Business Sutra- Learn How Indian Mythology Can Rewrite Modern Management-Series 1 1

    Business Sutra- Learn How Indian Mythology Can Rewrite Modern Management-Series 1 1  (DVD English)

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      Learn How Indian Mythology can rewrite Modern Management. Is there an Indian way of doing business? Indian business is modeled on the western concept of corporations and theories of management and governance. But cultural differences have often made that an imperfect fit. So is there an Indian way of doing business? That question is prompted by several recent developments.

      • Modern business has been slow to recognize the environmental costs of development.
      • The great recession of 2008 has exposed several weaknesses in western governance models.
      • And global economic power is rapidly shifting to the emerging economies of Asia.
      • As India prepares to claim its rightful place in the global economic order - we search the past to imagine the enterprise of the future.
      • Business Sutra is a special series of conversations with well known mythologist Devdutt Pattanaik.

      It is an attempt to make the wisdom of mythology accessible and applicable to the corporate world. Hosted by CNBC TV18's Menaka Doshi, Business Sutra discusses the purpose of a corporation, short term goals versus long term ideals, leadership qualities, dharma sankat and modern day business conflicts and challenges.

      (Sutra: a collection of aphorisms relating to some aspect of the conduct of life)

      Is there any Indian way of doing business?

      • Indian business concepts are dominated by western management theory. But in India, business is meant to go beyond the profit motive!
      • Purpose of a Corporation?
      • Short Term v/s Long Term Goals
      • Family Businesses: Advantage India

      Who is a Leader?

      • Are you Indra - chasing success, or Vishnu - with success chasing you? Who is a leader? What are ideal leadership qualities?
      • Leadership: Indra v/s Vishnu
      • Tools of A Leader
      • Ram: The Ideal Leader!
      • Parshuram to Buddha: Leadership in Different Business Cycles

      Dharma and Dharma Sankat:

      • Principles, not rules, define the Indian way of living. What is the dharma of business?
      • Dharma and Dharma Sankat
      • Relationship between Owner & Organisation
      • Ramayana v/s Mahabharat: Contextual Leadership

      Modern Day Business Dilemmas:

      • Leadership celebrates creativity, innovation and risk taking. Modern governance standards emphasize the need to de-risk!
      • CEO v/s Board: Conflict?
      • Can the End Justify the Means?

      Education: The Indian case study method

      • Modern education and training systems ignore the age old belief, that knowledge can never only be given, it must also be taken.
      • Experiential Education
      • Transfer of Knowledge to Next Generation
      • Vikram Vetaal: The Indian Case Study Method
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      Very Nice Thoughts and Suggestions on Business......

      Watch this Viedo it may help you to learn and train your mind to take correct and appropriate decision in business. .....


      Certified Buyer

      10 Feb, 2014


      Must buy for all !!!

      Actually this program is meant for corporates and a must for all B-school students but I believe this is a must buy for all the people working because the principle can teach everybody something... Had seen this program in the TV so bought it for my Manager as a gift.....

      Avinash Jadhav

      Certified Buyer

      20 Aug, 2012


      Amazing and Thought provoking series

      For anybody who has ever felt the lack of certainity in Indian motivation and actions, this series brings home the differences in the Indian way of thinking through a mythological approach Although I dont subscribe to the fact that we can just roundup everything to mythology and history, but this is clearly a new way of thinking that must be acknowledged and possibly applied to understand us as a society. It is eye-opening in some ways that make you pause before the next time you make quick ...


      Certified Buyer

      4 Jan, 2012


      Good One

      Though priced a bit high worth buying
      valuable insights given by Shri. Devdutt Patnaik.
      Mythology, Religion, Belief, Business,etc explained beautifully.
      Thanks to Flipkart - immediate service (Why no price discount on this product - quite surprising, unlike Flipkart) Otherwise satisfactory.

      Mohan MV

      Certified Buyer

      10 Jun, 2014

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