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Utilise Sony TVs to enjoy realistic, vibrant, and rich audio-visual material. Explore through a huge collection available online and select at your convenience. Before making your purchase, you can look through Linux, Google TV, and Android-based operating systems. You can see the pictures in vibrant colours on the Sony smart TV. It is simple to operate because it includes a smart remote. There are several different sizes and resolutions of Sony LED TVs available online. Look at Sony Android TVs with built-in WiFi, Bluetooth and other features. Excellent colour and contrast, smooth images, and improved audio are all features of the Sony Bravia. A moisture-resistant layer helps the Sony Bravia TV provide better safety by preventing short connections. You can opt for Sony TV 81.28 cm (32), supported by Dolby Vision, to provide you with rich images. Different HDMI and USB ports are available so you can connect with other smart devices easily. Check for models such as KD-43X75K, KD-43X80K, KD-50X74K, KD-43X7500H, KD-65X75K, and more. Depending on the model and other features, Sony TV prices can change. To make a wise purchase, research and check Sony LED TV prices online. Explore new launches in Sony TVs with the latest features online from the comfort of your home. The information you are reading has been last updated on 22-Jun-24.

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Reviews for Popular Sony Televisions
SONY Bravia W820K 80 cm (32 inch) HD Ready LED Smart Google TV
1. SONY Bravia W820K 80 cm (32...
2,677 Ratings&477 Reviews
28% off
  • Operating System: Google TV
  • HD Ready 1366 x 768 Pixels
  • Launch Year: 2022
Most Helpful Review

Mind-blowing purchase

The Sony TV is top notch in its all features,

Ratings out of 5

* Display - 5
* Sound - 5
* Playing HDR content - 5 (it's amazing)
* Software XR reality- 5 ...
Read full review

Vinay Prasad

Certified Buyer

Nov, 2022

Recent Review

Terrific purchase

Very good product
Sound.pic very nice
Read full review

Sandeep Mahapatra

Certified Buyer

7 days ago

LG UR7500 108 cm (43 inch) Ultra HD (4K) LED Smart WebOS TV 2023 Edition with a5 AI Processor 4K Gen6 and 60Hz Refresh Rate, Magic remote capability
2. LG UR7500 108 cm (43 inch) ...
27,319 Ratings&2,878 Reviews
34% off
  • Operating System: WebOS
  • Ultra HD (4K) 3840 x 2160 Pixels
  • Launch Year: 2023
Most Helpful Review

Highly recommended

Super tv..nice picture quality....must buy....👍👌
Read full review

Flipkart Customer

Certified Buyer

Apr, 2022

Recent Review

Must buy!

The tv is awesome. I'm enjoying it with my PS5.
Read full review

Sumit Kumar Mondal

Certified Buyer

6 days ago

SONY Bravia 2 138.8 cm (55 inch) Ultra HD (4K) LED Smart Google TV 2024 Edition
3. SONY Bravia 2 138.8 cm (55 ...
20 Ratings&7 Reviews
32% off
  • Operating System: Google TV
  • Ultra HD (4K) 3840 x 2160 Pixels
  • Launch Year: 2024
Most Helpful Review

Highly recommended

Picture quality and sound quality is very good
Delivery and installation done on time
The technician is good and he installed properly
Everything is good
Read full review

Santhosh Magham

Certified Buyer

18 days ago

Recent Review


Very good tv picture quality is good
Value for money
Very Quick delivery and installation
Read full review

megha Garg

Certified Buyer


SONY Bravia 80 cm (32 inch) HD Ready LED Smart Google TV
4. SONY Bravia 80 cm (32 inch)...
165 Ratings&29 Reviews
22% off
  • Operating System: Google TV
  • HD Ready 1366 x 768 Pixels
  • Launch Year: 2022
Most Helpful Review

Must buy!

