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Reviews for Popular Televisions
Mi LED Smart TV 4X 108 cm (43)
1. Mi LED Smart TV 4X 108 cm (...
12,004 Ratings&1,591 Reviews
13% off
  • Netflix|Prime Video|Hotstar|Youtube
  • Operating System: Android
  • Ultra HD (4K) 3840 x 2160 Pixels
Most Helpful Review

Good choice

Its a great bang for buck TV.

-- 4K panel is great. You can clearly notice difference between full HD and 4K when you're closer or using it as a monit...
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Saurabh Sharma

Certified Buyer

1 month ago

Recent Review

Worth every penny

Such a fabulous picture quality that was awesome . everything is perfect but i feel one thing drwaback in remote didn't gave mute option and wallmount not g...
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Sivagopal Dhanalakota

Certified Buyer


Samsung Series 4 80cm (32 inch) HD Ready LED Smart TV
2. Samsung Series 4 80cm (32 i...
19,603 Ratings&2,692 Reviews
33% off
  • Netflix|Prime Video|Hotstar|Youtube
  • Operating System: Tizen
  • HD Ready 1366 x 768 Pixels
Most Helpful Review

Must buy!

the best TV in 32 inch and the best thing is all apps are included in what we want... only minuse is sound the other things are very appreciated. picture qua...
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Raghavender Goud m

Certified Buyer

1 month ago

Recent Review


Excellent picture quality in this segment..
Good sound.. it's sound volume is enough for 10*15 room. I donno why these much negetive reviews coming on this ...
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Vincen Chiriyankandath

Certified Buyer


iFFALCON by TCL 100.3cm (40 inch) Full HD LED Smart Android TV  with Google Assistant
3. iFFALCON by TCL 100.3cm (40...
7,036 Ratings&1,331 Reviews
37% off
  • Netflix|Hotstar|Youtube
  • Operating System: Android
  • Full HD 1920 x 1080 Pixels
Most Helpful Review

Worth the money

Good TV used for couple of days. Will be giving tough fight to best TV's in the market. Best buy under 20k. Will be recommend for friends and relatives for i...
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Deepan Karthegeyen

Certified Buyer

7 months ago

Recent Review


overall in this price good.... sound & picture quality is good.only little bit slow when screen casting. installation on same day.
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Ashok Agarwal

Certified Buyer

1 day ago

Mi LED Smart TV 4A Pro 108 cm (43)  with Android
4. Mi LED Smart TV 4A Pro 108 ...
1,07,651 Ratings&11,611 Reviews
15% off
  • Hotstar|Youtube
  • Operating System: Android
  • Full HD 1920 x 1080 Pixels
Most Helpful Review


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Arun kumar Shaw

Certified Buyer

10 months ago

Recent Review

Classy product

its been more than 2 months, satisfied with performance. i felt connectivity is not so good with mobile. installations is very fast and zero charge.
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Flipkart Customer

Certified Buyer


Vu Ultra Smart 100cm (40 inch) Full HD LED Smart TV
5. Vu Ultra Smart 100cm (40 in...
41,352 Ratings&5,436 Reviews
37% off
  • Netflix|Prime Video|Youtube
  • Operating System: Linux
  • Full HD 1920 x 1080 Pixels
Most Helpful Review

Pretty good

Initially I am bit confused between thomson b9 pro & Vu tv, but finally after thorough research, i decided to buy Vu tv because of its latest upscaler techno...
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vinodkumar Bilgundi

Certified Buyer

7 months ago

Recent Review


At this price range it's really worth buying this. Lot of features and I have been using for the past 2 Months it's good .
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Suresh Damo

Certified Buyer

1 day ago

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Buy Television Online at Flipkart

When it comes to TVs, there are choices galore on Flipkart. Browse from an extensive range from Vu, Mi, Samsung, Sony, LG, iFFALCON, Thomson, Onida & More. TVs are majorly differentiated based on screen type, resolution, screen size and value-added features. Most popular screen types are LED TV, Curved TV, and 3D TV. OLED TVs. Screen resolution varies between HD, HD Ready, Full HD TV, and 4K Ultra HD televisions. Screen size is a choice. It ranges from 21 to 55 inches and more.

