Wipeout 2048

    Wipeout 2048 (Games, PS Vita)

    Wipeout 2048  (Games, PS Vita)

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      Gravity is the only thing that keeps us bound to Earth. As much as it is a good thing not to be floating around in space, it is a bad thing too as you cannot fly or touch the clouds that you see every day. However, Wipeout 2048 intends to change that with one simple idea - anti-gravity racing cars. Zoom past buildings built with a futuristic touch as you try to outsmart your opponents. With Wipeout 2048 your dream of piloting flying vehicles will not be a dream anymore as you can drive wherever you want, whenever you want.

      Making its first appearance on the newest PlayStation portable console, Wipeout 2048 gives you the power to do the impossible. The game is targeted towards hard-core and casual gamers who like racing cars at high speeds. The racing video game can be the perfect way to relax after a long study session or after a boring day at the office. Wipeout 2048 game card is available for the PlayStation Vita gaming console and carries an E10+ rating from ESRB.

      Synopsis and Features

      It’s the year 2048 and it’s been over 10 years since Pierre Belmondo changed how people view modern-day racing. Rewriting the laws of physics and science, Pierre gave life to a live working anti-gravity generator. Powered with this generator vehicles could defy the laws of gravity and race like never before. As technology grew, so did racing. Now participating in the first ever Anti-Gravity Racing Championships (A.G.R.C.), you will race against the best of the best in anti-gravity racing to prove you are better than everyone else.

      Developed by Studio Liverpool and published by Sony Computer Entertainment, Wipeout 2048 tries to give you a glimpse of how racing could be in the future. The single-player mode will introduce you to the various new input control methods that you can make use of to defeat your opponents.

      Using the touchpad situated at the back of the console, you can activate weapons with a single touch. The addition of the optional tilt allows you to turn your vehicles by tilting the console to the left or right, according to the situation. You can shoot your enemies into oblivion by just saying what weapons you want to use as the game features a voice activated system to equip weapons.

      The game primarily focuses on the first 3 years of A.G.R.C. As you win races you will earn power-ups such as homing missiles, mines, speed boosts and many other things. You can explore the game’s universe by tearing through the 10 new race tracks featured in the game. One of the tweaks added to the game allows you to skip a level if you are unable to finish it at that moment. You can continue playing by selecting a new event and then come back to the skipped event whenever you want.

      You can test your driving skills by entering 2 specific race events that include combat events and zone events. There are other events too, but these events are specifically designed to improve your driving technique. In combat events as the name suggests you must target your opponents with weapons, while in zone events you must concentrate on not crashing your vehicle.

      Online Features

      You can team together with your classmates or office buddies and win matches together as Wipeout 2048 supports co-op multiplayer. The game also allows you to compete with PS3 owners as it provides access for Cross-Play multiplayer. You can take the game online by challenging the best players from across the world by playing 8-player races. Several DLC packs are available that add more race tracks and ships to the game.

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      • Title
        • Wipeout 2048
      • Category
        • Games
      • Platform
        • PS Vita
      • Publisher
        • Sony Computer Entertainment
      • Mode
        • Single-Player, Multi-Player
      • Genre
        • Racing
      Ratings and Reviews
      5 Ratings &
      2 Reviews
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      I love this game,,,,, gamers try it for a few days, it's worth it.

      I bought this game and I didn't know what to expect. I had played wipeout before and was aware of the gameplay and stuff. It was a little difficult to master at first but when i got the hang of it, I couldn't put this game down. I play it whenever I get the time. What i didn't like was that my online pass didn't work. I emailed studio Liverpool but they haven't replied, so I guess I'll have to buy the online pass separately.
      I love this game. The graphics are the best you can possibly get out...

      Deepinder Jassar

      Certified Buyer

      24 Apr, 2012

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      Playable but nothing exciting!

      Bought this from a retail outlet and not from flipkart. The graphics is good and does require you to gain mastery as you progress from race to race. I have not been able to get past one particular race and hence this may not be a full review. There are quite a few challenges to overcome, that
      makes the game a bit interesting. After some time I got a feeling that I was repeating the same over and over again. I also felt that it was a bit too expensive for the gameplay I have had so far.


      Jade Ramprasad

      Certified Buyer

      5 Mar, 2012

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