If you have been heading to office with a watch that you have been wearing for the past three years, all you need is a look at Esprit watches and the summer collection for men to realize that perhaps getting a new watch is a good idea. You are going to look much more stylish with a watch that is designed in the latest trends. This collection of Esprit watches include multi-colored straps that are designed to make you look cool and interesting during your outings this summer. The straps are designed in combinations like green and white, green and blue, and blue with red that you can choose from. 

    If you are looking for something self colored and stylish, Esprit’s latest military green watch is one that you have to have a look at. The watches has a sleek leather band with a round white analog dial, giving it a very classy and sophisticated look. 

    Esprit Watches For Ladies

    Whether it is a sleek bracelet strap or a chunky stainless steel watch that you are shopping for, the collection of Esprit watches is something you must not forget to browse through. If you like sleek bracelet straps, the Cinderella Gold watch from Esprit is designed just for you. With a delicate chain link strap designed in two rows, a small round dial with a shiny golden bezel and four large hour markers in gold to match the strap of the watch, this watch will eliminate your need for any other accessory on your hand. The watch is also available in silver if you are not a fan of gold. 

    If you are looking for a sleek and unique bracelet watch, the Esprit Gyps-e ladies watch is another one you should not miss. This silver bracelet watch comes with a funky design, making it look more like a bracelet with a dial. The sleek charm bracelet of the watch has six small discs that hang loosely, making the watch look very stylish. 

    On the other hand, if you like chunky timepieces, the Esprit Peony Silver and Esprit Dolce Vita Silver watches are not going to disappoint you. Both these Esprit watches come with chunky stainless steel straps and large round silver dials with large subdials and neat hour markers. While the Esprit Peony Silver watch has a glittery bezel with two rows of round stones, the latter has a bezel with large square stones, making it look sophisticated and attractive. 

    If rectangular dials are what you normally tend to go for, you can have a look at the Esprit Pretty Juliet ladies watch. This watch has a neat stainless steel bangle bracelet strap making you look modern while you wear it. You can also have a look at the Fundamental Black ladies watch from Esprit. This one has a large rectangular black dial that provides an attractive contrast to the stainless steel dial of the watch. 

    Buy Esprit Watches Online

    Whether it is watches for men, watches for women or even watches for couples, Esprit has a range of designs that you can spend hours browsing through till you decide on the kind of watch that you would want to go for. Have fun browsing through Esprit watches online and buy a watch that goes with your style in the best way. 

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