Stuffed toys are made of textiles sewn together and then filled with soft material in order to give the toy an adorable shape. The textile can range from plain cloth to plush or terrycloth. These toys are then stuffed with materials like cotton, straw, synthetic fiber, beans and plastic pellets. Stuffed toys are usually preferred by young children. Set up a tea party for your girl with her teddy bear, bunny rabbit and other stuffed toys and see her have exciting conversations with them. Stuffed toys are also a good companion to hug as they give the feeling of someone being with them while they sleep peacefully. Stuffed toys often made in the likeness of famous cartoon characters that children are familiar with. Other designs include legendary or mythical creatures like the dragon and characters from popular video games. Shop online at Flipkart and find a range of stuffed toys that your child can choose right from the convenience of your home. Spend some quality time with your children, instead of driving to the shop. Simply order the stuffed toy from brands like Disney, Chicco, Hasbro and Monopoly at Flipkart and have it delivered right to your doorstep. Pay for the toy online with your card or avail the cash on delivery option.

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