Lose Yourself in Endless Entertainment with Coocaa TVs

With Coocaa TVs, you never have to face another dull moment. With these stylish and innovative TVs, you can gain access to quality content that will keep you immersed for long hours. From action movies, romantic movies, and comedies to music, TV shows, sports matches, and more - you can have it all. 

You can even connect various gaming peripherals to the TVs so that you can game on a large TV screen. You can invite your friends and family home and delight them by showcasing all your old videos and pictures on the TV screen. You all can laugh, cry, and chat the night away. Add bowls of popcorn, nachos, and other snacks to the mix for a fun-filled evening. Since shopping sites offer fabulous Coocaa TV sales and Coocaa TV offers, you can buy TVs without burning a hole through your hard-earned savings. 

With these TVs, you will look forward to spending all your weekends in your cosy home so that you can watch endless quality content. Since most of these TVs offer access to various apps, you can stream content, play games, and much more at the click of a button.

Dazzle Your Senses with Coocaa TVs 

Coocaa TVs are here to ensure that your TV-watching experience is as good as the kind you get in a movie theatre. All of us know how expensive it can be to watch a movie in a theatre, right? Even if the movie ticket doesn’t cost too much, you end up shelling out a lot of money on popcorn, nachos, sandwiches, hotdogs, and so on. So, invest in the best Coocaa TV for your home to cut down your monthly expenses. You can use all the money that you have saved on frequent trips with your loved ones. 

Now, let’s talk about some of the TVs that you can find online so that you can pick the best option. 

Coocaa (32S3U)

With this TV, you can enjoy rich visuals, dynamic sound, and innovative features. You can access various apps, such as YouTube, Hungama, and more. And, the icing on the cake is its stylish design. It features a thin bezel to give it a premium look. 

Once you bring home, this TV, the aesthetic appeal of your home will reach new levels. 

This TV features a full-screen design that gives you a complete view of your favourite movie, TV show, sports match, and so on. Thanks to its high-quality sound, you can listen to every minute detail of your favourite song, favourite movie dialogue, and more in crystal-clear quality. Its speakers deliver powerful sound for an immersive TV-watching experience. 

Coocaa (50S3G)

Spend your long weekend catching up on all the latest episodes of your favourite TV show on the large screen of this Coocaa TV. Its remote features dedicated buttons for Prime Video, YouTube, and Google Play so that entertainment is never out of your reach. Thanks to its HDR 10 feature, you can enjoy a lifelike feel of all that’s happening on screen. 

This 4K UHD TV is here to ensure that you get a TV-watching experience that is so entertaining that you find it difficult to leave your home once you turn the TV on. With its thin bezel, this TV adds a luxurious look to your home. This TV also keeps your well-being in mind; that is why it has included the anti-blue-light technology so that your eyes stay free from damage and so that you don’t experience eye fatigue.

Buy Coocaa TVs Online

You can sit in the comfort of your home and gain access to the latest Coocaa TV sales and Coocaa TV offers by shopping online. Shopping sites feature filters, product images, descriptions, customer reviews, buying guides, and much more to help you pick a product that best suits your needs. As shopping sites offer festive deals and offers, you can buy TVs, washing machines, air conditioners, and much more at reasonable prices. You can even choose to buy and gift Coocaa TVs to your loved ones. You can type in their address while ordering the product so that the delivery agent can directly deliver the product to them. Happy shopping! 

