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Alcatel: Get The Best Smart Watches At The Best Prices

Smart watches have been shaping up the industry of technology with their features like Bluetooth technology, SIM card calls, and a host of other features you’d normally never expect from watches. 

Besides blending calling features with other functionalities, getting a luxury smartwatch for a affordable price is something great. 

If you have an avid shipper of entertainment, cameras, and smart wearables, you will find that Alcatel offers most of the features you’d want in contrast to other flagships, especially when considering the price. Now you don’t have to shell out a bomb to get what you want. If you’re looking for affordable smart watches, here’s what Alcatel Smartwatches has to offer:

For Kids: Alcatel Kids Watch Phone with Location Tracking Smartwatch

Now your kids will love you even more with this adorable but classic smartwatch from Alcatel. It is water resistant and offers calling along with unique tracking features.

You can now let your kids move around as they please without worrying where they are, since this watch features GPS tracking and pinpoints their exact location precisely. 

You can make calls and receive text messages through this smartwatch and voice messages are supported too. When fully charged, the battery lasts up to two to three days, and a SIM card slot is provided for inserting a mobile SIM for use. 

The affordable price and is a deal for steal especially considering the features it offers for the price. This watch is recommended for kids between 5 to 12 years of age.

For Men: Alcatel Go Watch White & Light Grey Smartwatch (White Strap Regular)

The Alcatel Go Watch which comes in a white and gray base features Bluetooth support, calling function, water resistance, and a notification option for those who are looking for premium features from a smart watch. 

It is waterproof, so it’s safe to say that the watch can even function properly even after you take it to some casual swimming or diving. 

It is also dust proof and sports a 3.09 cm IPS display featuring a screen resolution of 240 x 204 pixels. This smartwatch comes with an oleophobic coating which prevents grease marks and stains on it even repeated use. 

The strap material is crafted from silicone, and the dial comes in black. This smartwatch is ideal for men and does not feature touchscreen capabilities. On the bright side, it does come with its proprietary OS and heart rate monitoring feature. 

If you’re a fitness buff, then this watch can help you track your daily performance and help you reach your goals. 

For Women: Alcatel One Touch Water Pure White Smartwatch

With the price of this smart watch being affordable, the Alcatel One Touch Water Pure White Smartwatch features Bluetooth support, touchscreen UI, water resistance, and a notification function. You can check for notifications, take selfies, stream music, and make use of its fitness tracker for optimal daily performance. 

You can wear it right on your wrist and receive status updates, Facebook notifications, Whatsapp messages, and other listings from social media networks.

Buy Alcatel Smart Watches Online: Premium Features On A Budget

Sometimes buying a smartwatch doesn’t have to expensive. If you’ve been looking for such smart watches Alcatel has everything to offer. You can now buy Alcatel smart watches online quickly at the click of a button. 

Why Should You Shop For Alcatel Smart Watches Online? 

Firstly, because you get a wide variety of options and you get the watches at the best prices. Besides this, you can filter based on specific features like waterproof, dustproof, or even filter by color. Buying online is seamless, convenient, affordable, and hassle-free.

The important thing to keep in mind is not to trade off features for functionality. A real smartwatch offers the best of all worlds with calling, Bluetooth support, gorgeous display, and GPS-tracking. 

With the world revolving around the digital insanity, almost everything under the sun is going the ‘smart’ way. The technological advancements have made everyone’s lives fast and easy. Be it a smart TV, phone, a watch or a washing machine, smartness is surely moving ahead in the race. Smart watches, like all other smart devices keep you connected and informed at all times. They will be right there on your wrist and you don’t even have to take out your mobile from the pocket every time you want to check something. Well, if you’re thinking about buying one, then you will come across many brands and Alcatel Onetouch is one such popular brand.

Alcatel Onetouch smart watches are so much more than just a simple timepiece. They flaunt a trendy and contemporary design and have round dials for maximizing your viewing experience. Most of them retain the classic design of a wristwatch without compromising on comfort. Sometimes, you may not have enough time to check your mobile as you are working on an important project or busy with some other work. But with these smart timepieces, you can get all the important notifications like emails, Facebook and Twitter updates, and Whatsapp messages right on your wrist. These smart watches let you go on for hours without having to check your phone.

With these timepieces, you can even keep a track of all your daily activities like the distance walked, heart rate, number of steps taken and calories burnt. They will also let you track the length and quality of your sleep. Your updates and information will be stored on a secure website, onetouch FIT website, which lets you share and compare your progress with your friends as well. Alcatel Onetouch timepieces are powered by 210mAh batteries and have charging ports neatly tucked away into their wristbands. You can simply plug them in your laptop or USB charger for easily charging them. These timepieces are compatible with your iOS & Android smartphones.

With the advent of numerous online shopping portals, you can buy Alcatel Onetouch smart watches online . Shopping online is easy, safe and hassle-free.

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