Every woman has a soft corner for jewellery. Jewellery can either make or break an outfit. It’s all about finding the perfect balance between both of them. Make sure your outfit complements the jewellery and vice versa. If you’re looking for jewellery that is not only beautiful but which also lasts for many years, you have come to the right place. Pearl earrings, Chandbalis, Jhumkas, tassel earrings, Chandelier earrings - our collection of earrings is sure to sweep you off your feet! From ethnic, vintage, classic, statement to contemporary - we have every possible design you can think of. Our necklaces collection is not far behind. From chokers, collar necklaces, operas, bib necklaces to stunning pearl graduated necklaces - you are about to be spoilt for choice. Check out best jewellery collections under the category of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings etc here...

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Get exquisite designs with stunning jewellery online

A woman’s wardrobe is incomplete without a few pieces of jewellery to go along with her dresses . Moreover, jewellery in India not only stokes a woman’s vanity but also works as an identity marker in many cultures. Whatever occasion it is, an Indian woman has jewelry for everything. Whether you consider a bride’s gold necklace, the wedding band of a man or the little trinkets that teenagers and kids wear, jewelry will always have a place in all the cultures across the world. 

Types of jewellery for women 

Though people often give more preference to ornaments made of gold, silver or other precious metals and gems, imitation or artificial jewellery too has gained immense prominence. Here is a list of the kinds of jewelry that you can buy online.
Gold jewellery

Nothing can be compared to the shiny yellow allure of gold ornaments. From the temple jewellery of the South Indian brides to the nature-inspired chunky pieces from Assam, every Indian state has its own love affair with gold jewellery & gold coins. Apart from its value and durability, the next best thing about gold jewellery is that you can choose from different variations of gold – yellow, rose or white. The next thing to look for in gold jewelry is its purity. If you are buying it for investment purposes, then every Karat matters, so make sure it comes with a certificate of purity. You can also buy antique jewellery in gold in beautiful designs online from this platform.

Silver jewellery

Silver – the shiny white metal – has an allure of its own. Second only to gold, silver is a favourite in many states. Whether you take the heavy pieces from Gujarat or the delicate filigree from Odisha, many women are in love with the rustic charm of silver. It is also cheaper than gold or platinum. If you are buying silver jewellery, ensure that they are 92.5% pure or above.

Diamond Jewellery

Diamonds are one of the most precious gems found and are a girl’s best friend. They are a symbol of long lasting love and eternal beauty - which make them a perfect choice for wedding and engagement jewellery. Diamond jewellery is symbolically used in weddings as ‘diamonds are forever’. This stone is used in all types of jewelry - rings , necklaces, bracelets, pendants, earrings and other such. Diamond pendants are very popular among girls as they come in a wide variety ranging from subtle to dazzling.
Platinum Jewellery

Celebrities are often seen wearing platinum jewellery. It is one of the most versatile and precious metals found on earth, owing to its rarity. It is also regarded as one of the strongest metals because jewelry made from platinum retain their shape well. Platinum jewellery is also naturally white and doesn’t lose its shine for a long time. Moreover compared to gold, platinum is usually used in its 95% pure form in jewelry.

Alloy and imitation jewellery

As precious metals are quite expensive, people often have a limited number of pieces with them. This can put a restriction on those who like to flaunt new looks very often. If you are one of those people who like to try out a new look every day, then you can also go for alloy or imitation jewellery. As the name suggests, these kinds of jewelry are made of alloy and are beautiful imitation pieces of their precious counterparts. They are often inexpensive, so you can buy as many as you want to pair with each of your dresses. Although glass beads have been popular since antiquity, nowadays you get trinkets made of paper quilling as well. 


Without a doubt, you will find a pair of gold, diamond, silver and imitation earrings in a women’s closet. Imitation or artificial earrings are go-to pieces when you head to office or college. Gold, silver and diamond earrings are reserved for celebratory purposes. You will find earrings in umpteen styles, sizes and shapes, spoiling you for choice! Chandbalis, jhumkas, drop earrings, tassel earrings, stud earrings, double-sided earrings - we have a pair for every outfit and every occasion! You will not be disappointed by the quantity or quality! Throw on a pair of oxidized silver earrings with a Chikankari kurtis and palazzos, or wear a chunky pair of golden Jhumkas with your white lehenga. How about matching a dainty pair of pearl earrings with your black evening gown? The options are plenty! Today’s earrings are so versatile that they would go with an Indian as well as a Western attire! So do not be afraid to experiment with your look!  

Necklaces, chains and rings

The choices are equally unending when we talk about necklaces and chains. Going for a dramatic look? How about wearing an opera necklace with your off-shoulder gown? Operas are very lengthy and can be worn as a double-stranded necklace. Knot it up for a classic look! If you’re wearing a dress that shows off your shoulders, like a boat neck, go for a collar necklace that beautifully encircles your collar bone. However, if you decide to go for a low-cut dress, a plastron necklace is your best bet! These sit right above your bust and are generally studded with stones. We love these for plunging necklines! You will find endless options. Let’s not forget rings! Every woman dreams of owning the most beautiful ring! Our collection of diamond, silver and gold rings will leave you speechless by the elegance and grace they exude. 

Bangles, bracelets and anklets

You’ve chosen your pair of earrings and you’ve chosen a neckpiece. But let’s not leave behind bangles, bracelets and anklets ! They too have the ability to transform your outfit. Gold and diamond bangles are ideal for weddings and the like. You could wear a set of them or a just a single heavily studded one. Thin silver bangles look great with a simple kurti and a pair of jeans! They’re great for casual outfits! 

Do not pick up jewelry in a hurry!

Needles to say, jewelry is a big investment, so you want to be buying from reliable names. Remember, the jewelry you wear can make or break your outfit. The key is to find the right balance between both of them. Neither should overpower the other, nor should you come across as someone who has tried too hard! If your outfit is a statement piece, minimise the jewelry - keep the attention on the outfit! A few key pieces like a watch, a clutch and a delicate, small pair of earrings should do! It’s all about how you compliment your outfit with accessories.  

Buy jewellery online

With the advent of online shopping sites, buying women’s jewellery online has become quite easy. These sites let you browse, compare prices, read reviews and order products from the comfort of your home. Moreover, if you are not satisfied with the quality, you can easily exchange or return the product. Wouldn’t you love skipping those endless traffic jams, long queues at the cashier and those crowded malls? We understand you want to purchase jewelry that is not only beautiful but which will last you for a very long time, which is why we host only the most reliable names on our page. Shop from Joyalukkas, Senco Gold, Asmi, Mehrasons to name a few. These brands are known for their value for money so rest assured, you are about to buy from the best! 

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