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Dive into the fabulous world of quirky and playful women's tops to rock your closet. Whether you're a fashion enthusiast or someone who values practicality, these everyday essentials are the cornerstone of any well-rounded wardrobe. From printed casual to subtle and muted work wear, from vibrant, ethnic-style fusion range to comfy loungewear, there is a fitting style for everything. Stock up on pastel or solid lace outfits to be ready for any social event. The wrap style goes well with long skirts to lend you a boho vibe. Look stylish every time you step out with the selection of designer tops, whether you're going for a quick shopping haul, a relaxing day by the beach, or a fun evening to catch up with buddies. You may choose from an array of high-low, asymmetric, crop, Bardot, cold-shoulder, boat neck, halter, or high-neck styles, and more on the online platform. Bring out the diva in you and play with diverse styles, shades, prints, and fabrics. From everyday wear and high street fashion to formal wear, you may find an extensive selection of fancy tops online from brands like Roadster, ONLY, NeeraFashion, IFABRICS, and many more. So, shop online from the comfort of your home for a hassle-free delivery. The information you are reading has been last updated on 30-Sep-23. 

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Buy Women's Tops Online - Get Set to Go Dressy

Movie marathon, date-night, sleepover - no matter what the occasion is, you can count on wearing your favorite top to make sure you feel comfortable. This could be the reason as to why you can never stop shopping for them! It’s always great to have more varieties, isn’t it? Your favorite shopping site Flipkart is home to a wide range of women’s tops from brands such as Miss Chase Tokyo Talkies,  U.S. Polo Assn, W, Lee, People, Levi's and much more. 

Try given below looks by wearing different types of latest women's tops:

The Bohemian Look: This look is super-chic. To get this look, all you need is a bralette top and a printed maxi skirt. You can wear a chunky silver necklace and a pair of big-sized earrings. Also, you can keep your makeup subtle. You can opt to highlight only your lips by applying any dark-coloured lipstick.

Rock Your Oversized Blazer: If you do not own an oversized blazer, then we suggest you get one to experiment with your style. To look stylish, you can wear a solid-coloured top below your oversized blazer. If the blazer's length falls till your mid-thighs, then you can wear a belt with a big-sized buckle. It will make your ensemble look like a short dress. If you are not too comfortable with this look, then you can revamp it by wearing a pair of body-fitting bicycle shorts.

Tops and Sarees: Instead of opting to wear a blouse, you can wear a crop top with your sarees. You can also drape your saree in various ways. You can check several videos online to know the different ways by which you can drape a saree. Once done, you can select a style that you feel will make you look like a fashionista.

Dressing Ways for T-shirt Look

Let us introduce you to some funky ways by which you can elevate your dressing - 

The Boyfriend T-shirt Look - Isn’t it cute when you cheekily steal your partner’s tee to wear? After all, one cannot deny the fact that tees are always comfortable. Well, now this has become a trend. You will be spoilt for choice with the sheer variety of boyfriend T-shirts that are available in the market today. These tees are slightly more loose than the regular tees. So, you can club it with a pair of denim shorts to look chic. To complete this look, you can opt for beaded accessories. Needless to say, you can adopt this look when you are heading to the beach or even when you are off for a brunch date with your friends. 

Join the Crop Style Bandwagon - Crop tops have always been in vogue. You can club it with almost anything and look stylish. One of the best ways to style this item of clothing is to pair it with a colourful skirt. You can make use of junk jewellery and accessorize to your liking. Oh, and you know what would make this look complete? By defining your eyelashes more prominently with a mascara. 

Tank It Up While Working Out - You need to feel comfortable in what you wear while working out. This will help you concentrate on your exercise routine without getting irritated. The ideal workout wear would be a pair of track pants and a tank top. You can choose this type of tee depending on the type of material you are comfortable with. To make your attire seem dressy, you can match the colour of your blouse with your shoes. 

