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    Better Motivation with the Fastrack Reflex Fitness Smart Band

    Wearing a fitness tracker has become increasingly popular in this day and age, with more people knowing the importance of monitoring their fitness, so that they don’t go overboard on the junk food and other bad habits. Yes, a fitness tracker helps you stay motivated, letting you reach your goals much faster. This is why a range of brands have been coming up with new fitness trackers with innovative features to please users. One such brand is Fastrack. Known for its trendy collection of watches, Fastrack today has a range of activity trackers in different designs and with features that make them very useful to the fitness lover. One activity tracker from Fastrack that you have to have a look at is the Fastrack Reflex smartband, now available online in different colors that you can choose from. This is a unisex activity tracker that will go well on men and women’s wrists. The Fastrack Reflex smart band is available in colors like black, blue and purple so you can choose the band that suits your style best. That being said, let’s now have a look at some of the main features that you will find while online shopping  for this Fastrack Reflex smart band: 

    The IPX6 Water Resistance

    The IP or International Protection rating is a highly trusted rating that classifies the degree of protection that an enclosure provides your electronic equipment. The degree of protection is determined by the code provided. So, ideally, an IPX6 rating is one that ensures protection against rain and splashes of water, which can include water from faucets or rough sea conditions. So, if you are someone who goes on a lot of boating and other water-based activities, you can confidently buy this Fastrack Reflex smart band.

    OLED Screen

    Added to the sleek and stylish design of the Fastrack Reflex smartwatch his an OLED screen that gives you a clear display of the time in both the 12 and the 24-hour format. The screen has a size of 2.3 cm, giving the watch a sleek and stylish appearance.

    Good Battery Life

    Apart from looking very stylish and being highly water resistant, the Fastrack Reflex smartband also has a great battery life. 60 minutes of recharge are all the band needs to enjoy a 96 hour battery life that will last for 10 to 12 days. 

    Wearing the Fastrack Reflex Smart Band for All the Motivation You Need

    With the Fastrack Reflex smart band on your wrist, you are sure to think twice before binging on a whole packet of Lays of Jim Jams. The fitness tracker provides you with all the motivation you need to stay fit by tracking your activities, measuring your workout, showing you the number of steps you take, calories you burn and in general tracking your every move. So from now, you will always choose a plate of healthy greens to a pizza, and prefer to walk to the next block instead of taking the public transport. With a vibrating alarm, the smart band provides you with alerts to help you stay active. Apart from this, it also monitors your sleep to help you keep a track of your sleep schedule. So, if you have been considering buying an activity tracker, the Fastrack Reflex smartband is what you can have a look at online. Shop online to consider all the features of this fitness tracker before you decide to buy it, making fitness goals much easier to achieve from now. 

    Just Launched Products on Fastrack Reflex Fitness smart bands in different Color : 

    Fastrack Reflex Smart Band (Black, Red) ,(Blue, Orange), (Purple, Black)

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