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    With the changing fashion trends, women these days prefer leggings and kurtis over salwar kameez because they have a body-friendly look and provide a comfortable fit. Leggings are form-fitting and offer style, warmth, comfort, so you can wear them on an everyday basis. Some even prefer wearing them for working out at the gym. Once you get to know the art of layering, you can wear them in so many different ways. They usually come with an elastic waistband, so it will be very easy for you to wear and take off. Stylish and chic, these are suitable for almost any body type.

    Leggings – Stylish, Comfortable and Versatile

    Leggings come in different types that include ankle-length, capri types, knee-length, stirrup and footed ones. Ankle-length ones, as the name implies, reach the ankle and can be worn with short kurtis, and some can be worn even under skirts. You can team these with tunics as well for a casual office look. Capri ones are versatile and reach till the mid-calf. They have a sort of casual feel when compared to the full-length ones, and can pair well with oversized sweaters. Knee-length ones, as the name suggests, fall just below the knee. Whether you want something comfortable for working out at the gym or dancing, or for yoga, these can be ideal for you. Stirrup ones are similar to that of ankle-length pants but the only difference is that they usually have a connected strap that goes underneath the foot. This strap, also known as stirrup, will make the leggings stay in place so they don’t ride up. 

    For a casual, laid-back style, you can wear leggings with a long button-up top or a cardigan sweater. You can achieve that sophisticated look by wearing them with a dress or sometimes even with a tunic and knee-length boots. When you go for an evening outing with friends, you can team these with long, embellished tops. You can choose one from a wide range of bold patterns and bright colors. If you’re buying one with solid colors, then you can pair them with patterned tops. On the other hand, if you’re opting for printed ones, you can wear a solid top over them. You can opt for a black color if you’re looking something classic and easy to pair with other prints. If you want to keep your look polished, then wear them with tunics and ballerina flats. You could also team them with pumps to get that retro feel. 

    When it comes to comfort clothing, nothing beats a pair of leggings and a loose, baggy shirt. If your idea of comfort is the same, then we bring to you a small guide on ‘how to buy leggings for all occasions?’ Whether we like them or not, we really can’t get enough of them. Are they pants? Are they comfort wear? Are they gym essentials? Actually leggings are versatile, you can wear them with anything - to the gym with your gym shirt, to office with your kurti, at home with your night shirt, to the party with your crop blouse. 

    So these leggings need special attention as they are going to serve in many ways and last for years. So take a look at the factors like waistband rise, length, color, and performance while buying these everyday essentials.

    For the Gym

    Let’s not forget, before these comfort wear turned into fashion essentials, they were primarily worn to the gym. So let’s talk about what you need to look for while buying leggings for the gym. The first and foremost thing you need to consider is compression and support. Many workout leggings boast of compression but not support. So make sure you pick the ones t\have both. Leggings with compression ensures quick-drying and come have mesh paneling for breathability. Pick the ones that are made from nylon/Spandex blends or simply go for high-quality cotton leggings.

    For Everyday Wear

    If you think jeans is not your cup of tea, then consider leggings. Pick leggings with pockets so that you can carry all your essential phone-keys-wallet when you are out in your leggings. Whether you just want to for a casual walk or want to catch up with your friends at a local cafe, a pair of comfortable leggings are all you need. If you want to create a standout look, then go for printed leggings. If you want a pair of leggings just for your everyday jogs, then consider three-fourth leggings. 

    For the Party

    We’ve all seen those high-rise pants, now is the time for high-rise leggings. Team a sexy crop top with a pair of jet black, high-rise leggings, and you are all set for the party. Comfortable, stylish and chic - this look is sure to get you all the attention for all the right reasons.

    Prints and Color

    It’s important to consider fit, comfort and all other components while buying legging. It’s also important to consider how a pair of leggings look. A statement-making pattern or a solid colored one, floral designs or checked patterns, it’s important to stock up your wardrobe with leggings in all prints, patterns and colors. A trendy pair of leggings can reflect your personality without you having to utter a word. So ensure your wardrobe is equipped with enough number of pairs to get you noticed.

    Buy Leggings Online

    Now that you know how versatile these leggings are, it’s time you got yourself a few pairs. Where if you ask? It’s simple. Buy leggings online and get them delivered to your doorstep as you relax at home.

    Jeggings Designs & Varieties

    You take the classic appeal of a pair of jeans and the comfort of leggings and you get jeggings. It’s no surprise to see the kind of popularity that this style of pants enjoy. They’re impossible to not love. The number one reason for their popularity being that they are versatile to so many styling options. You could wear them to college or on a casual hangout session with your friends, to work, and even to parties. Working to your advantage is also that jeggings do not look awkward regardless of what style of footwear you wear them with. They look great with sandals and ballet flats and even better when paired with sneakers and even heels. If you haven’t jumped in on this trend yet, we suggest that you do so.

    Trick your way to fuller and longer legs, with jeggings

    One of the most obvious reasons why the mass loves jeggings so much is that they’re so easy to style. This has been established. You can wear them with practically anything. Here’s a look at a couple of style tips that you need jeggings for:

    Comfort – Most jeggings have are stretchable and have an elastic waistband which are two things that add up to comfortable wear. Given their design, these pants are usually cut out of fabrics like cotton and polycotton, and have an element of elasticity to them so they’re comfortable to year all year round regardless of weather conditions. Plus, they’re pretty easy to wash and maintain, and dry quicker than a pair of regular jeans. This is something that’s important during the monsoon when you don’t really have the luxury of doing your laundry every other day.

    Versatile styling – Have you given up all hopes of finding the perfect pair of pants to wear with the boots that you’ve bought? Given the material and fit of regular jeans, they often end up looking bulky and sloppy when worn with boots, especially the ankle-length ones. You don’t have this problem with jeggings. They are designed to have an extremely skinny fit so they hug your legs, they often feel like leggings. Plus, because of the figure-hugging nature of these pants, they are the perfect choice of pants to be worn with loose fit blouses and tops. They balance out the proportion of flowy tops so you look chic and well put-together and not sloppy.

    Design and print – Plain black and grey jegging pants will always be classic, but there’s no harm in venturing out into new style terrains every now and then. Check out our collection of bold floral, striped, geometric, and tribal-inspired print jegging pants to satisfy your quirky fashion needs.

    Buy jeggings online to avail exciting discount offers on women’s clothing

    Darwin, Abony, 109F, Aadhar Creations, Amari West by Inmark, Cali Republic, Clench, Civilized Showdown, Comix, and Custom Creation; if there’s one place to check out, compare, and buy the trendiest pair of jegging pants from leading lifestyle brands, it’s online shopping. Download the mobile apps of these shopping sites and you can indulge in some retail therapy even when you’re out and on the go.

    Enjoy a Safe and Hassle-free Shopping Experience

    With the advent of e-commerce websites, you can now buy leggings online. You can take your pick from a huge collection and narrow down your choices with the help of filters. They help you compare two or more of products in terms of their colors, sizes and prices. Sitting in the comfort of your home, you can browse through and choose from different brands like Lux Lyra, Biba, United Colors of Benetton, Aurelia, 20Dresses, and Aashish Fabrics.

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