Come, Celebrate World TV Day Sale with Us

Your world of entertainment - your TV has its special day too! This World TV Day sale, head to your favourite shopping app and invest in a model that matches your needs the most. You can find some delightful TV offers that will be too good to resist. Some of the popular brands whose television models are a part of the TV sale include Mi, Thomson, Samsung, Motorola, and iFFalcon by TCL. We know that you wouldn’t want to miss out on this sale, but we also know that you might want to take some time out and do a bit of research while upgrading to a new model. You don’t have to head anywhere to do that; this guide will help you pick a suitable screen for your home this World TV Day sale with:

This World TV Day Sale, Revamp Your Viewing Experience

Movies and shows are all about the viewing experience. If you are an avid binge-watcher of the latest shows, then it’s time to enhance your television screen. Have a look at the different World TV Sale offers and pick a model which goes well with your requirements. The first thing that you need to look into is the screen size. A television’s size can range from 63 cm (24) to 152 cm (60). So, how do you ensure that the television size is right? You can choose a model depending on the space available. If you have enough space for a big-screen television, then opt for a bigger model. 

What’s the Display Resolution?

A good display can pave the way for picture-perfect visuals. Whether it’s a fight scene or a romantic scene by a serene lake, everything will seem more real when you are viewing it on a television that has a good resolution. Most of the TVs today come in three display resolutions - HD, Full HD, and 4K (Ultra HD). A 4K television will bring out even the most minute details into life, thereby making it one of the best display resolutions to have. 

Say Hello to Smart TVs

This World TV Day sale, it’s time to say goodbye to conventional television models and bring home a smart TV. When you have a smart television at home, you can find and enjoy refreshing content from various streaming sites easily. That’s not all; you have the freedom to pick from a variety of applications and download the ones that will enhance your viewing experience. Some of the smart television models also come with the voice search feature which allows you to use your voice and instantly access your shows. 

Televisions with Built-in Chromecast

Want to directly cast your smartphone to the TV screen? Then you can buy a television that comes with built-in Chromecast which allows you to cast your preferred content from your phone directly to your television. 

So, these are some of the new features that you can look for while upgrading your television. Besides these, you can also have a quick look at the television’s audio features and connectivity options. This way, you can connect any peripherals and utilise your TV screen for gaming purposes as well. 

A True Cinematic Experience at Home with the Nokia TV

Have a great time watching movies and TV shows on the Nokia Smart TV that is sure to give you an immersive multimedia experience. Right from the visual content to the aural aspects, the Nokia 139.7 cm (55) TV is going to be an absolute delight to have at home. Explore this TV from Nokia online and make Friday nights fun movie nights for you and your family.

Explore the Nokia TV Online

Let’s explore a few remarkable features of this iconic TV from Nokia:

Amazing Picture Quality with Nokia PureCinema Televisions

These TVs come with the PureX quad-core processor that optimises the picture quality. With its bright display of up to 350 nits and Video Noise Reduction feature this TV delivers an enhanced viewing experience. HDR content and action sequences will be crystal-clear. Thanks to the Clear View technology, the content that you stream online will have reduced compression noise. 

Weddings are an emotional affair, and this TV will recreate a wedding scene with 16.7 million shades of colour to make you feel like you are in the middle of all the emotional drama. Thanks to the 178-degree wide-angle display, wider colour gamut and 100% colour accuracy, you and your family can enjoy enriched content on the screen from any spot in the room. 

With features like the Intelligent Dimming Technology, Dolby Vision and HDR 10, this TV will optimise the brightness, contrast and colour to keep the content sharp and vivid.

PureSound with Nokia PureCinema

The bottom-firing speakers, along with the Dolby Digital and DTS TruSurround technologies, deliver hi-fidelity audio, while keeping every subtle detail intact. For your digitally streamed movies and songs, the Clear Sound technology reduces the compression so that the audio is crystal-clear. With the Drama, Action, Music and High Bass modes, you can truly enjoy your content the way it is supposed to be.

Dolby Audio makes it possible for you to enjoy the nuances of your audio, thanks to features like Dialogue Enhancement and Volume Levelling. Reimagine your listening affair with JBL - listen to your favourite songs like never before.  