Worth the money, Google TV is fast compared to other systems. The picture and Sound quality is good. Remote should have been better in terms of quality.
Read full review

Uday Saikumar

Certified Buyer

May, 2023

Recent Review

Highly recommended

Product is good.Talking about picture is awesome
Read full review


Certified Buyer

4 days ago

SONY Bravia 163.9 cm (65 inch) Ultra HD (4K) LED Smart Google TV
5. SONY Bravia 163.9 cm (65 in...
317 Ratings&59 Reviews
42% off
  • Operating System: Google TV
  • Ultra HD (4K) 3840 x 2160 Pixels
  • Launch Year: 2022
Most Helpful Review

Perfect product!

Great visual experience and excellent installation support 👌👌
Read full review


Certified Buyer

Mar, 2023

Recent Review


Best purchase so far..,installation was done on time .. excellent picture quality and sound.. amazing software interface without lag
Read full review

karan mirchandani

Certified Buyer

8 months ago

Sony Televisions Price List

Sony Televisions
  1. Rs. 11990
  2. Rs. 40990
  3. Rs. 27999
  4. Rs. 32989
  5. Rs. 77990
  6. Rs. 66990
  7. Rs. 85999
  8. Rs. 57990
  9. Rs. 37990
  10. Rs. 32990
This data was last updated on 2024/06/22
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Sony TV - Your Portal to Crystal-clear Entertainment

A lot of us have had the privilege to watch our favourite television shows on CRT TVs. Yeah, those big and boxy devices that made our lives easier by making entertainment accessible back in the day. But, hey, it’s not the 20th century anymore. It’s 2018, baby! And, if you are planning to buy a television to enjoy your favourite video content, then the old-fashioned TVs just don’t have it in them anymore to compete with the technologically-advanced LED TVs.

A good LED TV not only offers picture-quality that will enthrall you beyond your imagination, but it also serves as a valuable piece of decor that complements the interior of your home. And,

LED TVs from the house of Sony are a great example of that. 

Sony TV - Your Portal to an Immersive TV-viewing Experience

Do you remember the good old days when watching TV was our favourite thing to do? Right after school, we headed back home just to catch up on our favourite TV shows while having lunch. I sometimes wish to go back and relive those days. Childhood days were, hands-down, the best days of our lives. The only responsibility we ever had was to study and get good grades. Life back then was simpler and a lot happier. Of course, there are benefits to being an “adult” as well. But nothing like the sweet innocence of a kid playing with his toys, oblivious to reality.

If you want to upgrade your TV to something with newer features and technologies, have a look at a number of Sony smart TVs online. A good-quality LED TV offers great picture quality that will fascinate you beyond belief. Along with crystal-clear clarity, Sony TVs offer a range of technologies that enhance your overall TV-viewing experience.

About Sony

Sony is a Japanese multinational brand, headquartered in Konan, Minato, Tokyo. Sony also deals in professional electronics and gaming consoles. Apart from this, Sony also offers financial services. You will find a wide range of Sony smart TVs, Sony LED TVs, Sony OLED TVs, Sony Full-HD TVs, Sony Ultra-HD TVs, Sony Android TVs, etc., online. A good LED TV not only entertains the whole family but also looks good with the rest of your home interiors.

Sony Bravia LED TVs

With a resolution of 1920 x 1080, Sony Bravia TVs let you play games and watch your favourite movies and TV shows in crystal-clear clarity. You can also opt for Sony 4K TVs that offer great picture quality and amazing sound quality as well.

Sony Android TVs

A few Sony Android TVs feature multi-connectivity options, 4 HDMI ports, and 3 USB ports. You can also connect your TV to a soundbar, a Chromecast or a gaming console to enjoy the TV’s features. Apart from this, the audio quality is great as it comes with powerful and well-balanced stereo speakers that make watching movies an immersive experience.

Buy Sony TVs Online

Shop for Sony TVs online and upgrade your television to something with advanced technologies and features. When you get back home from a long day at work, you will have a great TV to watch your favourite shows in. That thought itself will bring a smile to your face, if not anything else. Flipkart has an array of Sony televisions for you to choose from. You can use the filters provided to narrow your searches down to your preferences. There are many safe payment gateways for you to pay through. Apart from this, there is the debit card EMI option that lets you buy products you want without paying the whole amount in one shot. This helps you ration your money out for the month.

