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    Fastrack has managed to grow immensely since its inception in 1988 and has become synonymous with cool watches that create an unique style statement. Fastrack might design and manufacture a wide range of products such as bags, belts, wallets and sunglasses, but the products that have managed to woo the hearts of both young and old are their watches. Sturdy and stylish, Fastrack watches are specially made to complement the active lifestyle of today's generation. Fastrack has always tried to project itself as a dynamic and young brand and its watches stay true to this vision and are as vibrant and dynamic as possible.

    Types of watches

    From wristwatches to the pocket ones, different kinds of Fastrack watches are available in the market and they cater to almost all the watch-wearing age groups. These watches can be classified into three types based on the kind of dial they have. Let us look into them.

    Fastrack analog watches - These types of watches feature dials in a variety of shapes such as square, rectangle, oval, round, tonneau and contemporary. The dials further feature either numbers, Roman numerals or dots to mark the 12 hours. They run on batteries and tell time by the continuous rotation of an hour and a minute hand. Analog watches from Fastrack are perfect for both formal and semi-formal events.

    Fastrack digital watches - Unlike their analog counterparts, these kinds of watches from Fastrack display the time in numbers rather than by hands on a dial. Some of the digital watches are also equipped with extra features such as depth sensors and compasses. Although primarily available for adults, you can also find Fastrack digital watches for kids. If your kid or niece, is just learning to read time then these watches will be perfect for them, as they are less confusing than the analog watches.

    Fastrack analog-digital watches - These kinds of watches feature both analog and digital dials together. Whether you are buying an analog digital watches watch for yourself or for a kid in the house, these watches are sure to attract envious looks from the others.

    Types of straps on Fastrack watches

    When it comes to straps, Fastrack watches have got it all. From genuine leather, fabric and plastic to metal, silicone and PU, Fastrack watches are accessorized with different kind of straps. These straps are usually very sturdy and gracefully endure the wear and tear brought by regular use. Let’s look at them in detail.

    Leather straps - These are a step up from rubber and plastic straps. These straps are more comfortable and are great for adding a sense of traditional appeal to a trendy watch. 

    Stainless steel straps - As stainless steel is a very strong material, straps made of it are usually durable. From bracelet-like thin ones to the chunky ones, Fastrack watches feature different types of steel straps.

    Plastic, rubber or silicone straps - These watch straps are usually lightweight and colorful, and are mainly popular among the young population. Some of the fancier ones feature prints and some look like braids or bracelets. As they are sturdy and durable, these straps are ideal for everyday use.

    Buy Fastrack watches for men & women online

    Online shopping sites offer you a wide range of Fastrack watches that hit the sweet spot between being affordable and looking good. The discounts offered by these sites further prove to be the icing on the cake. Moreover, the various payment methods and excellent after-sales services make shopping online more hassle-free.

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