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G String: Everything You Need To Know

There's always been an uproar around women’s clothing. And the G-string sure caused one of its own. But as always, women can wear what they want.  G string panties are underwear for women that have just a string at the back and is kept in place at the hips. It has been a popular model since 1980. You can find G string ladies underwear of all colors and types. You can even find ones with different cuts and designs on them. Women’s string panties come in all sizes too.

How They Came About
G string panties came about when women wanted to wear underwear that did not show the panty line while wearing pants or skirts. This was a complaint lots of women had. Besides that, around the time it was invented, women worked on being incredibly fit. So, it was only fair for them to wear attire which could show off the results of their workouts. Designers worked together and came up with G string underwear. Since then, women all across the world have preferred them.

Your Options
G strings have evolved over the last few decades. They are also popularly known as thongs. You have them in every color, cut, and design imaginable. Women can find one to suit their style while shopping for G strings online.

Don’t Fret Over The Size
The size is hardly a problem here. You have popular brands like Pretty Secrets and Urbaano selling them in sizes starting from 2XS to free size.

Find Your Favorite Color
You have string panties in several exciting colors. If you prefer dark colors, you can go for black, brown, maroon, dark green, and dark blue. These are perfect for dark jeans, skirts, and dresses. If you are wearing a white dress, it is best to go for white or beige G string panties. La Intimo has a good collection of both dark and light G strings. You could also buy the G string underwear of the same color as your dress. You have colors like yellow, pink, red, and purple available online. Multicolor G string panties are also an option.

Explore Patterns In G string Panties
If you are someone who prefers patterns over solid colors, you have those too. The animal print is a particularly popular one you must own. You can find them online from Embibo. The applique is a pattern that has the G string embellished with glitter. You can explore polka and floral prints for more fun designs. For floral prints, brands Glus and Feminin are your best options.
Striped and printed designs are for simple underwear that is perfect for daily wear. You even have woven and embroidered G string underwear for special occasions.

Why You Must Have G strings
Investing in that gorgeous bodycon dress might be a complete waste if the panty line is visible. String panties are the perfect underwear for any type of clothing. G string panties are a must have in a woman’s wardrobe and here is why you should get one for yourself.

Ideal For All Dresses
If you are wearing a tight fitted dress that sticks to your body, you don’t really want your panty line to be seen. This is where the G string panties come to your rescue. You can save yourself the worry and get one online.

Perfect For Low Waist Jeans
Low waist jeans is a trend that is sure to stay forever. Regular underwear won’t cut it for these. You will feel a lot less conscious if you have G string panties under your low waist jeans.

Light Fabric

The string panties come in extremely soft fabric that also happens to be light. You can move around effortlessly when you have them on. They are extremely comfortable to wear with literally any attire.

Easy To Maintain
The soft and small fabric you see in G strings are very convenient to wash and maintain. You can get it in the fabric that you prefer. It is most often available in cotton which is easy to maintain and is durable.

They Are Always In Fashion
G strings have been around for about 35 years now, and they are sure to stick around forever. There can be no better style or invention better than the G string as they serve the purpose and is the perfect undergarment for the modern women. Women have been wearing them for a long time now, and it's about time you flaunt them too. Regular panties are well and good, but you must have a G string underwear in your closet. You can wear string panties without any worry and get through your day in comfort and style.

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