Nothing Says Comfort Like Cotton - Looking for the perfect clothing to wear at home? It should be breathable and effortless to wear, right? Well, then you have met your match in cotton tops. This type of clothing is extremely comfortable. Oh, and it comes in a variety of colours and patterns so you can have a colourful collection. 

Be Party-ready with Designer Tops - Classy and gorgeous! There are plenty of designer tops that you can shop for on your preferred shopping app. You will come across colourful designs that not only look good but are also comfortable. For example, you can buy a flared-sleeve top. This trendy piece of clothing can be tagged along with your favourite pair of ladies jeans for an effortlessly casual look. Another way to look dressy without taking a lot of effort is to wear a T-shirt dress. Tag it along with a pair of sports shoes and you are good to go. 

Look Effortless in a Noodle Strap Top - How do you keep your dressing minimal yet look stylish? Well, the answer to this fashion dilemma is a noodle strap top. This top will be a great addition to your wardrobe. It’s a simple piece of clothing that you can club with almost anything. That’s not all, you can find it in plain colours such as baby pink, magenta, purple, and lavender. Oh, and not to forget, the designs comprising floral patterns are a sure-shot winner with the fashionistas. Keep an eye out for those too!

Velvet Tops, Yay or Nay? - Velvet tops are yet again in the limelight. This particular type of clothing is great for parties and celebratory occasions. You can choose to wear your velvet top with a pencil skirt and boots for a look that shouts the word “fashionista” out loud. Oh, and when it comes to accessorizing, you can keep it minimal by wearing just a simple chain with a tiny locket. 

So, that brings us to the end of our style guide for tops. With plenty of options, we are sure that you won’t find it difficult to find something to your liking. Oh, and once you have selected all your preferred outfits, you can shop for matching accessories too and have them all delivered to your doorstep. 

How to Choose the Right Trendy Tops for You

As there so many different top designs and styles available, it becomes imperative to choose something that would suit your personality and most importantly, your body type and personal sense of style. Depending upon various factors, a particular style of top may or may not flatter your body type. To help you choose something that would suit you best, mentioned below are some factors to consider when shopping for tops either online or at a store: 

Body Type - Every woman has different body type. No one woman can have the same body type as another. Therefore it is important to consider the type of top that would suit you based on your body type. Women with a pear-shaped and hourglass bodies have heavier hips as compared to their upper body and can opt to wear a fitted top which will show off their shape. Women with petite frames can carry off almost any type of design. Women with broad shoulders can look stunning in broad necklines and short sleeves. A woman with an athletic body can easily pull off a halter top, a spaghetti strap top or any cut sleeves top. Here is where you will consider different types of fits of tops, such as a-line, balloon, blouson, bodycon, boxy fit, bubble, butterfly, crop top, fit and flare, gathered, peplum, shift and much more. 

Fabric - One of the other important factors to consider after your body type if the fabric of the top. It is imperative to note that not every material suits everyone. Some fabrics may look flattering on some people while that same fabric may look unflattering on another person. This may depend upon different criteria, such as skin tone, body type, etc. Some of the different types of fabric are cotton, crepe, georgette, rayon, etc. 

Pattern - Different kinds of  top designs & patterns sometimes make your top stand out and add a charm to a plain cloth.  Women’s tops come in a wide range of patterns & designs. To mention a few, they are available in printed, abstract, animal, checkered, chevron, floral, applique, graphic, geometric, paisley, lace, embellished, solid, stripes, textured patterns and much more. Choose one that complements your overall appeal.

Occasion  - Tops can be worn to parties or on formal and casual occasions and gatherings. If you are buying a golden top for a specific occasion, then the aesthetics of the occasion must be kept in mind. For example, if you are planning to wear a halter neck top to a condolence gathering or any other function that is conservative, it may be deemed inappropriate.  

Season  - The season or weather must also be considered when buying tops for women. For example, if you wear a sleeveless blouse in the winter, you might feel cold and start to shiver a bit. 

Types of Women's Tops Designs

Even though there are different types of tops designs, it can confusing to know which is which. To make it easier for you, mentioned here are some of the most popular and common types of types of top designs available for women. 

