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    A Cocktail Dress For Everyone

    Dresses are a favorite among women of varying ages, cocktail dresses even more so; their contemporary designs suit most kinds of parties. Cocktail dresses come in many shapes and forms. However, there are some generic shapes that each dress will fit into. Here, we take a look at some of these shapes.

    Types Of Cocktail Dresses (Based On Shape)

    A-Line Dress

    An A-Line dress, as the name suggests, is shaped like an ‘A’ right from your shoulders to the hem. Suitable for any kind of body shape, this dress shape is a perfect pick for anyone at any age. They can be adorned by women with any body shape as they look appealing on everyone.  Orous offers some great designs in their A-line dress range. 

    Sheath Dress

    Compared to the A-line, a sheath dress is slightly more fitted, but you do have enough room to breathe. Since a sheath dress is not too loosely or not too closely fitted, it is apt for formal occasions and even parties. These look well only when worn by women who have a slim physique.  Tokyo Talkies and Forever 21 are a couple of popular brands that sell great sheath dresses.

    Bodycon Dress

    If you compare this to a sheath dress, you’ll see that the former is a bit more airy. A bodycon dress is an extremely tight-fitted, body hugging dress. They exude sensual appeal, as they accentuate all of your curves. Only wear a bodycon dress if you’re okay with showing off your figure, though. Brands known for great bodycon dress designs include Miss Chase and Forever 21.

    Tube Dress

    A tube dress is so called because it looks like you’re wearing a tube-like outfit. The dress has no sleeves, and is generally a fitted one. It might cause an issue if you’re not careful about how the dress fits at your bust when you’re buying it. Best suited for occasions like cocktail parties, the dress looks well when women with an hourglass or pear shaped bodies drape them. You can find great tube dress designs on Vero Moda and TeeMoods.

    Shift Dress

    This type of shift dress is a loosely fitted one and looks good on anyone who wears it. Shifts generally have undefined waistlines, and can be of any length. They are suited for both work wear and party wear, depending on what the dress looks like. Dressberry, Tokyo Talkies, and Sassafras are some of the few brands that have a collection of great shift dress designs.

    Fit And Flare Dress

    Fit and flare dresses generally fit perfectly at your waist, after which there is a huge flare that can spread out as much as the fabric can. This type of dress can be universally worn; women of any body shape will love the flattering and curvy appearance this dress provides. U&F and Elevate have a large collection of fit and flare dresses that look good on anyone.

    Maxi Dress

    If you’re conscious about leaving your legs exposed with a short dress, then the maxi dresses are the best pick for you. They look even more appealing if you have a slender and tall stature. Several brands like G & M, Belle Fille, Harpa, Texco, and other popular brands have great maxi dress designs to pick fr

    Types Of Cocktail Dresses (Based On Occasion)

    Cocktail dresses, as a rule of thumb, are great on occasions where cocktails are served—like formal black tie occasions. That doesn’t mean that cocktail dresses are limited in range, though. Formal Occasions: A formal dress doesn’t look too gaudy, but simplistic. It should be able to display elegance and grace without too many embellishments and frills. Party Wear: Party dresses, as well known, come with frills and embellishments that have their own charm. A great example of such a dress would be a lace A-line dress which flares under the hip. Evening Gowns: Gowns generally refer to maxi dresses which extend to your ankles, and can make you look gorgeous with the right kind of embellishments. Designer Dresses: Some brands craft designer cocktail dresses that can look amazing on anyone depending on their shape. 

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