Sony TV - The TV That Lets You Enjoy Entertainment As It Should Be Enjoyed

Have you ever wondered why televisions are famous? Ever since a few years after the invention of the television, its popularity has only grown. They have long been a cornerstone of our democracy. It has also been the pillar of expressing humanity’s freedom and cultural diversity. People have been addicted to TVs as they nurture one’s quest for education and knowledge while offering people an avenue to constantly explore the world we live in. It also acts as a gateway to all that lies beyond the four walls of our homes. Sometimes, people even have related watching TV to a list of unhealthy habits. In defence of the innocent television, I can say that everything can be harmful in life if one overindulges themselves. There is no denying the fact that watching TV can arouse one's curiosity. This sets one on a path of self-discovery and that in turn can lead to a lot of other benefits in various aspects of life. The age of the Internet has now made televisions an even bigger avenue for learning, discovery, and entertainment. 

So, now that you know the value of a television and its possible potential in opening up a whole new world of entertainment and discovery to you, what would be a good brand to go with? There is no doubt that Sony TVs are value for money proposition. Yes, some might argue that there are Sony TVs that are absolutely expensive. The only thing that I would reiterate is that TVs from the brand Sony are not exuberantly priced. Most of us are aware that sometimes products get expensive because of the fact that they only have a major brand name attached to them. This isn't entirely true about Sony. Their products have high-quality components that deliver a performance that is relative to the price of the product. Here are a few features that you can find on different models of Sony televisions and it must be said that these features are available in different combinations based on the model of the TV you pick:

Sony TVs with 4K HDR

We are sure that you have repeatedly come across the term ‘4K HDR’ if you have spent some time researching and looking for a television that serves your needs. Do you know what 4K HDR really means? The 4K in 4K HDR stands for resolution. There was a time when the human race was stuck at a resolution of 1080p. The next advancement in technology came in the form of 4K resolution. This was substantially higher. The irony of that was that most users that upgraded from a 1080p resolution television to a 4K resolution seemed to be very disappointed as they really couldn’t spot a difference. After all, they were looking for an upgrade. That is exactly when another technological advancement in imaging came around and that was HDR. Unless you have done a bit of research on your own, you probably are wondering what is HDR. The term HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. This means that the television in question is capable of reproducing colours from a wider colour palette than usual. Conventional televisions pale in comparison to 4K HDR TVs. It’s almost like looking at a faded photograph. So how does this really affect the content that you are watching on a 4K HDR Sony TV you ask? This 4K HDR technology tries to reproduce picture quality that resembles the resolution that we experience through our eyes. The emphasis is on colour reproduction, clarity, and brightness.

4K X-Reality PRO

This 4K picture processing technology enhances each pixel by upscaling the resolution of the images in a picture frame. What this means is that when you play a low-resolution video, this technology effectively compares individual images frames in a video to a database of images. It then merges the two to upgrade the resolution. The end result is a video which delivers an immersive viewing experience through your Sony TV.

Motionflow XR

This is another technology that can be found on your Sony TV that contributes towards a better viewing experience. It delivers blur-free images that have sharp details. As you now understand, Sony places great importance on the performance of their TVs. As mentioned earlier they are a bang for your buck.

Bass Reflex Speaker

This is speaker technology that is found on Sony TVs. What makes this speaker setup better than conventional ones is that it boasts an isolated box design. This facilitates enhanced sound reproduction to ensure that the viewer gets to hear every minute detail in the content they are watching. Enjoy music videos with crisp highs and deep lows with lyrics that can be clearly heard.


This feature pushes your Sony TV’s audio output to a whole new level by making necessary adjustments in order to deliver music and dialogue from your content with clarity.

