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IFB washing machine is a perfect add-on and the ultimate cleaning solution that your clothing needs. The machine is very easy to operate and comes with high energy ratings to save you from high electricity bills. They are fully automatic and work efficiently with hard water. Higher spin speed and lower drying time provide you with the efficient and quality cleaning of your clothes hassle-free. Additionally, with basic operations, the IFB washing machine has different advanced features like active colour protection, laundry adds, auto tub clean, and time-saving functions. Intelligent predefined systems decide water quantity, power, detergent powder quantity, and time automatically. An efficient drum equipped with a sturdy crescent moon creates a soft water cushion around clothes and saves them from potential damage. Smart sensors protect machines in case of voltage fluctuations and make the appliance long-lasting. The child lock feature prevents your kids from misusing its controls by locking panels. Inbuilt and predefined wash modes let you select operations automatically depending on cloth types and how soiled they are to ensure thorough cleaning. You can compare all the features before buying the machine that suits your needs. Make a secure payment from the comfort of your home to get it delivered to your house. The information you are reading has been last updated on {Date}.

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Washing Machine - IFB at Your Service

One of the constant needs of humanity is cleanliness and IFB washing machines are on the list of home appliances that are meant to handle this task. If you are a bachelor, you must be wondering if investing in an IFB fully automatic washing machine is worth your money. If this is one of the questions on your mind, ask yourself if you have the time and energy to handle this task on your own. In most cases, if you are being honest to yourself, the simple answer to this question is no. 

Do You Need a Washing Machine?

A washing machine is an appliance that helps you wash your laundry. The word laundry describes not just garments but other things such as bed linens, table linens, and other items such as curtains and cushion covers. You can also add to this list other items such as backpacks and shoes that also occasionally get thrown into the washing machine for a good wash. Now that we have listed most of the common items among the exhaustive list of laundry items, it's time to ask yourself if you can handle the task of washing such items manually, by hand. Unless you are someone who finds washing your clothes and getting your hands covered in froth therapeutic, this is not a task you will thoroughly enjoy. Washing your clothes by hand exposes them to harsh chemicals which can affect your skin adversely. In some extreme cases, harsh chemicals used in liquid detergents and detergent powders can leave your hands irritated and itchy. Considering this fact, you are only left with one option and that is to hire a housemaid who will wash your laundry by hand. Resorting to this option will lead you to be homebound until the maid leaves. This will also mean that you would have to work your entire day’s schedule around the maid’s availability. This is not going to be easy as you would like to socialize or relax during your free time. Imagine staying up on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon at around 2:30 PM only because your maid is going to come home to get your clothes washed. It’s not a pleasant experience, especially, if you take into consideration that your weekly offs could be on a Saturday or Sunday. 

The Solution to This Dilemma 

Buying yourself IFB washing machines such as the IFB front load washing machine - IFB 8 kg 5 Star Fully Automatic Front Load In-built Heater - (Model - Senator WXS) or IFB washing machine (top load) - IFB 6.5 kg 5 Star Fully Automatic Top Load (Model - TL-REW Aqua) is going to take care of this issue.

Where to Buy

The best way to check out IFB washing machine prices and buy them is to use the online shopping method. You can use the filters provided on the shopping website or on the mobile app to sort your IFB washing machine search results based on search parameters such as price, colour, loading capacity, and other features. 

IFB Washing Machines - Get Clean and Dirt-free Clothes with the Least Effort

Gone are the days when we used to wash clothes by hand. Our busy lifestyles and tight schedules have made it almost impossible for us to spend time manually doing household chores, especially washing clothes. Hence, many companies have forayed into the field of home appliances and come up with innovative solutions that are sure to simplify this tedious task and make it seem effortless. One such well-known brand that is popular among Indian households is IFB. IFB washing machines help make the household task of washing clothes so much easier, especially when you have more family members and a growing pile of dirty clothes. An IFB washing machine (7 kg) is the perfect appliance for a family of 3 to 4 members.

