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Childhood comes only once. Make it a memorable one for your children by indulging him/her with musical toys, race cars, barbie dolls, tents, cycles, remote control toys among a dozen other exciting playgear on Flipkart. Choose from top brands including SYGA, Funskool, Fisher-Price, Hot Wheels and more at prices starting from 49 Rupees only. The information is updated on 28-Sep-22.

Baby Toys

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Toddler Toys – There’s More to the Picture Than Just Playing

Dangle a toy in front of any toddler and you’ll notice his or her face instantly light up. This cause-effect is so predictable, it almost seems too cliched to be cute at times. Let’s get down to it. Are kids really as fascinated by infant toddler toys as they appear to be? If yes, why is that so?

One of the ways a baby acquaints himself with the things around him is through the sense of touch. Every shape, color, and texture is fascinating for him. As your infant grows older and becomes a toddler, his curiosity grows with him. And even the most involved parents don’t really have the luxury of indulging their kid’s whims and fancies round the clock. Enter toddler toys. Find the right toys and you’ll have found a way to keep your child blissfully occupied for hours on end, giving you the me-time you need.

When you watch a kid fiddling about with toddler toys, you might simply see him indulging in harmless play. But there’s a bigger picture. Toys for toddlers are designed to promote certain skill sets in children. Each toy set is likely to feature the kind of skill set that it aims to encourage in children; to simplify the search for the appropriate toys for your toddler.

Toddlers rely on play to develop their skill sets and to acquaint themselves with concepts and norms of the real world. Fun is not restricted to the outdoors. Toddler toys bring fun indoors too.

Here are some of the many ways how playing with toddler toys benefits children:

They Learn the Value of Playing as a Team

Play dates are a good way for children to inculcate the sense of being part of a larger society. There are plenty of toddler toys which are meant to be enjoyed as a group activity. Board games where individuals are required to follow rules are a great way to positively instill competitiveness and fair play in kids. Interacting with other kids also teaches your junior to share his or her toys.

They Encourage Imaginative Play

Pretending to set up stalls, putting on costumes and taking on the role of a construction worker or a pilot, or even something as simple as taking care of dolls or running toy cars around the house encourages children to indulge their imaginative side.

They Promote an All-round Development

Toddler toys are designed to target the boosting of certain skills. Some toys help a child develop his cognitive thinking. There are toys which require quite a bit of manual labor and this helps a toddler work on his motor skills. Toys such as dolls or figurines require children to actively work their minds and come up with scenarios, which are often inspired by adult interactions he or she sees. Recreating these scenes with toys is a good practice for kids’ language skills.

They Offer a Fun and Creative Outlet for Their Energy

Let’s face it, not all of us adults have the patience or the time to constantly entertain kids. Playing with toys offers a healthy way for kids to keep themselves occupied.


The Popular Types of Toddler Toys


With online sites, you have the luxury of filtering toys according to the age group they are appropriate for. Once you filter the vast collection of infant toddler toys, you can add bath toys to distract your kids from the “unpleasant” process of being washed, crib toys, play gyms, baby rattles, stacking toys, ride-ons, push-and-pull-along toys, and musical toys to your shopping cart with just a few clicks of your mouse button. Buy toddler toys online to avail discounts on toys from brands like Miss & Chief, Fisher-Price, Hot Wheels, and 4Kids from the comfort of wherever you are. Keeping your kid entertained is just a click away.


Top Selling Toys Online

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Question and Answers

  1. Q.What baby toys are best for my baby?
    A.Depending on the age and interest of your baby, you can choose baby toys in different categories, type, look, size, colours, and beyond. Dancing cactus, board with magnetic alphabets, ring stack up, keyboard piano, musical car, talking Tomcat, and rattles are good toys for your baby’s collection.
  2. Q.Are baby toys exchangeable products?
    A.Based on the brand and the vendor you choose baby toys from, they may have varied guarantees, warranty, exchange, and return policies. Please refer to the product details to know about the exchange.
  3. Q.How do baby toys work?
    A.Most baby toys come with a manual or set of instructions to show you how they work, do’s, don’ts, care tips, cleaning instructions, and any other needed information about them.
  4. Q.Are baby toys heavy?
    A.Most baby toys are lightweight and easy to carry around for kids.
  5. Q.Are baby toys toxic? What if the baby licks it or chew it?
    A.Most baby toys are made from BPA-free plastic and do not have sharp edges. Do clean them periodically as per instructions for hygiene reasons.
  6. Q.Do all baby toys make sounds?
    A.Depending on the baby toys you choose, they may or may not make a sound. Please refer to the toy’s description to know more.
  7. Q.Are baby toys safe for kids?
    A.Baby toys are designed with babies’ safety as a priority.
  8. Q.Can I buy baby toys for my 2 years old kid?
    A.You can browse and find baby toys online for children of all age groups. Check product details and descriptions to learn about the suggested age group and choose the right toys for your little one as per their age.
  9. Q.Do batteries come along with electronic baby toys?
    A.Most vendors provide a fresh set of AA or AAA non-rechargeable batteries or chargeable batteries with baby toys. For some toys, you might have to buy them separately. Please read the product description to know more.
  10. Q.What are baby toys made from?
    A.Baby toys are made from high-quality, non-toxic PP soft plastic. Please refer to individual product descriptions to learn more.
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