The Unconquerable Heart : God's Fist

    The Unconquerable Heart : God's Fist (English, Paperback, Shivish)

    The Unconquerable Heart : God's Fist  (English, Paperback, Shivish)

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    • Language: English
    • Binding: Paperback
    • Publisher: Sree Ramana Process Pvt. Ltd
    • Genre: Literature & Fiction
    • ISBN: 9781483564609, 1483564606
    • Edition: 1, 2016
    • Pages: 434
      SYNOPSIS: Munna Kaalika, a person born with challenged abilities, to a Colombian mother and an unknown Indian father, rises to become the ‘Heavy Weight Boxing champion of the World.’ His humble travel from the dingy locales of Sonagachi, Kolkata – the biggest red light area in Asia is not easy. It’s strewn with thorns of abuse and hatred. But four individuals - Kaalika Devi, Sylvia Amdur, Ethan Chapman and Hazeem Okonjo, who have faced insurmountable odds in their own lives back him. Short changed in their own lives, they would go on to lengths at each blockade of prejudice, to back him, in the path towards their combined goal, as he’s their only hope. Kaalika Devi, a male to female transsexual and a Colombian settled in India, who raises Munna, backs him out of pure selfless motherly love. Sylvia Amdur, an American journalist of Jewish ancestry, backs him out of pure dedication. Ethan Chapman, an American ex-professional boxer of mixed Caucasian and Afro ancestry, backs him cause he’s gotto prove himself to a racist and an egoist individual, who’s put his loved one to shame and suppressed him throughout his life, and Hazeem Okonjo, a female to male transsexual of Afro-American ancestry, backs him cause he’s got ‘A Radical Social Point’ to prove to the ‘Majority Conformist Society’ – a point that cannot be drilled into an otherwise ruthless and insensitive psyche unless it is not coupled with a ‘Miracle.’ All Five individuals are ‘Unconquerable Hearts’ in their own right, as they refuse to cave in to the external pressures of the society that has continuously discriminated them. They persevere in their efforts through sheer conviction and dedication and eventually succeed in proving the term ‘Prejudice’ to be archaic, and that the way ahead for a modern society is only through ‘Love and Tolerance.’
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      Book Details
      • Imprint
        • Sree Ramana Process Pvt. Ltd
      • Publication Year
        • 2016 March 2016
      • Book Type
        • Fiction - Drama & Action
      • Author Info
        • Shivish - Shiva Thejus & Sri Vishnu Tanay - We are Brothers in Arms Sri Vishnu Tanay- Author, Screenwriter and Wannabe Film Director - First novel written - 'The Unconquerable Heart' Shiva Thejus - Actor, Author and Screenwriter - First Novel Written - 'The Unconquerable Heart' Between us, We've written multiple film scripts, both Indian and American centric. Been slogging all the while with just scripts and even more scripts. Just moved to writing novels and you will find our style to be highly descriptive and discerning in bringing the characters' emotions and the actual sequence of events into play... Just like in the movies. Simply put, We're both movie centric authors, trying to grab our readers imaginations with our vivid narratives.
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      • Age Group
        • 18-100
      • Width
        • 5.5 inch
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        • 8.5 inch
      • Weight
        • 425 g
      Ratings and Reviews
      4 Ratings &
      3 Reviews
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      Very well written

      I got a copy of this book from the author's' in exchange for an honest review.
      When I was reading the book, I came across that the author of this book Shivish was not one person. It were actually two brothers Shiva and Vishnu. The author name was an amalgamation of the two.Quite cool !
      Coming to the book, the cover was indeed very stunning .That made me more curious about the book. It is a story about five extraordinary strugglers who go through immense pain, sacrifice , hatred and challenges...

      Abhishek Singh

      Certified Buyer

      2 Jul, 2016

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      great challenge

      this is a solely different genre of book i had never face it before , it is a fictitious which conquers your heart , remains tears, joy , pleasure at the end of novel, every serious book readers should give a trail , worth reading , thanks for the both authors for such a heart filling , brutally heart twisting story ,i was shedding tears for every character, the whole book moved my heart , i am still in the hangover of this novel 'The Unconquerable Heart: God's Fist , waiting for the second v...

      narendra palacharla

      Certified Buyer

      30 Jun, 2016

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      Very touchy

      Wow,this is a great read indeed,it's a rollercoaster ride all through.Each character of the book is indeed Unconquerable heart in their own right.The struggle,the pain,the emotion,the prejudiced thought ,everything was so neatly described.Many of the times my eyes were moist while reading this book and sometimes the win over the dark forces made me feel so happy. The journey of Munna through out ,his helplessness ,his channelizing of anger and taking revenge crushing the ego of the bigots are...

      Sujan Dey

      Certified Buyer

      16 May, 2016

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