Tripura Rahasya - The Mystery Beyond the Trinity

Tripura Rahasya - The Mystery Beyond the Trinity  (English, Paperback, Tr. Swami Sri Ramanananda Saraswathi)

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  • Language: English
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publisher: Ramana Aashram
  • ISBN: 9788188018291, 8188018295
  • Edition: Seventh, 2006
  • Pages: 306
Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi often quoted from the Tripura Rahasya and considered it to be one of the greatest works explaining the traditional teachings of Advaita. This book is not to be picked up,read through and put away.The verses are full of Divine nectar which will quench the thirst of any earnest seeker who repeatedly reflects on their meaning and in right earnest,attempts to implement the teaching. In this fascinating scripture,through stories and analogies,the entire spectrum of spiritual pursuit and attainment is laid out in clear terms.Every sadhaka,serious about attaining the supreme goal of life,should apply him or herself to the teachings of the Tripura Rahasya.
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Publication Year
  • 2006
  • Tr. Swami Sri Ramanananda Saraswathi
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Master book for Spiritual understanding and growth

This is the end of the road for me in terms of understanding what spirituality, yoga means. Another book that will lead to similar vedantic thought is Vashista Yoga. This is a must book for people who are confused with what life is, where are we, why on earth, why we as humans, why do we sleep, what are dreams, why he is more intelligent than me, what is karma.
This book is a conversation between Lord Dattatreya and Parsurama where lord explains parshurama how the universe came into existenc...


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30 Dec, 2011

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Tripura Rahasya

Tripura Rahasya - Unraveling the mystery

It is not a book which you buy read and keep in the self. The more you read this book the more you get to know your self. Who am I?

The book has good examples to relate on topics of self and introspective questions and answers on self-realization.

It is one of the best books as of now on the topic of self-realization.

mukund gopi

Certified Buyer, Bangalore

2 Sep, 2014

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