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Are you someone who needs a revamp of your nightwear in your wardrobe? Then you are at the right place. You might be a fashion diva all day long; don’t you want to continue with that avatar while in your nightclothes too? Browse through a variety of women's night dresses and nighties from brands such as Keoti, Freely, Ansh Fashion Wear, You Forever, and more to get something that suits your style. Even though the choice of clothes may vary from person to person, the one thing that remains common is the need to have comfortable nightwear while hitting the sack. You can log on to Flipkart and browse through a latest collections of Night Dresses, Nighties & Nightwear for women online at best prices. Price list last updated on 13-May-21.

Women's Night Dresses And Nighties

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Buy Night Dresses & Nightwear For Women Online

Sleep is an important factor in our lives. And being comfortable while sleeping plays a vital role in how well we sleep at night. Today you can find a variety of nightdresses that not only help you sleep well at night but also help you look your best at such an intimate part of the day. But when you choose a nightwear you must also consider the ‘when’ and ‘where’. For instance, a thick woollen nighty will be uncomfortable in the height of summer. Likewise, a lacy babydoll will leave you shivering in winters. Then again, a nice housecoat and a pyjama set are nightdresses that you can wear around the house, but a sheer peignoir isn’t.

With so many options of nightwear in night suits available online in Womens Clothing, you are bound to get caught up in designs and types. Let us look into some types of nightwear and fabrics used in making these bedtime essentials to help you make an informed decision.

Types of nightdresses

There are various types of nightwear from various reputed brands such as PrettySecrets, Masha, Klamotten, Oleva, Clovia, Honeydew and After Dark available on online shopping sites. You can find different types of nightwear best suited to different seasons and occasions in amazingly discounted prices. Here is a list of a few types of nightdresses you can buy online.

Nighties - Perhaps the most comfortable of the entire lot, nighties are usually crafted from less sheer fabrics and feature flared lower half. They can be both sleeveless or short sleeved, and are ideal to be worn all year round. Their hemlines also vary from mid-thigh to ankle length.

Peignoirs - Peignoirs are floor-length nightdresses, often featuring spaghetti-straps. They are usually crafted from sheer and lightweight materials such as chiffon, and sometimes feature lacy details. They can be worn on their own or under wraparound housecoats. These bedtime essentials are ideal to be worn during summer nights.

Chemises - Chemises usually feature short hemlines and spaghetti straps. Unlike negligees, these nightwear options are more modest in appearance and do not have severe hemlines or necklines. Chemises are generally made of soft and lightweight fabrics like satin and silk blends.

Negligees - Negligees, also known as babydolls, are sheer and lacy nightdresses with very short hemlines. They often feature ruffles, spaghetti straps and plunging necklines. These clothing items are often created from sheer fabrics like chiffon, lace or silk blends.

Pyjamas - Pyjamas like nighties are created with optimum comfort in mind. They often come in sets, consisting of a t-shirt and a pair of loose-fitting pants. The women t-shirts in these sets have simple necklines, whereas the pants can either be knee-length or floor-length. 

Maternity and nursing nightgowns - When you are pregnant or are nursing, you need nightgowns with minimum fuss. These specially crafted nightgowns have flared lower halves to accommodate the growing bump. The ones you get for nursing feature buttoned-up or zippered fronts. They come in either knee- or floor-length. 

Types of Fabrics Used in Making Nighty

From seductive silk to practical cotton, you can buy nightdresses online in nearly every fabric imaginable. But choosing a nightgown made of the right fabric plays a very important role in getting a good night’s sleep. Here’s a list of some of the types of fabrics used in making nightwear. 

Cotton - When it comes to nightwear, cotton rules the roost. It is ideal for every season and is also easy to maintain.

Silk - Luxurious and soft to touch, silk nightgowns hug you like a second skin. Delicate yet opaque, silk nightdresses are ideal for summer nights.

Satin - Even though they have luxurious texture like silk, satin nightgowns are still cheaper than their silky counterparts. Moreover, they feel so comforting against your bare skin and can be worn in any season.

Lace - The choicest of fabrics for intimate wear, lacy nightgowns are more popular in bridal sleepwear. Their tendency to be there yet not there makes them more popular with those who want to spice up their love life. 

Comfortable and Quirky 

You can wear long cotton T-shirt dresses to bed on a warm and sultry night. These outfits will keep you comfortable all through the night so that you can sleep without any disturbance. The next morning, you can even walk around your home easily as these options allow free movement, better airflow (thanks to their design), etc. They come in a variety of colours and designs. Women of all ages can wear these clothes to bed every night. Some of these T-shirt dresses can also be worn outside while running errands, meeting friends, etc. This gives you versatile use. In these clothes, you’ll feel more at ease while carrying out various chores at home, while cooking, watching TV, working from home, reading, etc. 

Sleepover Madness 

Sleeping over at your friend’s house can be quite fun, especially if you’re catching up with your group of friends after a long time. The nights will be filled with endless chatter, snacks, refreshments, movies, music, and so on. You must wear nightclothes that fit you well and make you feel at ease so that you can stay in the moment and make the best memories with your friends. Otherwise, you’ll be left fidgeting, tuning out conversations, etc. Along with your nightclothes, make sure that you carry all your skincare products, toiletries, etc., so that you have everything you need before you step out. 

Memorable Nights 

Satin nightgowns with robes are also some of the best pieces of nightwear that you can invest in. You can wear a lacy option on date nights or anniversary nights to make unforgettable memories with your partner. You can cook up a fancy dinner for your partner, arrange a movie night, and more to make the night perfect. You can even surprise your partner with jewellery, cufflinks, shoes, shirts, gaming consoles, etc., to remind them of how much they mean to you. You can even make a scrapbook of your journey with each other so far. Simply go online and check various DIY gift ideas for inspiration. 

Vacation Wonder 

You can pack many women’s nightdresses or nighties as sleepwear options while packing for your vacation. You must ensure that what you wear to bed looks fancy, feels comfortable, and doesn't have any holes or tears (especially if you’re travelling with a group of friends, colleagues, etc.) Pack your flip-flops, eye masks, and earplugs (if you’re a light sleeper) so that you can move around the hotel or resort freely and also sleep comfortably every night. You can party all night long on the first night or even on the second night. But, make sure that you rest up after that or else you may find yourself being groggy and irritable for the rest of your vacation. 

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