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Are you looking to add something to your interiors that will be the perfect combination of style and functionality? Then you are definitely in the right place, for we bring to you an array of wall clocks to give your home the look it deserves. Wall clocks can not only tell you the time, but can also enhance your interiors beautifully to set the perfect ambience.

How many of you have noticed the big and antique wall clocks hung on the living room or bedroom walls in the movies? Aren’t most of them attractive? Wall clocks emanate exuberance, style, taste and class of the people living in a particular house. So it’s not advisable to select any type or model without giving much thought to its design. Some people focus on the style and beauty of the wall clocks whereas others keep it simple and focus on the timekeeping element of this machine. And not to mention, they are one of the most important things designers depend on to give an appealing and awestruck look to your house. 

Wall clocks don’t exactly follow any specific rule. You can place them anywhere you want and in any room without worrying about overdoing the decor. Some families even use it as a theme where they put up different types of clocks in each room in multiple shades to create a connection. 

Choosing wall clocks

They are usually big and have the power to decide the overall look of your home. So choosing one with utmost care is something that goes unsaid. What you need to do is follow a few simple steps, and you will have the perfect one delivered right to your home.



Size matters while choosing wall clocks, for that determines the overall appeal of your home. If you have a wall that is decorated with stickers and other wall hangings, make sure you choose a small clock that will add to the beauty without cluttering it. But, if your wall is absolutely plain, and the clock will be the only piece of decorative item it will have, then you can experiment with large clocks to give your home a grand look.



The colour of the clock will depend on the colour of the wall. The colour can lend a particular tone to your home, while also making the clock seem like the most important thing in the room. If your wall has a neutral shade, then go for colourful clocks to brighten up your interiors. If you have a colourful wall, keep it simple with a neutral and dark-coloured clock to give your home a decorative look.



Materials such as wood, plastic, metal and acrylic are popular options when it comes to wall clocks. Choose a material that will complement the surrounding furnishings, and one that will be timeless and durable, and then make a buying decision. While wooden ones have an antique and classic appeal, the plastic and metallic ones lend a quirky look to your home.



As for the design, consider which type of setting your home has, and then choose a style. If your place defines traditionalism to the hilt, go for grand and antique styles to add charm to the interiors of your home. If you have a modern home, then contemporary styles will be the ideal choice.



Make sure you choose wall clocks according to their placement. For instance, if you are looking for one that will add to the décor of your living room, choose a grand-looking clock that will actually make a difference. For your bedroom, you can choose to keep it cosy and elegant by going for a decorative or a personalised one with your family’s picture on it. For kitchen, you can afford to not pay much attention, and choose a simple one that will help you time your cooking.

Types of Wall Clock Designs

Antique - These are the traditional clocks that you find in heritage homes and even at your grandparents place sometimes. The watchmakers of the yesteryears loved to keep it simple. Hence, they used to build them in a simple shape and in contrasting colours. This used to help people check time, even from a distance. But, there are also timepieces that came with a stand. And you can find ornate carvings and designs on them. Decorating your house with an antique clock can not only enhance the value of your place, but also reflect how rooted you are with your culture. 

Modern/ contemporary - As the name suggests, these designs have a modernistic appeal. They have stylish dials and are shaped in various creative designs. For example, eye-shaped clocks, ones with painting backgrounds, polygon, diamond, triangle and heart shaped dials. The contemporary timepieces come in both analog and digital type dials. If you have simple furnishings at your place, then use a contemporary timepiece to add character and design to your walls. 

Personalized - This type revolves around your tastes. Many individuals love to live in a home that reflects their personality. And this desire can take them to places, even to a watchmaker. You can search for wall clocks online and see if you can find something that represents you. As there are many models that watchmakers create keeping different personalities in mind. 

Wall clocks are the most basic but highly used accessories in every house. And if selected with a lot of considerations, these standalone pieces can enhance the aesthetic value of your house. So get your choicest clock online today, and be punctual in all areas of your life. 

Online shopping

Now you can buy wall clocks based on the design, colour and price with just the help of a single click. Add one to your every room, and let the interiors reflect your personality.

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