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    If you’re a guy and you want to promise your heart to someone for forever? Gift her a diamond rings . And if you’re a woman and say, you want to indulge yourself on your thirtieth birthday? Gift yourself a diamond ring. One of nature’s most beautiful gifts to mankind, diamonds have enthralled people with their timeless elegance and durability for centuries now. Whether you take diamond engagement rings or diamond wedding bands, diamond jewellery not only represents a financial investment, but an emotional commitment too. And since diamonds are also one of the most precious gemstones on earth, they are expensive. Nowadays many reputed brands, such as Malabar Gold and Diamonds, WearYourShine by PC Jewellers , BlueStone , Kalyan Jewellers, IskiUski, I Love Diamonds and Caratify, offer good discounts on a wide range of rings with diamonds. But before you log on to your favourite shopping site and start browsing for diamond rings online, let’s take a look at a few things that you need to consider first.

    For Whom are You Buying a Diamond Ring

    Diamond rings are available for people of all ages and sexes. Whether you’re buying a diamond rings for women or you’re buying men’s diamond rings online, you can find a wide variety of designs on shopping sites. You can also find beautiful diamond rings for boys and girls.

    The Fit of a Diamond Ring

    If you’re buying a ring for regular use, make sure it fits you right. It should not be too loose or it might fall off your finger when you aren’t paying attention. It shouldn't be too tight, otherwise wearing it at all times can become uncomfortable. Once you find the perfect fit, you are almost good to go.

    Quality of a Diamond Ring

    As a rule of thumb, the value of a diamond ring solely rests on the 4 Cs of the diamonds in it – color, carat, clarity and cut.

    Clarity - The clarity of a diamond in a piece of jewellery is determined by the amount of imperfections in it. As they occur naturally, most of them have some blemishes or flaws. These blemishes are generally known as inclusions. The fewer inclusions a diamond has, the more valuable it will be.

    Colour – Colorless diamond jewellery is usually more popular and more expensive, since they complement any skin tone and exude a timeless elegance. But if you want to experiment, you can also go for rings with pink, blue, yellow or black diamonds.

    Cut – Often, most people are inclined towards diamonds with a particular cut. Some might like their rings to have round, pear, or oval-shaped diamonds, whereas others might find a heart, princess, marquise or an emerald-shaped diamonds more appealing. Whichever cut you like, know that a beautifully cut diamond will always sparkle brilliantly.

    Carat – The carat of a diamond is somewhat proportional to its value and the jewellery it is used in. The bigger the diamond in the ring is, the more expensive it will be.

    Base of a Diamond Ring

    Apart from the size, type and quality of the diamonds in a ring, you also need to consider its base material. Some of the most popular metals used for making diamond rings are yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, silver and platinum. Before you buy any ring, make sure the base metal matches your skin tone.

    Benefits of Buying Diamond Rings Online

    When you shop for diamond jewellery online , you can avail good offers on them. Paying for them is also easy and secure, thanks to the various payment methods, such as netbanking, EMI, credit and debit cards and cash on delivery. Also, if you face any size issue, you can opt for the easy return and replacement policies of these shopping sites.

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