Clean Cable Management

This feature is a cable holder that can be found behind your Sony TV. This helps you in neatly organizing your cables to ensure your TV has a clean and uncluttered look. The clean look is achieved when the cables are stored in a concealed manner within the TV stand. 

Built-in Wi-Fi

What is a smart TV without Wi-Fi capabilities? You can browse the internet and stream your favourite content on this TV by accessing the Wi-Fi network at your home.

Screen Mirroring

Do you want to watch content that cannot be accessed on a TV? No problem! Just use the screen mirroring function of a Sony TV and stream content directly from your smartphone. 

Buying your Sony TV

It’s most likely that you are now planning to buy your Sony TV as you now know that buying one is a smart choice. So, how do you go about the process of buying one? The simplest thing to do is to go online and browse through the various models available at your favourite online shopping website. You can start your search for the ideal Sony TV by using commonly used search terms such as Sony LED TV 32 inches, Sony LED TV, Sony Bravia, Sony TV 32 inches, Sony Smart TV, Sony LED TV 40 inches, Sony Bravia 32 inch LED, Sony TV 40 inch among others. Alternatively, you can also look up the following Sony TV models - Sony Bravia X8500F 138.8cm (55 inch) Ultra HD (4K) LED Smart Android TV and Sony Bravia R202F 80cm (32 inch) HD Ready LED TV (KLV-32R202F). All you have to do is keep your budget in mind and look for a feature package that serves your entertainment needs.

About Sony Corporation

Headquartered in Konan, Minato, Tokyo, this Japanese multinational conglomerate has been in the domain of consumer electronics since 1946. But, today, Sony also deals in professional electronics, gaming and entertainment devices, and it also offers financial services. This company has also become the owner of the largest music business in the world, and it secured the 97th position on the Fortune Global 500 list in 2018. How successful can a company that was founded about 7 decades ago be, right? 

Screen Size - 
You must have heard of the phrase, “the bigger, the better.” Well, that phrase holds true in the case of Sony TVs. After all, you would want to watch your favourite movies/videos with your family on a bigger and better screen - wouldn’t you? And, when it comes to screen size, Sony TVs can have a size ranging from 22 inches and upwards. So, pick one that isn’t too small when compared with respect to the size of your family. Also, if the TV you’re buying is too big, then you may face difficulties in finding a place for it in your home. So, keep that in mind. 

Screen Resolution - 

The resolution of your TV is basically the number of pixels that make up the picture on its screen. So, more the pixels, sharper and finer are the details of the picture. A good example of a TV with crystal-clear screen resolution is the  

Sony Bravia Full HD LED TV

This Sony Bravia TV has a resolution of 1920 x 1080, so you can enjoy playing games or watching movies in their highest level of detail. You can also go online and try buying Sony 4K TVs as some shopping sites offer Sony TV prices that are a steal.  

Connectivity -

The number of connectivity options provided in a TV can make or break it. Imagine buying a TV that doesn’t let you connect your amazing set of Bluetooth speakers to it. How lame would that feel? The 

Sony Android Full HD LED Smart TV

is a great example of a TV with multiple connectivity options. Not only does this Sony smart TV boast 4 HDMI ports, but it also features 3 USB ports, so you can connect a sound bar, a Roku or Chromecast and a game console, and still have room for more. How cool is that? 

No matter how good the display of your TV is, your entertainment experience is incomplete without good sound. Fortunately, Sony TVs come with powerful and well-balanced speakers that make movies, videogames and music more immersive and enchanting. 

Why Buy Sony TVs Online

Getting an LED TV from a store and then installing it in your home can prove to be a ton of work and a tremendous amount of hassle. And, why should you do it when there are people who will do it for you without asking any questions? Today, there are a lot of reliable online shopping portals that sell
Sony OLED TVs. By choosing to shop online, the online stores will not only deliver the 

Sony HD TV

of your choice to your doorstep, but they will also ensure that its installation is rightly done. Online shopping portals not only offer you multiple options to choose from, but they also help you compare different Sony LED TV prices, so you can make the right buying decision. And, you can pay for your purchase via various secure modes of payment that most online shopping sites offer. So, wait no further. Order a Sony TV online today! 
What to Know While Buying a Sony TV
Before you go about buying a Sony tv, it is important to know the kind of television you wish to buy. The different models of Sony televisions that had entered the market over the years include the BX Series (basic models), EX Series (mid-range series), NX Series (mid-to-high range series), LX/HX Series (high-end series), NSX Series (powered by Google) and the 

Android TV  Series.  

