How to Write eBooks, Term papers and Articles

How to Write eBooks, Term papers and Articles

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  • Hoover, Roy E., Roy E. Hoover
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Accomplished author and attorney, Roy E. Hoover, has put together the must-know guidelines for mastering the eBook writing process. All the hard work has been removed and an easy plan is methodically laid out in simple terms! In only a few hours, you will uncover the necessary details on how to write good books that will draw attention to your work and bring you the envy of your family and accolades from your friends! Not to mention the money that is possible from the worldwide sales, when you do things the right way—the correct way—the professional way.

The choice is yours: you can choose to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars getting some corporation to do the work for you on a single book, or you can read How to Write and perform the process yourself. That is what any reasonable person would do to enjoy the writing of an unlimited number of eBooks and hardcopy books for years to come. In fact, you will quickly become the one knowledgeable person that others come to with questions on how to write books!

In only a quick reading, you will agree that How to Write has so much valuable information that it alone could be worth more than the cost of the entire “How to books” now available on the Internet! When you are sincerely ready to be published, then get your hands on How to Write because time is wasting and you could be making some Publisher very happy.

Think about it! How much is your time worth? How much time would a book need to save you in order for that book to be worth many, many times the small cost? For most persons in the United States, this price equates to only about 10 minutes of their actual time at work.
Okay, you may be asking, “Why is How to Write inexpensive, if it is so worthwhile?” The answer is not surprising to the majority of writers: this Author wants the reader to be impressed to the point that he or she will desire to purchase his other books and eBooks.
Only inside How to Write will you find the guidance that is so essential to identifying the four elements necessary for any book. In fact, you will learn everything you need to prepare a successful book. Just look at all the topics you must know and will know after reading this book.

The art of writing does not have to be difficult.
Formatting is a snap—when you know how.
Word substitution is must and will be made easy for you.
Getting started writing today.
Coming to grips with the four basic elements of any book.
Using the book title as the “hook” to attract buyers.
Making a cover page that will entice customers to want more.
How many pages and words should a book contain?
How in the world does a person write that many pages? This book will quickly tell you how it is done.
How properly to break a scene without changing chapters.
How to provide paragraph and word emphasis—properly—without upsetting the publisher and reader.
How and when to correctly input character slang and dialogue.

You will learn all of the above and a lot more when you own How to Write. Accurate formatting will no longer be a controlling issue in your life! Throughout the world, it is well known that attorneys are connoisseurs of words and you can learn—today—from a word master!

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The Thorn of The Holy Crown.

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  • English
  • Roy E. Hoover
  • 9781476420363
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  • 2012-03-31
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