Building a reputation from the reliability of his riveted jeans that served the purpose of workers and style aficionados with ease, Levi\'s Strauss sowed the seeds of fashion success, when he first collaborated with Jacob Davis in 1873 to improve the performance of what were then known as waist overalls\'. But the phenomenal success of Levi\'s as a fashion go-to, for the young and rebellious, can\'t simply be attributed to heritage; it comes from the utilization of premium fabrics and cutting edge designs that perfectly voice the spirit of living free.

    Levi\'s caters to this wide audience of fashion hungry men and women, with a bold, carefree range of jeans, tees, shirts, jackets, innerwear and more. With a growing fan base among the young and young at heart, Levi\'s celebrates revolution in all its forms-of thought, action and word, through its range of distinct and offbeat apparels that suit all kinds of tastes. The iconic red logo draws fashion addicts to Levi\'s numerous stores in droves, to get their hands on the hottest styles and most form-flattering fits, from the rich legacy of fine fashion that Levi\'s extends to its patrons. In India, Levi\'s positions its high-quality products by targeting them at the restless youth, among whom there is a growing consciousness of international trends and the heritage of old-school style. Levi\'s absorbs the beat of the youth, and translates it into jazzy vibrant clothing that anyone would jump at making their own.

    On, you can browse through a wide and distinctive collection of authentic tees from Levi\'s. Round neck, V-neck, graphic and digital prints, polo tees and more, we\'ve something to cater to all tastes, for both men and women. So make an exclusive red-logo design part of your collection, that you can get work your casual charm, into all the outfits you love. Buy your favourite Levi\'s T-shirts at and avail exciting offers and discounts. Our Cash and Delivery service will make your experience all the more blissful.

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