Music is something that can captivate children at a very young age, even if they do not understand the language being spoken. Many a times we hear a song or tune and feel nostalgic as we would have heard it when we were young. Its is advised to play classical music to unborn babies as it helps improve their IQ thus making them smarter. According to Shakespeares comedy the Twelfth Night, music is the food of love and it is important to inculcate the same in your children so that they grow up to be well rounded adults. Musical Toys come in various shapes and sizes for all ages. The most common toys are based on musical instruments which also help children adapt to the real instrument once they grow up. Other toys include ones that make different sounds when buttons are pressed. Brands like Chicco, Mitashi, Sevi and Wowwee make very exciting and interesting toys that can improve the cognitive and reasoning skill of your children through music. Shop online at Flipkart and find exciting international musical toys at discounted prices. You can do all this from the convenience of your home and get the toys delivered right to your doorstep. Pay for the toy either online or with the cash on delivery option.

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