Darksiders II

    Darksiders II  (for PC)

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    • Platform: PC
    • Genre: Action-Adventure
    • Edition: Standard Edition
    • Game Modes: Single-Player

      A bond between 2 brothers is special. In Darksiders II this bond is explained in the darkest of ways. War and Death are the 2 brothers among the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. They both do their jobs dutifully, but when War is accused of something he didn’t do, Death steps into his defence. Death believes with all his heart that War would have never committed the atrocities that he is being accused for. Trying to help him, Death must now embark on a journey to find out the truth about his brother.

      The sequel to Darksiders, Darksiders II tells a story about a brother who will do anything to save his sibling. The game is targeted towards gamers who like horror games. The action-adventure role-playing video game has interesting features that will keep you addicted to the game. The game DVD is available for PC and carries a Mature rating from ESRB.

      Synopsis and Features

      War has been accused of destroying the entire mankind. Being his brother and one among the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Death doesn’t believe it. Death is committed to the cause of clearing out his brother’s name and restoring humanity. The quest he is on is not only dangerous, but also outright impossible. Will Death succeed in making good on his promise or will he suffer defeat and lose his brother once and for all? Darksiders II has answers to all these questions and more.

      Developed by Vigil Games and published by THQ, Darksiders II has many new features that make it an interesting game. The hardware specifications required to play the game smoothly on your computer are Windows XP, an online steam account, a 2.0 Ghz Intel Core2Duo or AMD equivalent processor, 20 GB of free hard disk space (additional 10 GB free space is required after installation), 2 GB RAM and a 512 MB RAM equipped NVidia 9800 GT or ATI Radeon processor.

      The single-player campaign in the game will introduce you to primary and secondary weapons, allowing you to destroy your enemies into a million pieces. The graphics in the game have been created with utmost precision to deliver you a dark and fearful environment. You will be holding your breath every time when you peek around a corner, as Darksiders II’s world is infested with all kinds of demonic creatures.

      Killing your enemies will earn you coins, armor and different types of weapons. You can pick these up or sell them to a merchant or lose them and upgrade to better equipment. The upgraded equipment is possessed with various souls, making it stronger. You can even customize the equipment to match your requirements. With several types of armor and weapons to unlock, Darksiders II provides various options to upgrade your character. 

      One of the best things in the game is that it allows you to explore its world with a pace that you are comfortable with. The game doesn’t hurry you to end it; rather it lets you take the decision on how to finish it. You can raid several chests that hide valuables such as pauldrons and cloaks. Every dungeon you enter in the game is interesting as you have to solve a puzzle to get out of it. You can do this by figuring out where bombs are hidden, scaling walls and by pulling several levers.

      You can extend your wall runs by using a phantom grapple hook. You can split yourself, allowing you to create multiple forms of your character to distract your enemies. While playing the game you can even travel through time and teleport to different ravines by using fire portals. Following the role-playing element of the game, Darksiders II’s combat skills are divided into two categories. These include summoning creatures at will and executing powerful offensive moves.

      The combat is fun and engaging as you have various moves to stun your enemies. Using different weapons you can create various attack patterns to slow down your enemies. Bosses in the game are intelligent and cunning, so you have to be smart in your thinking to defeat them. The updates, DLCs, wallpapers and other content for the game can be downloaded directly from the company’s website.

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      • Title Name
        • Darksiders II
      • Platform
        • PC
      • Edition
        • Standard Edition
      • Type
        • Full Game
      • Genre
        • Action-Adventure
      • Game Modes
        • Single-Player
      • Publisher
        • THQ
      • PEGI
        • 18
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