Many Indian households prefer washing clothes in a washing machine, as it not only helps complete this task within a short span of time, but it also helps get rid of stain and dirt effortlessly. The new technologies and innovative features that are incorporated into a washing machine have made it a breeze to wash all kinds of fabric. A few button presses are all it takes to get an almost perfect wash. Most washing machines wring out maximum moisture from the clothes, so it’s quicker to dry the washed laundry.

Take a Look at IFB Washing Machines (7 kg) Available Online

Most of the washing machines from IFB work on Triadic Pulsator or Tumble Wash systems. The Triadic Pulsator helps wash away the dirt on your garments in three simple steps. Firstly, the stubborn dirt is removed using Soft Scrub Pads. Next, the Powerful Swirl Jets ensure every corner of the fabric is dirt-free. Lastly, the Mechanical Centre Punch feature helps flush out the dirt from your clothes, leaving them soft and clean. You can select from fully automatic front-load washing machines or fully automatic top-load washing machines, according to your preference. 

Choose an IFB Washing Machine 6 kg and Remove Stains Easily  

We all wish for a lot of things in our lives to grow - isn’t it? Except for the pile of laundry; nobody wants that to grow. After all, washing laundry is a hassle, right? Everyone loves wearing fresh pairs of clothes, but a lot of us back out when it comes to cleaning the same. While half of the people who back out do so because they’re lazy, the others do so because they know that their laundry-washing skills are hopeless. And, to make matters worse, getting your dirty clothes dry-cleaned on a regular basis is pretty expensive. So, what does one do? Buy an IFB washing machine 6 kg.

Why Should I Go for an IFB Washing Machine 6 kg?

IFB washing machines boast certain features that many other washing machines in the same class don’t have. We’ve listed some of them below for you to see:

Deep Clean Technology - It doesn’t take a lot for clothes to get stained unless they are made from a certain kind of fabric. And, it is practically impossible for one to keep stains away forever. This technology ensures that your clothes are cleaned gently, whilst removing the toughest of stains to help them look new and fresh. 

Aqua Energie - It happens often that you try to reach for something in your pocket and all you take of it is detergent residue. This occurs especially when the detergent doesn’t dissolve properly in the water. However, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Some IFB washing machines boast a built-in filter that helps the detergent dissolve completely in the water, so your clothes and linen are clean and soft. 

Quick Wash - Not all of us can afford the luxury of time, and that is why a lot of IFB washing machines come with the Quick Wash feature. Thanks to that, you can wash your laundry in about 30 minutes, so you don’t have a problem in devoting time to the other things that you like. 

Voltage Protection - There are multiple IFB washing machines 6 kg that function just fine even when the fluctuation in voltage is high. 

Why Should I Purchase an IFB Washing Machine 6 kg Online?  

We all know how big and bulky washing machines are - don’t we? And, buying one from a physical store would only cause you to spend extra money on getting it shipped to your place. However, if you purchase one online, the e-commerce website you’re buying from will take care of the shipping and the installation. Also, comparing the prices of different washing machines from IFB is convenient when you are buying from an online shopping portal. So, before someone notices that you’ve been wearing the same dirty clothes for multiple days in a row, go buy an IFB washing machine 6 kg online now.

Buy IFB Washing Machines Online

If you’re on the lookout for a new washing machine for your home, then you're in the right place. You can find a plethora of washing machines from IFB online. You can browse through the vast range of IFB washing machines (7 kg) and select the best one for your home. A fully automatic washing machine is a worthwhile investment as it can efficiently clean your delicates while keeping the materials intact. Moreover, online shopping for a home appliance, like a washing machine has never been simpler. All you need to do is log in to your favorite e-commerce portal, search for IFB washing machine 7 kg, compare the different products, check their prices, and buy the best one for your home. When you buy these home appliances online, you can either pay for it online or on the day of the delivery. These products will also be safely delivered to your doorstep in a couple of days.

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