Elegant Design

Right from the build quality to design elements, everything that the Nokia TV flaunts has been carefully thought of. While possessing a simple and clean form factor, the Nokia 139.7 cm (55) TV stays true to its geometric design - quite sacred, we’d say. Its bezel-less design gives you a seamless infinity-edge viewing experience. 

Powerful Performance

With a powerful quad-core processor, 2.25 GB of RAM, 16 GB of internal memory and MEMC technology, this Nokia TV gives you a blur-free viewing experience while ensuring that your favourite apps are just a click away. Furthermore, the Android Pie v9.0 OS is here to make your experience hassle-free and seamless.

With the Google Voice Assistant by your side, you can use your voice to find the content you love. Thanks to the hotkeys for Netflix and YouTube, you are just a click away from finding great content. Use the built-in Chromecast to watch your smartphone’s content on the bigger screen of the Nokia TV.


Are you planning on buying a Television for your home? If yes, then meet Motorola’s range of Televisions. These Motorola TV offer you an immersive visual experience, along with multiple features to ensure that you can enjoy your movies or games to the hilt. Flipkart hosts a range of Motorola TVs like Motorola 127 cm (50) 4K smart TV, Motorola 109 cm (43) Full HD Android TV, Motorola 139 cm (55) Ultra HD LED smart Android TV, Motorola 109 (43) smart Android TV and so on. However, before you go shopping online for any of these Moto TVs, here are a few features you should know about.

Moto TV - Redefine the Way You Watch Television

It’s time to keep everything aside and have a look at the Moto TV. Smart and stylish, the range of televisions from Motorola will elevate your viewing experience with tons of features. But, before we get to its features, wouldn’t you like to know where you can buy the Motorola TV from? Your favourite shopping app has all the different models of the Motorola TV for you to pick from. Whether it’s the Motorola 127 cm 4K Smart TV or the Motorola 109.22 cm Full HD Android TV, any model from this brand will be a delightful addition to your home. And, here we will reveal some of the features that make this television totally worth its price-

Moto TVs Feature the AutotuneX Display Technology

Get set to have a truly immersive viewing experience with the Moto TV. It features the AutotuneX Display technology which will spoil you with images that are brighter and lifelike, which means that a truly delightful watching experience awaits you. That’s not all, this television will bring finer elements in each pixel, thereby ensuring that the darker shades and highlights are emphasized just right. Some of the other display features that you can expect on your Motorola television include the 10 Bit Color Depth feature. 

Get Ready for an Impressive Gaming Experience

A good display can do wonders to your gaming experience. This television from Motorola is a great fit to enhance your gaming affair, thanks to the MEMC technology. What does this mean? This means that this television has a frame-to-frame motion and good screen refresh rates, thereby making your game’s visuals appear clearly without any lag, especially during fast-paced gaming. That’s not all, the Moto TVs come with the Mali GPU which paves the way for unmatched processing power and great performance. 

Enlivening Sound for Equally Appealing Visuals

Your visual experience will seem complete only when you have audio that’s just as good as the video. With the Moto TV at home, you will be audience to brilliant audio, thanks to its features, including an in-built soundbar with DTS Surround Sound and Dolby Audio. The features don’t end here, as this television’s front-firing speakers facilitate Dialogue Enhancement and Volume Levelling for more immersive sound output. 

The Different Models of Motorola Televisions

The Motorola 127 cm 4K Smart TV, the Motorola 109.22 cm Smart Android TV, and the Motorola 139.7 cm Ultra HD LED Smart Android TV are some of the popular models that you can pick from. Oh, and not to forget, you can explore a variety of entertainment, as this television series is backed by the Android Pie (version 9.0) operating system. Since most of these television models also support Chromecast and Google Assistant, searching and playing your favourite content will be quick and seamless. 

Aren’t you already enticed to buy a Motorola television for your home? Head to your favourite shopping app and bring one home at the earliest for a visual treat. 