Round neck and square neck tops - These are simple and two of the most popular styles in the top design range. They look simple yet chic and can be worn on any kind of occasion, depending upon the way they are styled. These blouses have been around for years, simply because they are comfortable and stylish. 

Boat neck tops - It starts from one shoulder end to the other, highlighting your neck. Bowknots are simple additions that you can make to a regular top to add to its design element. They are stylish and modern. 

Collared neck tops - It gives a formal look and are appealing. You will find these in formal shirts or women polo tops.

Princess cut top - It is one such style that is timeless. It fits perfectly on the body and gives a classy, regal look. 

Off shoulder tops - These are one of the more recent designs and modifications in tops. They are quite similar to boat neck tops, but are still a little bit different in their look and style. They are peppy and show off your shoulders as well.

High neck tops - These tops also give a gorgeous and sophisticated look. They mostly suit women with long and toned necks. 

Tube tops - It look extremely chic and sensuous. They are perfect for highlighting one’s shoulders.

Sweetheart neckline tops - These are heart-shaped at the neck and is quite deep. This neckline too goes well with most top styles and is quite ideal for most occasions as well. 

Halter neck tops - These are chic and extremely stylish. They are perfect for showing off one’s toned arms and shoulders. There are many variations to the halter neck and they are suitable for parties, red carpet events, etc.

Backless tops are sensuous and attractive. They are mostly suitable for lean women. In addition to the different types of tops, there are also different types of sleeve designs - sleeveless, half sleeves, 3/4th sleeves, full sleeves, puff sleeves, cape sleeves, butterfly sleeves, cold shoulders and much more!

Shop for Women’s Tops Online

Make your summer stylish, chic, and comfortable with the lovely ladies tops that are made and sold online by Vero Moda, Harpa, Rare, Provogue, and People, among others. Whether you are a school student, college goer, or working professional, tops are wardrobe essentials, especially during the summer. There are many styles, types, and designs of tops available online for women that you can team up with the different bottom wear. You can buy regular tops, crop tops, tank tops, blouson tops, and off-shoulder tops, among many other styles of ladies tops online. On e-stores, you can choose the size, fit, style of the neckline, length and type of the sleeve, and even the pattern and print of the tops to make the right choice.   


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Question and Answers

  1. Q.I am a bit bustier. Will I get my size in tops?
    A.Yes, you can choose from many options online. You can browse and check on the tops which have sizes upto 5XL. The biggest size, 5XL, will fit women with bust sizes between 48 and 49. You could choose from whichever size suits you the best.
  2. Q.Will my size in tops for women be the same for all brands?
    A.If you buy from the same brand, your size will be the same. But if you buy from a different brand, the sizes may vary. So it is better to check the size chart before buying the product.
  3. Q.I need to buy a top for my friend. How do I choose the right top?
    A.You can browse the section ‘tops for women’. You can choose from the available designs if you know your friend's size. But if you are a little worried about the size, you can consult the size chart or opt for a free size.
  4. Q.Can I find twinning tops for my 10-year-old daughter and me?
    A.You can select the design from the women's tops section and choose your size. Check out the size from the list for your daughter's body type and buy accordingly.
  5. Q.Do you have summer wear tops?
    A.Yes, please browse online to get the full details of the summer wear collection
  6. Q.Can I get a refund?
    A.Please read the return and refund policy or contact customer care for further details.
  7. Q.What tops should I opt for if I am overweight?
    A.Kindly browse online and check out amazing tops like peplum tops, waist tying tops, empire-waisted tops etc., which will suit your body type..
  8. Q.How can I exchange the size of my top?
    A.Please read the exchange and return policy to know more.
  9. Q.What can I pair my top with?
    A.You can choose from shorts, skirts, cargo, denim, and a lot more.
  10. Q.How do I take care of my tops to ensure they last longer?
    A.Kindly read the washing instructions and follow them accordingly.
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