Weavedeal Embellished Kanjivaram Silk Cotton Blend Saree (Pack of 2, Multicolor)


Weavedeal Embellished Kanjivaram Silk Cotton Blend Saree  (Pack of 2, Multicolor)

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The procedure of making an Indian Kanchipuram sari commences with the task of preparing the thread, which is used at the weaver's loom. This involves, first, twisting the thread and then, dying and drying it in the sun. The border, the body and the pallu of the sari are created separately by the weaver. Then, he interlocks them together in an extremely tight joint.
The silk Kanjiwaram Silk, a technical variety of brocade or the 'figured muslin' ,traditionally woven in Banaras may be considered to be one of the finest products to come out of the Banarasi loom. Here silk fabric is brocaded with cotton and rarely with zari threads. jamdani is woven by transfixing the pattern thread between a varying number of warp threads in proportion to the size of the designed then throwing the shuttle to pass the regular weft. By repeating this process, where in the size and placing of the cut-thread is in accordance with the character of the pattern, the Jamdani weaver produces arrange of intricate designs. Some of the traditional motifs of Jamdani included Chameli (Jas mine), panna hazar (Thousand emeralds) genda buti (marigold flower)pan buti (leaf form) tircha (diagonally striped) etc. The most attractive design feature of the Jamdani sari was konia or a corner-motif having a floral mango buta. It has own special character of (URTU) Binding in the figured disignes on ground fabrics using extra weft designs thread dampatch technique for the or namentation of the sharee. It is silk x silk base fabrics or-namented with extra looking and technique of weaving in karhuwan.
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