Are you ready to lose yourself in the life-like video experience that these TVs will deliver to you? If yes, then gear up as this range of Moto TVs come with specific technologies and features to ensure that your experience of watching TV or playing your favourite game is immersive.

AutotuneX Technology

Most TVs in this Motorola TV range come with the AutotuneX technology, which ensures that you see every detail of a scene with enhanced clarity. 

Dolby Vision, HDR10, and 10 Bit Color Depth

Some Motorola TVs employ the Dolby Vision, HDR10 and 10 Bit Color Depth to deliver life-like images by balancing and combining colour reproduction, brightness and contrast.

Super Bright Display

Some Moto TVs also, boast the Super Bright display which emphasizes on darker shades to ensure that the colours pop-out the way they were intended to.


These Motorola smart Android TVs are designed to offer you enhanced performance, which allow you to switch between apps with lightning-fast speed. These Android TVs are also designed to offer you a superior graphic experience as you play your favourite online games.


The MEMC technology (in some Motorola TVs) allows you to enjoy a seamless screen-to-screen motion. It also boasts an enhanced refresh rate, which ensures that you can enjoy your high-speed games without a hitch.

BlazeX Performance

The MEMC technology featured by some Moto TVs delivers high-speed processing, which leads to enhanced performance as you play your favourite action movies or action-based games.

Mali GPU

Most Motorola TVs boast the Triple Core Mali GPU, which offers enhanced performance due to faster processing power. 

Audio Experience

The third pillar of experiencing a good movie or game on a high-quality TV is the sound quality. Your audio experience should be as immersive as your video experience. This makes whatever you are watching more life-like and relatable. These Motorola TVs boast a range of features to ensure that you have an immersive audio experience.

DTS Trusurround Sound

Some Motorola TVs come with DTS Trusurround Sound, which projects sound through the entire expanse of the room, allowing you to experience sound clarity from every corner. 


Most Moto TVs boast the AmphisoundX feature which delivers rich audio spectrum with the help of the DTS Surround System and an in-built sound bar.

Front Speakers

Most Motorola TVs boast 30 W front-firing soundbar and box speakers that come loaded with the Dolby audio technology, which delivers Volume Leveling and Dialogue Enhancement so that you can enjoy an enhanced audio experience. If your interest has been piqued, then go ahead and explore the Motorola TVs online and gift yourself a theatre-like experience at home. 

Experience Art and Entertainment with the Samsung Frame

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and this TV will let you experience beauty like none other. Equipped with the QLED Technology, Art Mode, intelligent sensors, voice assist and much more, the Samsung 138 cm (55) QLED TV is here to take TV-viewing to the next level.  

Let’s explore a few remarkable features of the 138 cm (55) Class the Frame QLED Smart 4K UHD TV:

Personalise Your Living Space with the Art Mode

Add a contemporary touch to your living space with the Frame - a new-age TV that redefines entertainment. The TV, when on, keeps you hooked to whatever you are watching. And, when it is turned off, it beautifully complements your decor. 

Samsung The Frame 138 cm (55) QLED TV

Equipped Samsung’s Quantum Dot Technology, the QLED-certified Frame delivers 100% colour volume so that you can experience lifelike colours, even when the scenes get bright or dark. Be awed by the wonders of nature right at home on this Samsung 138 cm (55) QLED TV. 

The Ever-growing Library in the Art Store

Ever wanted an exquisite artwork displayed in your living room? Well, this TV offers more than just one piece of art that you can showcase in your living room. The Frame gives you access to an ever-multiplying library that comprises over 1000 pieces of artwork from renowned institutions all over the world.

Perceives Your Presence

Thanks to the Motion Sensor, this TV senses your presence and turns the display on to flaunt the beautiful artwork. So, while you are hanging out near the TV, don’t forget to appreciate your favourite artwork on this QLED TV. And, what’s more? The TV turns off automatically after you leave to save energy - quite energy-efficient we’d say.

