Travellage Across the Age

Travellage Across the Age  (English, Paperback, Hrishikesh Pandey)

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  • Language: English
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publisher: Blackbuck Publication
  • ISBN: 9781634157131, 1634157133
  • Edition: 1st Edition, 2015
  • Pages: 304
Trailing the truth.

This is the story of a historical travelogue, an epic one covered under the thick blanket of the ages, an epic one whose traces are blurred and an epic one which originated in the Pre Vedic era itself by the mighty Aryans. Truly, this is the story of Aryavarta.

This is the sojourn of the mighty saga whose historicity is sparse and obsolete. This sojourn is an attempt to unearth those traces, to visualize those blurred footsteps.

This sojourn is the tale of those mighty Aryans who once were the conquerors, conquerors in all directions, conquerors in all spreads, conquerors by their wisdoms, conquerors by their rich heritages.

This travelogue, truly the most glorious voyage of the mighty Aryan's, even termed as the golden era, in a sudden and tragic course of time turns into the horrific tale of their various fiasco their embarrassments.

This tragic free fall of the Aryavarta into the jaw of the slavery is beautifully incorporated and embedded into a light hearted fictional jungle story. This story surrounds around aHathisthan Jungle centring on the Mammoth Elephant named Bholu.

This epic journey after a tottering test of time reaches to an age, an age of freedom, an age of hope, an age of our generation an age where we see our companion and peer nations rocketing to the next level of excellence, to the zenith of the sky!

What about us?

What about our hopes and ambitions?

Where are we heading?

This travelogue of our generation of our hopes is beautifully spiced by authors own experiences and visualizations across the nation.

It is not a mere fictional story to time pass as craps.

No. Never.

It is with a purpose, a purpose to expose the ominous ideology, a corrupt ideology, which is spoiling our beautiful nation. It is with a purpose to find out the truth.
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Book Details
Publication Year
  • 2015 February
Book Type
  • Non Fiction Book
Authored By
  • Hrishikesh Pandey
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2 Reviews
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Rejuvenating the ages

That books has nicely portrayed different eras along with political favouritism. Starting with the ancient ages how did the mainstream flow into different channels in our country has delineated. The metaphorical approach is impressive. The questionnaire for the reader at the verge of every plot is well flavoured to escalate the attention of the reader to a new level.
But some portions have come up with more historical approach resulting little bit monotonous. Author's presentation sometimes e...

Aditya Roy

26 Apr, 2015

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Excellent book and spicy story to go through

This is an excellent book to read for ...............a must read book................all should attempt this newest story................ it is a mix of Indian History and political is filled with realistic tale, a delight to read.

hrishikesh pandey

14 Mar, 2015

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