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THE JOURNEY (English, Paperback, Bays, Brandon)


THE JOURNEY  (English, Paperback, Bays, Brandon)

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  • Language: English
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publisher: Harper
  • ISBN: 9780007258239, 0007258232
  • Edition: 1, 2011
  • Pages: 208

Free yourself from physical and emotional blocks, from addiction, low self-esteem and depression to chronic illness and pain with simple revolutionary techniques presented in The Journey.

Summary Of The Book

The Journey is based on Brandon Bays’ miraculous recovery from a football sized tumor, without surgery or drugs, in just six weeks. With over two decades of expertise in mind-body healing, Bays was forced to seek healing beyond the limits of known alternative therapies, after she was diagnosed with a life threatening tumor in 1992.

Using her own knowledge on the subject, and the teachings of scientists such as Dr. Candace Pert and Dr. Deepak Chopra, Bays unintentionally began working on a transformational healing method that would later become The Journey. Catapulted into the remarkable journey of soul searching and ground breaking healing, she pioneered the truly remarkable healing technique that works by discovering the underlying root cause of a longstanding difficulty, both physical and emotional. Addressing these root causes is the key to an effective and complete recovery from any illness.

The revolutionary paradigm of healing delves into the means by which one can directly access one’s soul in order to experience boundless peace, unconditional love, and the living presence within us. The Journey presents the latest findings of energy medicine in the form of a quick and effective technique that anyone can use.

The Journey is essentially an insight into the sophisticated nexus of mind-body healing that offers a simple imaginative process to access memories held in specific parts of the body. The book is a guide that is designed to help readers identify any undiscovered blocks in their lives. It also presents a set of tools that readers can utilize to resolve any longstanding issues in their lives in order to unlock their full potential.

About Brandon Bays

Brandon Bays is an American author and motivational speaker.

Bays’ other books include Living The Journey: Using The Journey Method To Heal Your Life And Set Yourself Free, The Journey For Kids: Liberating Your Child's Shining Potential, and Freedom Is: Liberating Your Boundless Potential.

Bays has previously worked for self help guru Tony Robbins. Her soul searching journey helped her uncover the healing techniques that she has discussed in this book. Bays is acknowledged as one of the most innovative and dynamic mind-body healing teachers globally.

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Publication Year
  • 2011
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Beautiful Simply

A beautiful beautiful book.
I recommend it for every one
The dialog with the author, Brandon is so nice, the author must be a beautiful person.
Loved it & will read it again a couple of time,
It would be such a privileged to meet the author.
Please do read this book


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Mar, 2012

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