Wildcraft Zoomer Shoulder Bag

    Wildcraft Zoomer Shoulder Bag  (Green)

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    • Polyester

      All through life, you have been an indoor person who preferred the company of books instead of trees. While it is everyone’s choice, your parents are trying to get you to explore the great outdoors. It’s always good to get some fresh air and you never know, you might stumble upon something that you wouldn’t in the four walls of your room. Today, you decide that a walk in the park would be a good start. Take your Wildcraft Zoomer Backpack and be off for your little adventure.


      As you stroll outside and walk past a pile of garbage and the messy streets, you are wondering why people would ever want to go outside. You have to walk a bit to get there but you decide to go slow and take in this experience to its entirety. It’s a good thing your backpack is made of polyester as it is durable and can be cleaned easily. Kick the stray banana peel off your path and whistle as you adjust this 400 g Wildcraft backpack. It measures a comfortable 304.8 x 457.2 x 88.9 mm in dimension that makes it ideal for travel. 


      Finally, you reach the park and since it is pretty early, there aren’t a lot of people. You are just surprised that there are people here. A few old couples taking a leisurely morning walk and parents with their toddlers; it’s quite a pretty picture this time of the day. You take a sip of water from your bottle and put it back into one of the side mesh pockets. The stone-dotted path is moist yet firm, giving you an unusual bounce in your step. Clean and fresh air give you energy as you make your way around the park. The padded shoulder straps of this backpack, have kept your shoulders pain-free throughout the walk. It also comes with a helmet carrier at the base.

      Once you reach close to the pond in the middle, open up the collapsible compartment and take out a sheet to spread out on the ground. Put away your phone and wallet in the pouch on the front. Set the backpack as a pillow and lay down, looking at the simple yet beautiful scenery. Getting out of the house once in awhile isn’t as bad as you thought.

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      • Model Name
        • 8903338004448
      • External Width
        • 12 inch
      • External Height
        • 18 inch
      • External Depth
        • 3.5 inch
      • Weight
        • 400 g
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