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    When it comes to the ethnic dress of choice for women in India, the saree will always top the list. Even though sarees are a staple in almost every Indian woman’s wardrobe, the options one has at her disposal in terms of design, color, material and the way they can be draped, are quite astounding. For someone who has never worn one, a saree can be a bit of a mystery with its many pleats and folds. Every region of India often favours a particular material for or design in sarees, which is why you can get overwhelmed while buying one. Luckily for you, we have done our homework to make your decision easy. Read along to know more about the different types of sarees you can find in the market.

    The Six Yards of Elegance

    With so many colors, weaves and materials available at your disposal, you are sure to find a saree that will add to your personal appeal, irrespective of the occasion.

    Patola Silk : Traditionally from Patan, Gujarat, these sarees are popular all over the world for their beautiful double-ikat-technique woven style. They are available in lovely colors, with geometrical motifs woven all over the body.

    Sambalpuri : Ethnic to Odisha, these handloom sarees are famous for their Bandhakala craftsmanship, also known as the Sambalpuri ikkat. The artisans dye the silk threads before they weave the saree; the whole process can take weeks. These sarees usually feature motifs, such as the wheel, lotus and conch on the pallu and borders.

    Maheshwari : Beautiful pallus and borders made with zari, hand block printed motifs and fine texture - Maheshwari sarees from Madhya Pradesh have everything to win your heart over. They are usually woven from a blend of cotton and silk.

    Chanderi : Like Maheshwari sarees, Chanderi sarees are also crafted from a blend of cotton and silk, resulting in a glossy transparency and sheer texture. Since they are lightweight, these sarees are easy to carry and perfect for regular use.

    Kanjivaram : Kanjivaram silk sarees hail from the Kancheepuram region of Tamil Nadu, and are woven from pure mulberry silk. Distinguishable by their unique zari work, fine texture and wide contrast borders, these sarees are perfect for weddings and festive occasions. The patterns of these silk sarees are typically inspired by traditional art, temples and palaces.

    Kota Doria  : Originally from Kota, Rajasthan, Kota sarees are lightweight and transparent.  They are ideal for Indian summers and they drape your silhouette gracefully. These sarees feature special weave patterns that looks like checkered graphs, called Khats. Kota sarees are available in both silk and cotton.

    Tant : Tant sarees are handwoven on looms or tant, hence the moniker. They are popular for their lightness, transparency and the comfort they offer. They are available in a variety of bright and elegant colors, making them perfect for both casual and semi-formal occasions. 

    Paithani : Paithani silk sarees are crafted from a fine variety of silk, and might take months in their looms to finish. They are handwoven, and feature zari borders in oblique square designs, and pallus with motifs of birds and flowers.

    Assam Silk :Traditionally from Sualkuchi, Assam, these silk sarees are famous for their smooth sheen and texture. These sarees come in various colors, and they feature patterns inspired by nature and farming, such as orchids, peacocks and rice panicles.

    Bhagalpuri : Situated at the banks of river Ganga, there is a small town called Bhagalpur. The weavers of this quaint little town weave beautiful sarees from Tussar silk, which features a fine sheen and coarse texture. 

    Kalamkari : The patterns on these beautiful sarees were originally drawn by hand with special pens (kalam). But today you can also find printed Kalamkari sarees. Available in both silk and cotton, the patterns on these sarees are inspired by Hindu mythology.

    Konrad : Also known as the ‘Temple Saree’, Konrad sarees originate from Tamil Nadu. They were originally used to drape the idols of Gods and Goddesses in the temples. The main attraction of these sarees is their wide borders and wedding-inspired motifs that form an integral part of their design. These sarees are normally found in earthy shades of browns, off-whites and grays.

    Kantha : The Katha sarees are famous for their decorative motifs with running stitch on silk or cotton. The motifs draw their inspiration from flowers, folklore, animals and birds. 

    Banarasi : Crafted from fine silk, Banarasi sarees are specially known all over the world for their heavy gold and silver brocade, and zari work. The designs are predominantly influenced by the Mughal era in the form of floral motifs, kalga and bel. 

    Buy Sarees/Saree Online

    The above-mentioned options are just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, the online shopping sarees collection is quite huge. You can find many more varieties of sarees online. You can find the latest sarees with prices that will make you squeal with joy. 

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