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Unpainted dolls & figurines are one of the many creative objects to paint on and create personalised art pieces. These figurines are pieces of wood that are roughly shaped, like dolls, trees, or a snowman. You can paint them to depict a wide range of characters like soldiers, doctors, saints, or princesses. They are also available in different sizes to offer variety to the painter. Most of the figures are made from a single cylindrical piece of wood. They have different shapes that can be painted to look like coats, hats, belts, legs, arms, collars or any other ornament or piece of attire. Some brands that sell dolls & figurines online are Banke Bihari Creation, CloudNet India, reshma fashion, ultra design and too much. You can buy them in packs to create a complete set of figurines. One can colour them using markers, sketch pens, acrylic paint, gouache paint or even decorate them with stickers. Unpainted dolls & figurines can be customised to look like real-life people, which makes them a perfect gifting item. Once painted, coloured or made presentable, they can be used as decorative pieces and enhance the look of your shelves, tables, or even the car’s dashboard.

Unpainted Dolls & Figurines

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