The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings (Enhanced Edition)

    The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings (Enhanced Edition) (Games, Xbox 360)

    The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings (Enhanced Edition)  (Games, Xbox 360)

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      The witcher 2: assassins of Kings is a role playing game with elements of action infused in it. The game is ported for the Xbox-360 and has a PEGI rating of 18. Published by Namco Bandai Games, This single player role-playing action game comes to you in the Enhance Edition format.

      The gameplay followed in the second installment to the Witcher franchise is different from that of its predecessor. Movement in the game is only through the analog keys and this simplifies the game significantly. The rhythmic style of the older version has been replaced sucessfullywith the fast paced format of the Witcher 2 game dynamics.

      There is also an added function in the way of being able to lay traps and throwing ranged weapons after aiming them. A wider range of weapons, both melee and ranged have been added to the arsenal. This is done together with armor, bombs traps and hatchets or shovels. There are different types of upgrades that can be achieved in The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings (Enhanced Edition). You can undertake upgrades for training that improves your various abilities, upgrades to Swordsmanship that can greatly enhance Geralt’s swordsmanship and fighting abilities, Alchemy will teach him to counteract the negative effects of the Potions that he needs to take.

      A state of the art game engine powers the visuals of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings and this engine also greatly enhance the in-game mechanics. The visuals create the illusion of a believable world with a story so captivating that it comes alive in dynamic combat system married to fluid graphics rendering. Every aspect that made the original Witcher a success has been revamped and executed in much higher and advanced methods with top notch sophistication.

      The Witcher 2 contains within it, a multitude of different paths and storylines that can be followed, each one altering the ending of the game, together with the overall journey. You as the player, must take control of Geralt of Rivia, one of the last few Witchers left in existence. Witchers are special classes of humans who have undergone genetic mutations to evolve into monster fighters and killers, endowned with special powers that range from Alchemy, to Magic, to simple yet highly advanced Swordsmanship.

      Geralt comes across a wide range of characters in his journey across the lands, in his quest to assemble enough followers so that he may fulfill his destiny.

      Enhanced Edition Features:

      Additional hours of gameplay for the Xbox 360New major adventures set in previously unseen locationsExpansion of the story and introducing new characters, mysteries and monsters

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      • Title
        • The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings
      • Category
        • Games
      • Platform
        • Xbox 360
      • Edition
        • Enhanced Edition
      • Publisher
        • Namco Bandai Games
      • Video Encoding
        • PAL
      • Mode
        • Single-Player
      • Genre
        • Role-Playing, Action
      Ratings and Reviews
      21 Ratings &
      4 Reviews
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      A Damn good RPG!!!

      All RPG lovers should definitely own this, or atleast play it once. This has all the ingredients which can cook up a nice 'steamy' role-playing game in the true sense. The 33-34 hours campaign will surely leave you wanting more. This definitely fills the void left by the lack of a good RPG after Dragon Age:Origins(Dragon Age 2 is awful!!!). The best thing about this product is that the developers, CD ProjektRed, really cares about us gamers. So any DLCs in the future will be for free.
      With t...

      Yisharya Dey

      Certified Buyer

      16 May, 2012

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      Witcher 2 is something different

      The game comes with 3 CDs, 2 for the game, and one for Soundtrack. It also has a Quest Handbook, which supplements your actual game-play.

      Graphics and sound wise, it is as good a game that can be made for an X-Box. Though I would suggest installing it, or else the game may run a little slow.

      Its not your usual run of the mill RPG. Its not as easy as Kingdoms Of Amalur, and its not as hard as Dark-Souls. It hangs precariously in the middle, whether you like that or not is up to you.

      Ayush Chauhan

      Certified Buyer

      28 Aug, 2012

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      Very good game

      Amazing game, very thrilling story line

      Superb graphics, can easily spend entire day playing

      The movie has lot of twists and turns, makes you think a lot while playing

      Some parts are little scary but enjoyable

      Arjun Kamath

      Certified Buyer

      18 May, 2012

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      Great on XBOX..!!

      Really awesome game but some texture pop in and some glitches. Just install it in your hard disk and it will work smoothly...AWESOME RPG..!!THE STORY IS GREAT TOO.......................!!JUST BUY IT..!!

      Ujjwal Mohan

      Certified Buyer

      25 Apr, 2012

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