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    Worth every penny

    Most of you guys must be in a dilemma as to what exactly is this brand VU is it good, is it reliable if yes why is it so cheap?? I am sure none of ur friends or family members have ever heard of this brand and they will probably laugh at you if u talk about buying me thats exactly what has happened with me. I just came back after my MS in the USA and looking for a TV in my bedroom before this back in the US I had a 40 inch samsung smart TV which was simply outstanding but I had a...

    Abhinav Vatchavai.

    Certified Buyer

    18 Oct, 2014

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    Good buy!

    I got this TV installed today and bought it from a local showroom. I didn't buy it from Flipkart since I wanted to feel this product before buying one. Not fair to compare the HD visuals with competing brands since all the competing products had optimal settings while this was one was straight out of the box with factory settings. However it was good enough for me to book one straight away!

    Quality of Visuals

    Initially, I was apprehensive about the quality of images this tv would reproduce ...

    Smita Wagh

    Certified Buyer

    24 Sep, 2014

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    Great value for money. Buy it.

    This product is so good, I bought two of them. I went to a store armed with my laptop and tested all the TVs there. This TV is hands down better than many other TVs costing 10k-20k more. The text is crisper and the image fills the frame perfectly without overscan or underscan (which I couldn't fully eliminate on some other TVs on display). The remote is fantastic, well balanced in the hand, with a meaningful button layout, shortcuts for everything and keys that feel good to press. The TV's on...

    Kiran Jonnalagadda

    Certified Buyer

    14 Aug, 2014

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    Using it as Computer Monitor

    This product was my best decision after brain storming to get a large screen for my gaming PC. i should have got 50 inches but money constraints, hell! if there were no money constraints why woudn't i buy a EPSON 3D Projector. lol

    About the Screen:
    Good Stuff -
    1) Sturdy Build Quality
    2) Looks good while wall mounted.
    3) no Flicker effect, easy on eyes.
    4) Even 60 Hz refresh rate, no lag.
    5) Viewed best from a distance of 7-8 Feet.
    6) Colour reproduction is better in this price range i am su...

    Samarjit Singh

    Certified Buyer

    19 Mar, 2015

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    Prompt Delivery and Very Good Product

    I have ordered 'VU 40K16 40 inches LED TV' from FlipKart on Friday afternoon and Got it delivered on Sunday 10:30 AM as promised. I am very pleased with the delivery within 48 hours.

    The TV is best value for money. It's picture clarity is, I believe, same or better than other famous brands. It has many features( mainly connectivity options are more than any other TV I have seen) better than other brands, The side bezel ( or border) of he tv is very slim.
    Nice, elegant design. Sound is also g...

    Gourishankar Choudhury

    Certified Buyer

    30 Jun, 2014

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    Great value for money!

    After a lot of research, I zeroed on this TV. I bought this from Flipkart for my parents. The delivery was prompt. Since I had bought this TV on exchange offer, the experience was awesome and fantastic. Imagine an exchange offer on an ecommerce website!! The delivery was prompt and the pick up of the old TV in exchange was done at the same time by the same folks. Prompt installation and demo was given by the Technician from VU after professionally scheduling the time immediately within 2 days...


    Certified Buyer

    25 Aug, 2014

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    Average product - Very poor Sound Quality

    The picture quality is good, but the sound quality is very bad. The service of both Flipkart and VU is worse. Looks like Flipkart has chosen a wrong vendor, who will not even attempt contacting the customer in case of any issue. Anything to be resolved will have to go throug the escalation path.

    Bhaskar Babu Tiruveedula

    Certified Buyer

    25 May, 2015

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    very bad

    i purchase tv and flipkart deliver 8th may 2015 but installation not done i call flipkart 7 times every time says tv install 24 hours but not done very bad experiences wuth flipakr


    Certified Buyer

    23 May, 2015

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    Screen is not anti-glare

    Flipkart delivery was prompt and as scheduled (48 hours after order). Easy to install the TV to the base stand. Wall mount instructions unclear, so waiting for VU engineers.