It is 2019 and hence, you need to ensure that your television has a minimum display resolution of 4K. It is also recommended to look for televisions with a good number of HDMI ports. Most televisions are smart, which means you also get access to your favourite tv shows and movies on online streaming sites like Netflix, Hotstar and Amazon Prime which are inbuilt in the television.
You should also keep in mind a sweet spot for your new television. A good spot is important, depending on the television’s screen size and your family size as well. If you are looking for Sony LED TVs, the screen size is an important factor. It depends on your room size, the viewing distance and also the kind of content you watch (HD, Full HD, Ultra HD). The same principle applies when you are looking for a Sony Smart TV or a Sony Full HD LED TV. When it comes to the screen resolution, these televisions come in 720 pixels (regular HD content), 1080 pixels (Full HD Content), 1440 pixels (Wide Quad High Definition), and 2160 pixels (Ultra High Definition).

Shop Sony TV by types:
Sony LED TV,  Sony 32 inch LED TV, Sony Bravia, Sony Bravia 32 Inches LED TV, Sony 40 Inches LED TV, Sony Smart TV, Sony 4K TV, Sony 32 inch smart tv, Sony Bravia 40 inch tv

Question and Answers

  1. Q.Can I know the processor details of Sony Bravia's 138.8 cm (55) 4K TV?
    A.The robust X1 processor uses cutting-edge algorithms to reduce noise and increase detail. Everything you see will be more realistic in colour and contrast, closer to 4K quality, with an even better 4K signal.
  2. Q.Is Bluetooth available on the Sony Bravia 138.8 cm (55) 4K?
    A.Yes, Bluetooth 4.1 is available.
  3. Q.How does Motionflow XR enhance the viewing experience?
    A.With Motionflow XR, you can enjoy clear details even in action movies and video games. Through creative technology, more frames are produced and placed between the initial ones.
  4. Q.Which speakers are there on the Sony Bravia TV?
    A.This model comes with the Bass Reflex speaker. With its outstanding low-end sound, this speaker is a great choice for music, sports, and movies. Highly effective sound reproduction is ensured by an isolated box construction.
  5. Q.What is the ' Clear Phase' in Sony Bravia TV?
    A.Bravia employs a dynamic computer model to evaluate and rectify errors in speaker output. It accomplishes this by more accurately "sampling" the speaker frequency.
  6. Q.Does this model come with Google assistant?
    A.Yes, you may ask your TV to interact with your smart home appliances and other smart home devices using Google Assistant.
  7. Q.Can I screencast my phone with this Sony TV?
    A.Yes, you can connect to Google Home for flawless hands-free regulation of a Sony TV. Google Home enables you to locate and cast your videos and music on your Sony TV.
  8. Q.Is Chromecast available on Sony Bravia TV?
    A.Yes, Chromecast is built in this series.
  9. Q.What are the uses of X-Protection PRO in Sony Bravia 138.8 cm (55) Smart TV?
    A.Any harmful dust is kept out when there are no ventilation openings. The stability is maintained by a primary capacitor, even during abrupt electrical surges. It also eliminates short circuits that are brought on by excessive moisture on the wiring. Last but not least, a lightning protector will protect your TV from lightning strikes.
  10. Q.What is the TRILUMINOS Display on a Sony 138.8 cm (55) Smart TV?
    A.TRILUMINOS, driven by X1 processors, propagates more colours than regular tv by extending the spectrum. Every picture undergoes analysis and processing to make colours even more accurate and natural.
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