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    Never lie down when you can sit, never sit when you can stand, never stand when you can walk, and never walk when you can run. This is a thing that a lot of experts advise those who want to lose weight. While these words may sound nice and encouraging, following them is not as easy as they sound. One of the first things we do on climbing a bus or walking into a dentist’s clinic is to look for a seat. And the first things that come to our minds when the clock strikes seven and it is time to head home is a drink and a plate of mutton chops or some nice greasy kebabs. If you are the kind that gets up for a jog every morning in the hope of losing those tires around your waist so you can win a girlfriend very soon, sports watches for men is something that you can benefit from. Yes, there are times when you lack the motivation to rise at five every day and head out of the house for an hour of jogging or running. A sports watch for men is the motivation that you need. The following are some of the ways in which a sports watch for men will ensure that you have a more effective workout routine every day. 

    1. A Calorie Counter- No, with a sports watch, walking into McDonalds is not going to be as tempting as it once was. With each visit to KFC or Pizza Hut, the sports watch on your wrist is going to give you an update on the number of calories you have taken in. 

    2. A Pedometer- No, scaring you is not just the only purpose of the sports watch on your wrist. With each step that you take, whether on your morning walk or on your visit to the loo in office, your sports watch is going to congratulate you with an update on the number of steps you have taken. Won’t this just motivate you to be more active? Apart from giving you a picture of the number of steps you took, the sports watch on your wrist will also provide you with useful information on the distance that you traveled along with the amount of time taken.

    3. Heart Rate Monitor- With the number of sudden deaths due to heart attacks, you can never be too careful with your heart, unless you are okay with a short life. This is another major advantage of sports watches for men. You can now keep a better watches on your heart, thus preventing unnecessary, unwanted and unexpected visits to the doctor. 

    Browsing Through Sports Watches For Men

    For the best results, ensure that the sports watch for men you buy is compatible with your phone. A waterproof feature is very important if you engage in activities like boat riding or swimming. Velcro rubber straps can keep you very comfortable. Say no to anything in stainless steel or leather. A vibrating alarm may be very helpful in letting you get up on time for a jog every morning. Sports watches for men come in different prices that you can compare before you choose a watch that falls within your budget and suits your need. Brands like Fastrack, Garmin, G-Shock and Nike have a range of them that you can have a look at before you buy a sports watch for men that is the best for you. 

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