Diamonds are considered girl’s best friend. The shine of these precious stones can complement any outfit or personality. For appearance and simplicity, diamond earrings are heavily preferred as ultimate beauty accessory. The glimmer and dazzle of the stone make it a flattering piece of jewellery. When searching for the best diamond earrings, it is important to learn about the right stone. You should think about the size and all other qualities of the stone before choosing an earring.

    A diamond is evaluated with four C’s. They are cut, carat, clarity and colour. A diamond’s cut refers to the way it was removed and polished from the black stone. Many confuse cut with shape, but it is different from shape and it refers to the way the jewel is styled and designed. A well-cut diamond effectively catches light and sparkles more. Standard grading describes cut by the shape or outline of the stone and the patterns of the facet arrangement. Basic cuts are round, princess and heart shapes with brilliant-cut facets. Carat refers to the weight and not the size. It measures the mass of the diamond. Diamonds of highest quality will not have external inclusions or flaws. This measure of a diamond’s flaws is calculated under clarity. Inclusions and blemishes on the stone should be considered as it will look cloudy on the earring. Diamonds may appear white, but they all include trace amounts of yellow. Colour can lessen diamond’s brilliance and lesser colour in diamond denotes more colourful reflections.

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    There are various types of diamond earring designs to choose from. When buying them, consider shapes that you like the most. Commonly considered cuts are round, princess crown or square, emerald which are small rectangular, pear-shaped, horizontal oval, heart shaped and crystal diamond balls. After considering the shape, choose from the 3 basic styles of diamond earrings. They are studs, hoops and drops. Studs are simple, one-stone stud earrings while hoops are round or circular earrings that have one diamond in the center or several diamonds throughout. Dangling earrings are drops that dangle from the earlobe. Settings are also a deciding factor in buying diamond earrings. Yellow and white gold are the most popular metal settings. Platinum is the strongest for holding stones, but is heavier. Because of this reason, platinum is mostly used for the prongs. Prongs hold the stone in place. The number of prongs relates to the size of a stone.

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