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      The Harry Potter magic has had the attention of kids and adults from across the world. From spells and dragons to deadly tournaments, the Harry Potter books have taken its audience to the most beautiful of places which the mind can imagine. With Wonderbook: Book Of Spells, the developers at Sony try to bring you the experience of living inside the magical world into your living room. Be a part of various stories and embark on epic adventures as you uncover the many secrets featured in the game.

      The game is targeted towards casual gamers who have been longtime fans of the Harry Potter books and movie series. The adventure video game has many interesting features that will get you addicted to the game for endless hours in a day. Book Of Spells game DVD is available for the PS3 gaming console and carries an E10+ rating from ESRB.

      Synopsis and Features

      The first title in the Wonderbook series, Book Of Spells tells the tale about a book of spells that can be found in the Restricted Section of the legendary Hogwarts library. The book holds thousands of secrets and will help enthusiastic students to reach their goal of becoming a full-fledged wizard. You can learn, practice and execute various spells such as Incendio, Wingardium Leviosa and many others. Wonderbook: Book Of Spells provides you the opportunity to do this and a lot more.

      Developed and published by Sony Computer Entertainment, Book Of Spells can be a great entertainment tool if you are having a birthday party or a play date for your kid. Wonderbook: Book Of Spells requires the PlayStation Move controller to play the game. This is essential as the controller tracks your hand movements and matches them with the on-screen animations. Using a Move controller enhances your game play experience as you can interact with the in-game elements in a much better manner.

      The single-player mode in the game will give you a chance to read and practise 20 spells. You can tilt, rotate or turn the pages in the Book of Spells to bring the various stories featured in the book to life. As you advance from one chapter to another you will learn valuable lessons and earn house points to emerge victorious. One of the fascinating elements in the game is that you can learn the backstories about famous spells and others creatures featured in the game. As you progress through the game you can unlock more stories by successfully completing chapter tests.

      The game can be an excellent stress buster as you can just switch it on and start casting spells on the various characters featured in the game. You can re-create the different locations you imagined in your mind while reading the books by playing the game. From casting various spells to learning new ones, Book Of Spells provides a grand adventure that is not to be missed for anything.

      Buying Guide

      A minimum distance of 6 ft is required between the player and the PS3 camera for smooth game play. You will require extra space if more players join in. It is advised to place the gaming console in a living room or the main hall as it provides more freedom for your hand and body movements. The room you play the games in needs to have proper and even lighting. This helps the camera to capture your every movement and give you a seamless and entertaining gaming experience.

      The Sales Package Includes:

      • Wonderbook
      • Game Disc
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      • Title
        • Wonderbook: Book Of Spells (Move Required)
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        • Games
      • Platform
        • PS3
      • Publisher
        • Sony Computer Entertainment
      • Mode
        • Single-Player
      • Genre
        • Adventure
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      Excellent Price

      Excellent pricing. Best amongst offline/online deals. Wanted it for a cousin of mine.. Quick shipping excellent packing. Keep it up WSR.
      The game is recommended for kids. 7-12 years in my experience. A good story good gameplay. Very short if you are a pro gamer and teens might find it silly.

      Ankit Bhatnagar

      Certified Buyer

      30 Jul, 2013

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