Remote Control Toys are toys that can be controlled from a distance by using wireless technology. These miniature vehicles are self powered by rechargeable batteries and can be played with for a while before it needs to be recharged again. Remote Control Toys or RC toys as they are also known come with a specialized transmitter on the vehicle that is programed to match the frequency of the remote control. When an action is performed on the remote control a signal is sent to the vehicle which makes it move or perform a function. RC toys include cars, helicopters, big wheel vehicles and planes. The helicopter and plane actually fly and can be controlled from a fair distance using the remote control. Buy exciting remote control toys from Flipkart and have them delivered right to your doorstep. Pay for the RC toys online with your card or avail the cash on delivery option. Shop online from the convenience of your home and have your children pick out the vehicle they like best.
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