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    What You Need To Know Before You Buy Uppada Pattu Sarees Online

    Uppada is the name of a small town in the coastal area of the Godavari district in Andhra Pradesh. The silk sarees that comes from this region are known as Uppada pattu sarees. Pattu is the name for silk in South India. Uppada sarees are made from an old traditional method known as Jamdani. The speciality of uppada silk sarees is that they’re made without the use of mechanical instruments. Known for their unique design and embroidery, you can shop from a great collection of uppada sarees online.   

    The Making Of Uppada Silk Sarees

    Did you know? An interesting fact about the Uppada pattu saree is that it has a fixed thread count in length and breadth. Both measurements have exactly 100 threads.The comfortable length and breadth ratio is achieved by compressing and expanding the threads respectively. The method of Jamdani has only two weavers working on a single saree. They use a lot of zari work to make the designs of the pattu sareeBut, it wasn’t easy. During that time, artwork was done by hand. On average, it took two to three months to work the designs into the saree. 

    Creating a replica of one Uppada Saree was very difficult. Training new weavers on Jamdani took a lot of time and effort. But today, the weaver community get the raw materials needed to make an Uppada Saree and usually make them at home. These weavers aren’t trained but they acquire the weaving skills from their ancestors.  

    What Is So Special About An Uppada Silk Saree? 

    No one knows a saree better than a woman. That’s why 40% of local weavers are women. To craft a saree, it takes anywhere from 7 to 14 days, since they are completely handwoven. Another speciality of the sarees is that they’re designed such that they can be folded to fit into a matchbox. There are also many designs that include leaves, flowers and geometric shapes. A unique characteristic of Uppada pattu Sarees are that they have designs on both sides and still weigh less than other popular silk sarees like Kancheepuram. Uppada pattu sarees are easily one of the more expensive sarees that you can buy. The price ranges from Rs. 1200 to Rs. 5000 online. The Fashion Outlets is a brand that you can trust. There’s a special category of Uppada pattu saree that are suitable for weddings. These sarees are lightweight and come in very special designs. They’re also very durable when compared to other types of sarees. 


    The History Of Uppada Silk Sarees

    Before we look through history about the Uppada pattu saree, we need to trace the origin of the Jamdani weaving method. The Jamdani technique was developed in the 20th century and introduced in 1988. The designs weavers crafted on these sarees portrayed the culture of Andhra Pradesh. Due to this, people started to call these sarees as Uppada pattu sarees. But it didn't become popular immediately. For the sarees to gain recognition and popularity among the women of Andhra Pradesh, it took close to 15 years.


    Maintaining An Uppada Pattu Saree

    So, you’ve got your Uppada pattu saree. You need to learn how to maintain it so that it stays fresh and new for a long time. It’s recommended that Uppada pattu sarees are dry cleaned the first time. After that, use only mild detergent. Harsh detergents can damage the colour, design, and the embroidery of the saree. Don’t dry them in direct sunlight. 

    When it comes to traditional saree wear, although they’ve been around fairly recently, they’re one of the best sarees that you can buy for your money. If you’re looking to get something special for an occasion, or even your own wedding, take a look at Uppada pattu sarees, so that you can get the best for yourself.

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