Theory of Computation

Theory of Computation  (English, Paperback, Sipser Michael)

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  • Language: English
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publisher: Thomson Press (India) Ltd
  • Genre: Technology & Engineering
  • ISBN: 9788131505137, 9788131505137

Theory Of Computation by Michael Sipser has theoretical and conceptual information on computation, meeting the extensive requirements of students and professors who are a part of the Theory Of Computation (TOC) course.

Summary Of The Book

The revised edition of Theory Of Computation has been released with the purpose of providing students and professionals of TOC courses with an up-to-date version of the theory of computation.

There are three major branches that are studied in the theory of computation. They are automata theory, computational complexity theory, and computability theory. All the three branches are highlighted in this book.

In addition to this, there are many theorems and proofs to help students form a strong base on the concept of theoretical computing. Worked out examples are also covered, enabling students to comprehend the subject matter with much ease and flexibility. Moreover, the updated examples in the book and practice exercises at the end of each chapter help students broaden their knowledge on the theory of computation.

Theory Of Computation is made up of three parts. The first part is titled Automata and Languages. It discusses the automata theory, which is basically a study of abstract machines or automata. The chapters in this section are Regular Languages and Context Free Languages.

The second part, Computability Theory, explores the extent to which a problem can be worked out on a computer. It talks about the Church-Turing Thesis, reducibility, decidability, and also about some of the most advanced topics in computability theory.

In the third part, the author stresses on the complexity theory, which refers to how effectively or effortlessly a problem can be worked out on a computer. In this regard, there are two major principles that are considered, the first being time complexity and second being space complexity. Chapters from this part include Time Complexity, Intractability, Space Complexity, and Advanced topics on Complexity Theory.

About Michael Sipser

Michael Sipser has been a lecturer and a researcher in the field of computational complexity theory for 24 years. He has worked at MIT, the University of California, and also at IBM research. Sipser believes in writing his books in simple English and in a concise manner, so that students at any level can understand and absorb the subject. He loves teaching and imparting knowledge. Sipser’s main areas of research are algorithms, interactive proof systems, and quantum computation.

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  • Thomson Press (India) Ltd
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theory of computation

An excellent book for theory of computation. All the concepts are nicely explained. This book can also be used for teaching purposes in any University. If any one is enrolled for this course, he/she should definitely buy this book as it will help in strengthen his/her concepts in an excellent way.

Vikas Mangal

Certified Buyer

Jan, 2012

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Superb Book!!

Firstly, Flipkart is just incredible. The service, packaging and the delivery were just flawless!!!

The book is very good. Theoritical and CONCEPTUAL info is very brilliantly presented in the book. One of the best books for Theory Of Computation (TOC)!!!!A Must Buy for TOC students!!

Amber Agarwal

Certified Buyer

Oct, 2012

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