“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” - we are all familiar with this phrase, but what does it really mean? The answer is pretty obvious and at first glance, this golden rule might seem like a fairly easy task to keep up with. However, this is not always the case. Today, you can get your hands on anything with just the click of a few buttons. While this is convenient and time-saving, it comes with its own set of disadvantages. We begin to expect everything to be instant and end up getting frustrated if it isn’t so. And even when you are taking a break, is your mind really free or do you find yourself obsessively thinking about your pending tasks?

    Another major block in this age of technology is that there are a lot of ways to keep oneself distracted and occupied. There is always a new restaurant or store to check out, always new movies and books to keep up with, and always something to momentarily distract you. Even when indoors, televisions, computers, laptops, and other such devices take up most of our time. Actually spending quality time with friends and family members almost seems impossible. Well, not anymore - bring home all sorts of board games and give into the joys of bonding with loved ones, in a creative, fun, and productive environment.

    There is no shortage in the types of board games available. If you are looking for educational toys, you have at your disposal board games like pictionary, Frank around the world, smart quiz fun board game, and sudoku puzzles, to name a few. Or you could teach your child how to manage finances and also gain new perspectives on your own finances by bringing home board games like monopoly and other such business-oriented games. On days when you are forced to stay in because of the weather, you can still cater to your adventurous side by playing sports, strategy & war board games. Word games like crossword, scrabble, and word builders will improve your vocabulary and will give you a chance to familiarise yourself with the ones you already know. Other indoor games you can choose from include snakes & ladders, ludo, chess, UNO, and cards among many others.

    These games are the perfect excuse to get all your loved ones around the table. Besides allowing you spend some quality bonding time, these games require you to think and will thereby help develop a player’s strategic skills and will also improve his or her attention span. Playing by the rules of the game will also teach your child and remind yourself the importance of a good team spirit and a healthy competitive spirit.

    Buy board games online on Flipkart and bring home something your whole family can make use of and something everyone is sure to love. Use the filter available on the site to filter products according to age group, price, brand, game type, characters that have inspired the board game, skill set, and discount availability. Payment options on Flipkart include netbanking, credit or debit card payment, and cash on delivery.

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