The Brightness Sensor

Thanks to this sensor, this Samsung 138 cm (55) TV detects the ambient light to automatically balance the brightness of the screen as well as the colour tone for natural illumination. You can deeply enjoy what’s on this Samsung 138 cm (55) TV’s screen as this TV keeps the content rich and vivid at all times. 

Do More with Just Your Voice

Bixby on TV

You can talk to the Frame and the Bixby voice assistant will fetch you answers - this voice assistant can do more than just controlling the TV.

The Google Assistant

Make your life a tad bit easier with the Google Assistant by your side. You can flip channels, adjust the volume, control the playback and do a lot more with just your voice.

Remote Control

Your favourite TV shows and movies are right at your fingertips, thanks to the dedicated Netflix and Prime Video buttons that are right on the remote control. Right from exploring new artwork to adjusting the settings, you can do a lot more from one place, thanks to the One Remote Control feature and mobile app. And, what’s more? Thanks to the built-in AirPlay 2 feature, you can stream and share content easily from your Apple devices.

A TV for every occasion

What would you rather do on a humid day? Spend your day outdoors, getting more anxious and frustrated by the minute, or stay in at home under the cool comfort of the AC, with good TV shows to keep you company? If we had a choice, we would all opt for the latter. Comfortable clothing, good company, and sinful treats, these are three things that make for an enjoyable TV viewing experience. But you know what’s also important? It’s bringing home a high-resolution television. What’s the point of watching TV if the images are blurred and the sound muffled? To gift your family and yourself the best visual entertainment, we’re here to indulge you with a wide range of televisions, in varying sizes and styles. Go ahead. Make the move and bring home the best in entertainment; because you deserve it.

The size of your TV screen does matter

Imagine watching a horror movie on a 54 inch TV screen? Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? Documentaries, animated movies, music videos, and cricket matches, everything is more vivid and seems more interesting when you watch them on a TV that supports crisp images and clear sound. Want to install a TV in the kitchen so you can draw inspiration from your favourite chef as you cook? Install a medium-sized 21 inch, 22 inch, or 24 inches TV in the kitchen. For general viewing, larger-sized 31 inch, 32 inches Led TV, and 33 inch TV screens will give you the desired outcome. Not satisfied with playing video games on a 33-inch TV screen? There are televisions ranging from 40 inches led TV to 55 inches Tv and above that make console gaming more fun with highly detailed graphics.

What are the different TV resolution types?

If you’re looking for Wall TV for business-related purposes, WXGA resolution TVs are the ideal choice. These TVs come with a screen resolution of approximately 1280x800, and are ideal for watching DVDs. For regular home-viewing, you can choose from HD, HD Ready, Full HD TV, and 4K Ultra HD televisions. The picture-quality of a TV depends on its pixel quantity. The more pixels it has, the better its picture-clarity will be.

What impact does screen type have on televisions?

The screen type of televisions is one major factor that you should look into before making a purchase. The popular TV screen types include LED TV, Curved TV, and 3D TV. OLED TVs, also known as Organic Light Emitting Diode TVs, are self-illuminating and need no backlight. For TVs that offer excellent picture contrast, black levels, and color saturation, go for Plasma screen TVs. LCD TVs are pocket-friendly, while LED TVs are preferred for their energy-efficiency.

Why get a Smart TV? 

Want to fully lose yourself to the thrill of watching an action movie? Watch it on 3D televisions for a truly immersive experience. If you want an internet-enabled television set, Smart TVs that feature built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections are a good bet. Then you have Curved TVs that feature a high pixel count, offering you a wider field of view so you have an immersive TV viewing experience.

Explore an extensive range of television sets from VU, LG, Samsung, CloudWalker, Videocon, Philips, Sansui, Cloud Tv and Onida each equipped with features that are more impressive than the next, your best bet at bringing home the latest in home entertainment is to buy televisions on India's best online shopping site.

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