

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