X-Men First Class (Blu-Ray + Collectible Book)

    X-Men First Class (Blu-Ray + Collectible Book)  (Blu-ray English)

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    • Genre: Action, Sci-Fi
    • Number of Discs: 1
      In 1944, in Poland, the boy Erik Lehnsherr unleashes his magnetic power when his mother is sent to a concentration camp. The evil Dr. Sebastian Shaw brings Erik to his office and kills his mother, increasing his abilities through anger. In New York, the wealthy Charles Xavier meets the mutant Raven and invites her to live in his manor. In 1962, the CIA agent Moira MacTaggert discovers the existence of mutants working with Shaw and the invites Professor Xavier to recruit mutants to work for the USA government. Xavier teams up with Raven, Erik and a group of young mutants. Sooner they learn that the evil Shaw has the intention of beginning a nuclear war to destroy the world and increase his power.
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      • Publisher
        • Sony DADC
      • Title
        • X-Men First Class (Blu-Ray + Collectible Book)
      • Format
        • Blu-ray
      • Language
        • English
      • Year of Release
        • 2011
      • Genre
        • Action, Sci-Fi
      Disc Features
      • Total Number of Discs
        • 1
      • Video Encoding
        • Region A, B & C
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