How To Unblock Everything On The Internet 1st  Edition

    How To Unblock Everything On The Internet 1st Edition (English, Paperback, Ankit Fadia)

    How To Unblock Everything On The Internet 1st Edition  (English, Paperback, Ankit Fadia)

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    • Language: English
    • Binding: Paperback
    • Publisher: Vikas Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.
    • ISBN: 9789325956612, 9325956616
    • Edition: 1st Edition, 2012
    • Pages: 204
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    'How to Unblock Everything on the Internet' is an amazing book by the hacking whiz kid, Ankit Fadia. He gives you the secret keys to unlock anything and everything on the internet. So, if you are in a college, office or travelling to a country where cool and fun websites are blocked, you know which book to pick up.

    If you are working in a company, studying in a college or travelling to a region that has terminated access to everything and anything fun and cool on the internet like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and more, then How to Unblock Everything on the Internet is the book for you.

    Break out of your boring and dull lives to understand and unravel the world of internet. Learn simple and easy things on how to unblock everything on the internet, which include:

    • Video Streaming Sites (YouTube, Metacafe etc)
    • Social Networking Sites (Face book, Twitter etc)
    • Stock Trading Websites
    • Chat Software
    • Download & Speed Limits
    • Torrents
    • Cricket Scores
    • Career Websites
    • USB Ports

    General Reception and Other Adaptations
    Ankit Fadia's first book was received very well and was a bestseller throughout the world. He has always championed the cause of free internet and that shows in his works too.

    About the Author
    Ankit Fadia is a renowned independent computer security consultant. He was born in Coimbatore in India and currently resides in Mumbai. At the age of 15, his maiden book on Ethical Hacking recorded him as the youngest author to have a Macmillan India publication. He is currently pursuing a BS degree in the field of Computer Science from Stanford University as per his official resume.

    Table Of Contents

    1. Introduction
    2. How to Block Content on the Internet
    3. Cached Pages
    4. Archived Pages
    5. Translation Tools 
    6. Format Conversion Websites
    7. Web pagcs through Email
    8. URL Shortening Websites 
    9. Website Aliases
    10. Special URLs
    11. RSS Aggregations
    12. Mobile Websites 
    13. HTTP Secure 
    14. Web Proxy Servers or HTTP Proxy Servers 
    15. URL Obfuscating Web Proxies 
    16. Proxy Lists
    17. Proxy Bouncing or Proxy Chains
    18. Public DNS Systems
    19. Ultra surf
    20. Your Freedom
    21. The Onion Router (TOR)
    22. Free gate
    23. Dyna Web 
    24. Hide My IP 
    25. Jon Do IF Changer
    26. Green Simulator
    27. Alkalies 
    28. Browser Add-Ons and Extensions
    29. Secure VPNs
    30. Premium VPN Services
    31. P siphon 
    32. How to Watch American TV Shows Streaming for Free
    33. How to Unblock Pandora
    34. Remote Desktop
    35. The Tails Operating System
    36. Firewall Tunnelling using VH & Putty
    37. Unblocking Instant Messengers
    38. Web Messengers
    39. Unblock Facebook Chat if is blocked
    40. Unblocking Download Limits with MAC Spoofing
    41. Unblocking Download Limits with Password Cracking
    42. Unblocking Access to USB Ports
    43. Unblocking Access to the USB Ports Part 2
    44. Unblocking Applications
    45. Book table Operating Systems 
    46. Unblocking Torrents
    47. Unblocking Torrents using SSH & Putty
    48. Secondary Internet Access Mediums 
    49. How to Read Paid Newspapers and Magazine Articles for Free
    50. How to Unlock More Speed
    51. Unblocking Video Streaming Websites

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    • Publication Year
      • 2012
    • Author
      • Ankit Fadia
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    212 Ratings &
    75 Reviews
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    This book is for non technical users and for new bees. Most of the things or tricks which Fadia has described is known to all, nothing new.

    p.s- Don't buy this book, it will not help you in anyway, you will end up in wasting your time.
    Be Smart!!

    Nikhil Khurana

    Certified Buyer

    27 Jan, 2012

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    Best book for Non-Tech

    Good book for all non-technical guys. Very lucid and easy english for better understanding of non geek Indian readers.
    Although, Mr. Kapil Sibal may not like it.
    For the technical guys don't buy it, its the thing you do daily in your day to day life.


    Certified Buyer

    1 Feb, 2012

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    Kapil Sibal should be given a copy of this book

    I just saw this book at my friend's house and started reading the book and it is mind boggling. I could not put it down only. Cant wait to try the techniques in my office tomo. I am going to order this book for myself now. I think Mr. Kapil Sibal should be given a copy of this book. Indian govt. cannot block us on the Internet.

    Neeta Agarwal

    Certified Buyer

    29 Jan, 2012

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    Don't Buy

    This book is just a collection of various tricks that you would come across a general search on the internet and nothing more.

    Moreover, some software applications discussed in the book cannot be installed in your office systems due to administrator restrictions. I guess Ankit Fadia should probably tell us another trick to do that, another trick that doesn't really work.

    This guy is too smart to make money from books which are of no use. I regret my decision to buy this book.

    My plain reco...

    Abhijit Sahay

    Certified Buyer

    9 Mar, 2012

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    Excellent book for Layusers

    I feel that giving this book a bad review would be incorrect from the IT side.This book is written for non IT pros and that is where it makes a lot of sense.For a layman this book is very very useful.All its tips work.Everybody should read this book in the wake of the current policies of the government.


    Certified Buyer

    5 Feb, 2012

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    Awesome Book

    this book is unique in itself.....a must read book
    Good book for all non-technical guys. Very lucid and easy english for better understanding of non tech readers.

    For the technical guys don't buy it, its the thing you do daily .

    Vipul Vaibhaw

    Certified Buyer

    4 Feb, 2012

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    This book has made my college fun

    I am engineering student. The management in my college has blocked everything in my hostel. Using this book I have unblocked everything. All time pass websites, video websites and sexy websites. I want more such books.


    Certified Buyer

    3 Feb, 2012

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    A Good Buy !!

    A great read for someone who has a moderate level of understanding about computers. Writing Style is such that a non-reader of books would enjoy. Its good to see various facts written on a particular place instead of long searching through the net.

    Vishal Gaurav

    Certified Buyer

    1 Feb, 2012

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    LOVED it.

    I am a student in a college in Delhi. My college authorities have blocked orkut, facebook, youtube and games and then use fortinet firwall to block all students. I was able to use this book to unblock everything that is blocked in my college. The first few basic techniques in this book were already blocked in my college, but this book has so many techniques of unblocking that it will be very tough for colleges to block everything. Very comprehensive. Easy to Understand. Dont tell your profess...

    Vikas Jain

    Certified Buyer

    29 Jan, 2012

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    Useful. Practical Knowledge

    The name says it all. I work in a telecom company and my office has blocked online travel websites and social networking sites like facebook. I had to go to cyber cafe or use my mobile to book plane tickets or if I wanted to chat with my friends. But now I can do it from office too.

    This book is useful, practical knowledge that you can apply every day. Easy to understand.


    Certified Buyer

    29 Jan, 2012

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