For most people, Bata shoes are synonymous with school shoes - think white canvas, and black shoes. Bata canvas and slippers are available in almost every street corner. Footwear from this brand are highly durable and light on the pocket - making them an easy favourite.

    Bata is a renowned family-owned global footwear and fashion accessory manufacturer. The brand offers a range of shoes for ladies, men, and kids. Bata shoes are available in many colors and are reasonably priced.
    Bata\'s collection for men includes formal shoes, casual shoes, sports shoes, sandals, floaters, slippers, and flip flops. Their range of formal shoes comes in classic colors and are the perfect accessory for a formal look. These are either lace up shoes or slip ons. Men\'s casual shoes includes boots, sneakers, corporate casuals, loafers, and other outdoor shoes. These are a smart buy as they are attractively designed and priced. Their footwear collection also features Boots which can be worn to achieve an edgy look while sneakers pair well with formals and casual wear. Also available are shoes specially designed to provide comfort and support when running and walking. These come with cushioned ankle, textured sole, and padded footbed. Bata shoes collection also includes sandals in neutral colors. These work well with almost any outfit and can be worn with kurtas, shorts, or jeans. Bata\'s men collection also has flip flops and slippers which can be worn in the house or when out and about your daily work.
    Bata\'s collection of canvas for women is available in attractive colors and design. These are ideal for everyday wear and pair well with casual outfits. Pairing canvas shoes with dresses gives one a young, edgy look. Ballerinas are trendy and are available in a number of styles. Paired well with a casual outfit, these can elevate your look and are ideal for everyday wear. Sneakers can be worn with jeans or dresses. Bata also features a collection of heels that are functional. Their heels are comfortable and can be worn on a daily basis as these are not very high. Wedges come with a thicker sole than heels and are therefore more suitable for everyday wear. These will give your body an elongated look but without as much discomfort as high heels, therefore making them the perfect mix of ballerinas and heels. Slippers and sandals pair well with any outfit and allow your feet to breathe during hot summer months.

    Shopping online for Bata shoes is now easy and convenient. Flipkart offers a range of Bata shoes. These have been systematically classified according to price, size, style, discount percentage, and availability to make search easier. Once you have selected your items, add them to your cart to place the order. Flipkart ensures fast delivery and complete customer satisfaction. Payment options include net banking, payment using credit or debit card, and also cash on delivery.

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