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    Sniper Elite V2  (for Xbox 360)

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    • Platform: Xbox 360
    • Genre: Third-Person Shooter
    • Edition: Standard Edition
    • Game Modes: Single-Player, Multi-Player

    Final days of WWII are on the horizon, but the battle is far from over. US sniper Karl Faireborne has a mission to accomplish and if he fails crucial information will fall into enemy hands. Coalitions that are bound to win may crumble like a deck of cards. Sniping is what Karl Faireborne was born to do. With intense situations and an unpredictable battle ground can Karl bring things under control or will he fail, changing the course of history forever?

    Sniper Elite V2 brings you a powerful story of a soldier trying to make things right for his country. The remake of Sniper Elite, Sniper Elite V2 is an addictive game as it features an expert level design. The game is targeted towards gamers who like World War II game titles. The first-person tactical shooter has many interesting features built into it. The game DVD is available for the Xbox-360 gaming console and carries a Mature rating from ESRB.

    Synopsis and Features

    Karl Faireborne is far behind enemy lines during the Battle of Berlin. Scientists with destructive information are ready to collaborate with the Germans and give life to the German V-2 rocket program. If this happens, everything is doomed. Thinking strategically and watching his every step, Karl must now eliminate or capture these scientists to stop the data flow. With so much responsibility on Karl’s shoulders, can he deliver what is expected out of him? Discover the answers in Sniper Elite V2.

    Developed by Rebellion Developments and published by 505 Games, Sniper Elite V2 places you in intense war-torn environments where enemies are as cunning as you. The single-player campaign in the game starts out with you carrying weapons and various types of munitions. You can carry an SMG, a sniper rifle and a sidearm. There are other types of weapons that you can unlock as you progress through the game, but you should put more thought towards what explosives you carry.

    Every explosive is unique as each explodes in a different way. From trip wires, landmines, dynamite to grenades, choice of explosives will determine how well you can take out the enemy in the battlefield. Explosives can be placed strategically to trigger a massive explosion, allowing you to silence a group of enemies easily. However, the primary objective of the game is to move as stealthily as possible.

    The best way to take down your enemies is to be aware of your environment. Pistol shots, melee kills and rifle shots can be masked by the sound of explosions happening elsewhere. Sniper Elite V2 is all about patience. The more patient you will be, the more kills you can garner. You can get the best kills when you are following the rules of an expert sniper. The game allows you to exhale slowly, slowing time and giving you a wider zoom to target your enemies. 

    The camera in the game is designed in such a way that it tracks the bullet after leaving the barrel till the point of impact. If you have planned a kill with utmost precision, then this feature will give you the best view of your enemy falling to the ground. You also have an option to opt for X-ray vision, allowing you to see how bones shatter when a bullet pierces through your opponent’s body.

    Online Features

    The other features in the game range from enemy tagging to aim assists. This makes the game easier to play, but Sniper Elite V2 is best enjoyed when these are turned off as it amps up the difficulty level. If you like to team together with friends or players across the world you can do it in this game as it supports online play. The different modes in the game are Kill Tally, Bombing Run, Overwatch and many others. You can also play the main campaign along with a friend as the game supports cooperative multiplayer. The updates, wallpapers and other content for the game can be downloaded directly from Xbox Marketplace.

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    • Title Name
      • Sniper Elite V2
    • Platform
      • Xbox 360
    • Edition
      • Standard Edition
    • Type
      • Full Game
    • Series
      • Sniper
    • Genre
      • Third-Person Shooter
    • Video Encoding
      • PAL
    • Game Modes
      • Single-Player, Multi-Player
    • Publisher
      • 505 Games
    • PEGI
      • 16
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