    1. Good picture quality
    2. Slim, Sleek and light weight
    3. DMP (usb video playback) played mkv, mp4, avi and flv formats without hitch.
    4. Remote has good rangeand very clear labelling

    TV and DMP sound output clarity is average -- 2.5/5.

    1. The screen is not anti-glare. During daytime you will see ...

    M Mohan Krishna

    Certified Buyer

    22 Oct, 2014

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    Good and more features to its price


    I ordered on 14-Aug-14, and as promised, I received it on 16-Aug-14, 11am. Thanks to flipkart for ontime commitment. Installation was said to be done in 1-2 days after delivery. I had my installation done on 17-Aug-14.
    All the features are very good, and it is really worth of its price.
    The only drawback I observed was that, sound is low, while playing through USB(hard disk).
    It plays well with laptop connected.
    And it sounds good with Setup box then.

    Overall, this TV is at best and wo...

    Bhaskar P

    Certified Buyer

    19 Aug, 2014

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    Product Description
    You'll never feel like stepping out of your house to visit the theatres to watch a film as the ideal mode of experiencing cinema will become this TV once you have it. Play movies via a USB or use an HDMI cable to connect your laptop to this TV and experience exciting flicks in high definition.
    A+ Grade Panel

    Deep and detailed images are produced by this TV as it eliminates ambient light reflection with its A+ Grade panel. Only about 15% of TVs on the planet are given the A+ Grade rating.

    Smart Panel
    HD Resolution

    Be it a vintage film from the golden age of cinema or a blockbuster flick from the current year, all of them will be detailed and crisp pictorially as this TV produces images at a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels.

    1080p Resolution
    No Gray-Hair Standard

    Blacks and whites are given greater depth by the Achromatic technology of this TV. Brightness, contrast, colour and colour temperature are digitally analyzed by the full colour optimizer.

    Smartphone Screen Detail

    Even if your balcony doesn't have a door and daylight finds its way into your hall, you will still be able to watch TV in high definition thanks to this TV's advanced LED panel design.

    Pinch Thin Frame

    The Advanced Edge LED technology that this TV comes with makes it so slim that its physical depth will fit between the crevice of your fingers when you pinch the frame.

    Slim Frame
    Healthy From the Inside

    High-grade dust and moisture-resistant components safeguard this TV from certain environmental conditions to a great degree. Glass epoxies and solid industrial components are utilized by this TV to ensure its stability.

    True Sound

    There's no need for additional speakers and wires to get jumbled up as this TV's Digital Noise Reduction technology allows you to experience surround sound up to 20 square feet in any room. Sounds will also be richer and finer as this TV has an SPDIF audio output.

    Digital Noise Reduction
    Surround Sound
    SPDIF Audio Output
    The TV that Plays Everything

    You can connect almost any portable device with this TV. Explore the music, videos and photos you've stored on a USB drive with this TV. You can rest assured that most media formats will be supported by this TV as it comes with an in-built Digital Media Player (DMP).

    1:1 Pixel Mapping

    A host of gadgets can be connected to this TV. This TV's resolution will match the connected gadget's native resolution automatically as it comes with the 1:1 pixel mapping processor. The accuracy and sharpness of images is improved by this feature.

    Long Life

    The smart LED technology of this TV ensures that power is consumed in an optimal and limited manner.

    Save Energy
    True Colour Optimizer

    Discover the beauty of colours and the finer hues in between them with TV which supports up to 16.7 million colours.

    16.7 Million Colours
    USB Plug & Play

    If you have a hard drive or a USB, you can directly play movies that are stored on the device with this television.

    Instant Media
    HDMI X 3 Connectivity

    With 3 HDMI ports, you can connect a gaming console, set top box as well as a Blu-ray disc at the same time to this TV. So, you can make the most of your gadgets and time.

    HDMI Support
    Safe and Secure Payments. Easy returns. 100% Authentic products.
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