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Gear your child with the right equipment for the new academic year in school, such as notebooks, textbooks, pencils, crayons and pens. Stationery does not have to just be for children, it can be for full-grown adults, as well. It can be office supplies and college supplies. You can make DIY gifts, by giving them a personalized touch, for your loved one or your best friend. You can even bring back the old traditional ways of invitations - though greeting cards. Sit with your child and brag about the good old days when things were simpler, whilst making greeting cards right at home. You can help your child with his/her project right at home by bringing all the raw materials you need for that assignment and helping him/her create a masterpiece that your child can pride about at his/her school. 

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Does the thought of new stationery grab you in a feverish haze? Do you feel those electrifying emotions when it came to new diaries and notebooks, and those stylish colourful pens? A new set of stationery items have that kind of effect on people, and it sure is infectious. So, explore stationery stores online from popular shopping sites and get those creative juices flowing with your favourite craft and art supplies. You would even find office stationery on these sites for your home office. These sites feature popular brands, such as DailyObjects, Parker, Classmate, Pilot, Cross and much more.

Are Stationery Stores for You?

Take a trip down that memory lane and recollect those fond memories of your time in school. Those simple times when the only concerns in life were homework and assignments. After that long summer break, you’d have to brace yourself for your classes. To get back to school, you’d have to arm yourself with the things you need. This would have been an intense time for parents, as well as school-going children. You’d have to get your uniforms stitched and buy your textbooks, notebooks and other school stationery supplies, such as pens, pencils, rulers and erasers. If you were shrew as a child, you’d have badgered your parents into buying all those stationery items that you probably will never use. All those pen-pencils, click pens, fine-line pens, stick pens and strange sharpeners might have caught your eye, and you’d want to get one of these for yourself to flaunt such fancy things in school. It was uber cool then, and probably still is. So, all this reminiscing brings us to the point in discussion - Do you need stationery items now? 

With the usage of laptops/desktops these days and everything going online, do you really need stationery? Yes, you do. There is something beautiful about picking up crayons and colouring on a blank sheet of paper. This feeling cannot be replaced by technology, where you just swipe over the screen and you have a color on it. 

But, what can be swapped from those traditional times is how you buy stationery. If you think it is too much of an effort to go to a stationery store near you and buy art supplies, then you could buy stationery online from popular shopping sites. You can browse through these sites’ stationery stores. You would even stumble on art and stationery supplies that you’ve always wanted as a kid.

Whether it is for school, college, office or home, these pens and stationery play an essential role in all our lives. To write, read, draw, sketch, cut, sharpen, paint, calculate, print and so on, we need essential stationery items.

School supplies: Relive your childhood memories by purchasing trendy and useful school supplies like examination pads, coin banks, geometry and pencil boxes, umbrellas, stickers, school sets, lunch bags, lunch boxes and other school accessories. Make sure you pick the right school supplies for your kids in trendy colors and prints that your kid will adore.

College supplies: There is something special about college, the first day at college, your first classroom, your campus and so on. The whole atmosphere is different when compared to school and so does the stationery required. Apart from pens, bags and such, college supplies vary and these include diaries and notebooks, preferably a five-subject notebook. A normal backpack will be replaced with a sling bag or a messenger bag in college. Calculators, printers and other such devices come into picture during college days.

Office supplies and electronics: Paper shredders, label printers, printing calculators, electronic calculators and safe lockers are all commonly found in an office. These office electronics play an important role in getting work done effectively and efficiently.

Home and general supplies: Other essential pens and stationery include art and crafts, and calculators. These are used by all sectors and all age groups irrespective of what profession they are into. You can buy art supplies like drawing pencils, paints, canvases, drawing papers, color pencils, palettes, brushes and so on and start painting/drawing at home.

Where to Buy the Best Stationery Items From?

Buy office supplies, college supplies, paper stationery and other items online from popular shopping sites. You can even consider stationery supplies as your gifting option. These shopping sites have cool stationery that work beautifully as gifts for your best friend. Give your high school sweetheart cute stationery items as a sign of affection towards him/her. This is not only an offbeat option, but also a personalised one. It is as if you are bringing back those good old school days.

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